Journey to self discovery

There’s always room for improvement. Some days I feel I have a great deal to improve upon and it’s overwhelming. Other days I feel that I am working on those improvements and that gives me a bit of peace.

Trying to look within. Understand the Self. What is the Self? When we strip away the stories we tell ourselves of who we are, what’s left?

Like religion, I feel many different methods of self-help and modes of alternative medicine can be very beneficial. However, fixating on one modality seems to negate the whole self. My aim is to take a very holistic approach to my own self healing. Healing the body – bones, muscles, digestion, general aches and pains. Healing the mind – self deprecating, detrimental thoughts. Healing the emotions – depression, anxiety, and misplaced anger. Healing the spirit – disconnection, isolation, and materialism.

The answer to all this is not easy. It cannot be found in one practice alone. Reiki, massage therapy, western medicine, Ayurveda, essential oils, therapy, hypnosis, acupuncture, yoga, tarot, chakra balancing, meditation, dream analysis: these are all great tools. But to me, still not enough.

Books like, “Your Body is Telling You to Love Yourself” by Lise Bourbeau, where she relates different types of ailments and pains to different problems in our emotions and minds can be very helpful in getting more to the root of a problem. Also books about how we give and receive love can help us better understand ourselves and others – “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. As well as books on what our survival instinct pattern is – “The Five Personality Patterns by Steven Kessler.

What is us vs. what is conditioning? Who are we and who have we become? What is in our genetic makeup and what have we learned through experience?

Do these things help us or hurt us? Do they help in the short term, but damage in the long run?

I believe dreams can give us insight into our inner selves. Our desires, our fears, our insecurities. They can help to guide us, warn us, and enlighten us. This with only observation, but what if they could do so much more. What secrets does the dream world hold if we take the time to unlock the key to obtaining consciousness within our subconscious? What answers can we find? What connections can we make?

I will take the red pill. I will always choose to follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole.




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