I don’t want to comfortably float on the surface of the peaceful lake. Gazing dreamily as the clouds drift by, lost in the constellations as stars shoot across the sky.
I want to dive deep, down into the ocean, where my feet can’t touch, where I lose my grounding, and all since of direction and stability. I want go further still, to unexplored depths where only creatures in storybooks lurk. Where you can find the tiny light of angler fish glowing in the darkest corner. Deeper still, to where man has yet to venture. To where huge hidden squids rule the subconscious, and yet those above on the surface lie in false bliss, unaware. I want to search for the megalodon, for the teeth it left behind, imprinting and influencing the ocean, all to the surface dwellers blind eye. I want to meet you there. Pull you there, drag you down to where you feel like you can’t breathe, and when it seems as if all hope is lost and we yearn for the peaceful calm of the surface and the clouds, I want you to drag me back under, through the crashing waves, back to the depths, where we lose all bearings, and together we’ll find the city of Atlantis



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Mind Over Body

Studying our thoughts and selves in a dream can help us understand our waking selves. Learning to control and manipulate our dreams when lucid can help us become more lucid while awake and learn to better control our own psyche and perspectives.