Overcoming Nightmares

When I was 9 โ€“ the nightmares had been continuing. I was really into stuffed animals. There was this stuffed bear that had a beating heart inside of it I really wanted. I got it as a Christmas present. I slept with it with the beating heart on. That night, the bear came into my dreams and tried to kill me. It was terrifying. The next night I thought maybe I was so scared because of the beating heart. So I had the heart turned off and slept with the bear. Again, the bear entered my dreams and tried to kill me. Very terrifying again. I brought that stuffed bear down to the basement and buried in a bucket of other stuff. That thing was evil.

Sometime later, maybe a few months. I remember being at the grocery store with my mom. There was a large stuffed dog I saw and wanted. Then I saw the price tag and told my Mom, nevermind, it’s too expensive. But she said if I wanted it she would buy it for me. I slept with it that night. When my normal nightmares started the stuffed dog entered my dreams. He chased away the nightmares. He saved me. This continued to happen night after night. The dog entering my dreams and saving me. Eventually, the nightmares just stopped coming. This stuffed dog saved my subconscious. At 36, I still have it.


3 thoughts on “Overcoming Nightmares

  1. Hello Lost Truth,

    That was strange and interesting, and it makes me wonder if there was more to this and it brings up various possibilities to my mind.

    Did you ever get rid of the bear?

    Are there any images online of this bear and this dog toy?

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

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    1. Hi John Jr. Thanks for replying.

      Yes, it’s very strange. Before typing this I only ever told 3 people about the experience. I never told anyone as a kid when it was happening, and only just told my mom less than a year ago. I know how absurd the whole thing is. But I find it somewhat fascinating in a way as well, so in the past couple years I decided to to tell a few people.

      That bear has gone back to the hell from which it came ๐Ÿ™‚ I did find a picture of it online and changed the main photo of this post to include a photo of both toys. Do not be fooled by the bear’s innocent appearance ๐Ÿ™‚


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      1. Hello Lost Truth,

        You are welcome.

        Wow, I am honored to be among the few to know about your experience, I think that it is fascinating as well.

        Good, thank you for adding an image of both of the toys, they both look differently than I had expected. ๐Ÿ˜€

        Thank you for answering my questions,
        -John Jr

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