Lucid Dreaming App Review

The night of May 5th, 2017, I decided to get back into lucid dreaming. I had already begun keeping a dream journal a few weeks prior, but had not made a conscious attempt to lucid dream.

I decided I would write down my dreams in the middle of the night if I remembered them upon waking. I wrote 2 dreams down at 1am. 3 dreams at 7am. And then 1 final dream upon waking at 10am. Nothing lucid, but many dreams.

May 6th – I started adding a few techniques. I’ll just focus on one for this post. I heard about the free app called dreamboard. It’s an app used to record your dreams voice to text. It can also be used to categorize dreams amongst other things. It was only rated a 4.1 on GooglePlay (I have an android). Another app, Awoken, was rated 4.5. I downloaded, and have been trying out, both. Below is my take on the 2:

Dreamboard – the good


-organize dreams in many ways

-password protected

-Track how many good, bad, and neutral dreams you have

-easily see on main page what people you dream of, places, things, and emotions. It organizes all this for you.

-Voice to text

-you can access app on computer also

-it automatically provides the date and time of each dream. So if you record a dream at 1am, that will just come up. You can also change the date and time if you are recording a dream after the fact.

-allows you to title dream

the bad –

it makes you enter a color, emotion, and mood for your dream, even if you don’t want to

you have to register and your dream journal is on the cloud

It shows you what themes and people you dream of, but it doesn’t tell you how often these things appear in your dreams

The only alarm this app has, you have to pick specific times for it to go off. It won’t randomly remind you to do dream checks

conclusion – I like how this app organizes the dream journal. It tells you the date and time of each. Plus the title, the mood (pleasant, neutral, unpleasant), the type (nightmare, lucid, regular), and the emotions. I wish it would show the dream themes though. I would prefer to know the people, theme, and places in the dream opposed to the mood and emotion.

Awoken – the good

-free (but not all features)

-password protected

-not on the cloud

-can enter hashtags with themes in the space where you write your dream. It will organize these hashtagged themes for you.

-It will also automatically tell you how often each word you use appears in your text. But I don’t know how useful this is. For example, It will tell you how many times you used the word ‘the’ and all other words

-If you put the hashtagged themes at the top of your journal entry, they will appear on your dream journal page. Your dream journal shows a list of all your dreams, with the date and first few written words. So if the first words are your hashtagged themes, then you can easily see them

-The app will tell you how many dreams you have had with the same hashtagged themes. So you can easily know you have had 3 dreams about flying

-It puts a mark next to your lucid dreams, so as you scroll through your dream journal you can easily know which ones were lucid

-You can set the app to alert you as many times as you want to do a reality check. (or no alerts) First set the parameters, i.e. between 8am -10pm. Then tell it to alert you 10 times (or however many). You pick a sound that you want it to use.

-You can also set it to alert you while you’re sleeping. Again you choose how many times and between what hours. It will use the same sound for both features.

-You can also set an alarm to go off in the morning at a specific time and remind you to write in your dream journal

bad –

-it costs $2 if you want to use the voice to text aspect

-When scrolling through the dream journal it is not so easy to know what each dream is about. You can put your hash tags at the top of the dream description, which helps, but it is still easier to distinguish in the other app

-Does not show time of dream recording

conclusion – organization of dream journal is not great. It lists the date, a marker if it was lucid, and the first 3 lines you typed of the dream. What I like the most, is easily knowing how many times my dream theme appeared. i.e. I had 3 flying dreams, 2 lucid dreams, 4 dreams about family, etc. I also like the reminders in both the day and while sleeping.

The one thing neither of these apps do, but I wish they did, is I want to be able to click on a dream theme and have it pull up all the dreams hashtagged with that theme only. So if I want to read about every dream I had where I flew, I could easily find them just by clicking on ‘flying dreams’. But neither of these apps provides that

Overall I think I prefer the Awoken app and feel it is worth my $2.



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