The Lucidity Police are After Me and Pyrokinesis

After only 3 days of attempting to lucid dream it happened. I knew it would. All day had felt like a dream. Surreal. Life superimposed over life. A weird hazy glow embedded over my vision like a veil. And no, I wasn’t on drugs. I did my normal yoga routine before bed while listening to a lucid dreaming podcast from lucidsage. I kept thinking, I’m gonna have a lucid dream tonight. Earlier in the day I had gone over my dream places. There are 3 specific places I return to in my dreams. Not every night, but often enough. All 3 of the places I’ve lived at in the past and they’ve all had a huge impact on my psyche and adult upbringing. 2 of the places I have never been back to since. One, I have been to twice more in the last 13 years. I told myself, if you find yourself there, know it’s a dream.

I went to bed about midnight feeling certain I would become lucid. I awoke at 1:45 am from my lucid dream.

The dream memory begins – I’m on an island. I pay for the rent of a house long term. The fee is $850. I pay all up front. I’m talking with some friends and telling them how I’ve secured a place and already paid, but if I change my mind and want to either leave or move I can get my money back at any point in time. I feel good about this. The non-commital factor. Then, I stop. I look around. I think, I’m on the island. This is one of those places I dream of. I’m not really here. This is a dream. What should I do now? (The goal had been to walk through a mirror into wonderland, but I couldn’t remember that. This was my first lucid dream in over a year. What do you think I did?) I took off flying of course. But something grabbed my leg. What the heck? Let go. That something pulls me back to the ground. I look. It’s my friend (not a waking life friend). I say, hey what are you doing? I’m trying to fly. She says she wants to hang out with me and I just left her. I say, it doesn’t matter, this is just a dream. I want to fly. She says she really wants to hang out. To spend time with me. Fine, I say. You can fly with me. Come on. I grab her hand and we fly off into the sky together. We let go of each other once in the air. I look over at her and she is a pretty clumsy flyer. I think, she must not have ever done this before. I’m flying as if I’m swimming the breast stoke. We fly for a long time. I marvel in the awesomeness of it. Obviously the lucidity is not very strong since I let this girl convince me to come along. If I fully realized it was a dream, I would have known she wasn’t real and wouldn’t have even engaged.

All the sudden, something grabs my leg. Pulls me down. There’s a man. What the hell are you doing? I ask him. This part is a bit sketchy in my memory. He keeps trying to pull me down and I keep kicking him and flying away. There are 2 men now. They don’t fly, but are trying to stop me and the girl from flying. They are the lucidity police. Their job is to stop people from lucid dreaming. I finally kick at him and get back into the air. Flying freely once more. The lucidity police forgotten.

Then they appear again. The 2 men. They’re after us. It becomes a big chase. Them running, me flying. I keep finding myself in stairwells. Big, long, tall stairwells in an office building. I fly through them. It’s fairly difficult and is pissing me off. It’s hard to make the turn around in the stairwell while flying. Finally, the lucidity comes back. Wait, this is a dream, I think. The stairwell isn’t even real. I head straight up through the stairwell as if it doesn’t exist and it crumbles and disintegrates around me. I’m in the sky. I’m flying freely again. I think the other girl is gone maybe. I don’t remember her presence anymore.

Then again, something grabs my leg. It drags me down. These fukers again, I think. They are determined to stop my lucid dream. To stop me. (This next part is the interesting thing about consciousness in a dream and how it can exist at different levels. I am still feeling the need to escape these men. I believe them to be real. Yet, I’m also conscious enough for the next part to happen. Aware of the dream, yet trapped by it at the same time.)

The men are trying to get me. They have me. Wait, this is a dream I think. I can do anything. Remember what the guy on the podcast said (the one I listened to just before bed). He said to think outside the box, to try something you can’t do in waking life. I decided I would set the guy on fire. I focused in on the guy that had me. I imagined him getting hotter and hotter. I poured heat and flames into him. He became immobilized. His skin reddening. Darkening. His face smoking. All the sudden he burst into flames. Completely encompassed. In an instant there was nothing left of him. The other guy was in shock, he looked at me like I was crazy. He was scared, but impressed. Ha! I thought. I flew away knowing that would be the last of them.

My vision started getting blurry, transparent. A slight hum. I’m waking up, I thought. I don’t want to wake up. I tried to focus on the dream, but I didn’t remember to try any stabilizing techniques at the time. As my vision faded it was replaced by darkness. It faded into a floating feeling. Weightlessness in space. Then a grounding. I felt my heavy, conscious mind as a part of me. I felt the bed around me. I’m awake, I thought. Open your eyes. And I wrote down this crazy dream.


7 thoughts on “The Lucidity Police are After Me and Pyrokinesis

  1. Congratulations -W, bravo. πŸ‘

    Not only did you lucid dream but you also remembered a good amount of details, you got to fly, you used a new dream power, you met the lucidity police (which I have never met or heard of before), and it lasted longer than most of mine.

    I do not think that I have ever used a dream power like that before, but I have made dream characters disappear from a dream before in a puff of smoke just by thinking it and pointing at them while saying: Get out of my dream.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

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    1. Let’s see if I’ve figured out how to comment directly to you John Jr.

      Thanks for writing. It is always exciting to have a lucid dream. This is my first time ever sharing my dreaming experiences. At least in public format. I’ve never heard of the lucidity police either. Just something my crazy brain came up with.

      I don’t think I’ve ever made anyone disappear before. I’ll have to try that. I usually just leave their space if I want to be away from them. You seem to have pretty good dream recall. I’ve read your blog posts here and there. I’d be curious if you’d put forth a little effort throughout the day and before sleeping if you could easily gain lucidity. Especially since you have the past experience like I do. In my later years here, keeping a dream journal is never enough to become lucid, I’ve had to put forth a little extra effort.

      I had another lucid dream a couple nights ago that I just posted about. This one was longer and more focused. I seem to have a muscle memory about it, which is exciting.

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      1. Hello -W,

        You successfully replied to my comment, congratulations, and thank you. πŸ‘

        You are welcome.

        I agree that lucid dreams are usually exciting.

        First time, wow, it does take some courage to share your dreams publicly so well done. πŸ‘

        I actually hope that you will meet the Lucidity Police again so that you can talk to them and learn some things about them.

        Making a dream character disappear is pretty cool, I wish that I could remember the name of the lucid dream that I had where I first did this, for some odd reason there would be a puff of smoke when they disappear. πŸ˜€

        Thank you for the compliment.

        I keep forgetting about setting my intention to lucid dream before going to bed, I actually did this before in the past and it worked, and all I did was look in the bathroom mirror looking into my eyes and setting the intention to lucid dream several times out-loud and after three or four nights in a row of doing this it finally worked.

        Just keeping a dream journal is definitely not enough for me to lucid dream more often, I seem to have more obstacles when it comes to lucid dreaming compared to some people (some reality checks do not work for me, my dreams are often pretty realistic and normal, I usually try to rationalize the strangeness of the dream, et cetera), and so hopefully I will remember to at least try to lucid dream again the next few days in a row.

        Wow, another lucid dream and it is more focused and was longer, congratulations again.

        Thank you for replying,
        -John Jr

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  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment back John Jr. I’ve never heard of looking in the mirror to set the lucid dreaming intention. I like that and will have to try it.

    I first read your comment here a couple days ago. Then I went and read about a dream where you made someone disappear, as you know. That same night I had another lucid dream and in the dream I remembered you making people disappear and I tried it. It was very exciting to have the opportunity so quickly. I failed though. I couldn’t make the person, or actually it was a zombie, disappear. Next time I’m lucid I think I’ll try talking to these people instead of either flying away or making them disappear and see what happens.

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    1. Hello W,

      Your comment showed up as you replying to yourself or to your post, but I had email alerts set so I still got the reply there even though there was no notification of this comment.

      You probably just accidentally clicked the Reply option under your comment instead of mine or you typed your comment in the comment form instead of using the reply option under my comment, sometimes it can be a bit confusing depending on how your theme looks and how many comments there are, et cetera. πŸ˜‰

      You are welcome.

      I decided to try looking in the mirror and into my eyes when setting the intention to lucid dream before going to sleep to see if that would help enhance setting an intention, I see it as trying to directly communicate with your consciousness and subconscious by looking at yourself in the mirror as you think internally and say your intentions out-loud, basically to make it clear to yourself that you are communicating with yourself trying to set your intentions and maybe it will have a somewhat hypnosis-like effect/affect if done well.

      Wow, you are the current lucid dream champion, I am amazed and glad that you got to try the make a dream character disappear dream power.

      Not bad for a first try, but I probably should have given you some more details to help you better test that dream power because I am really curious to see if you can do it too.

      I have had a few failures myself with this dream power but it works most of the time, and so here is my advice to better help you next time:

      1. Tell yourself in your mind and out-loud that you want to make this dream character disappear, you must really feel and want this.

      2. Focus this intention to the dream character by looking at them still thinking and saying out-loud your intention, and then focus your intention at them to make it happen by continuing to look at them and make it happen by maybe pointing your finger(s) / hand(s) at them and / or touch them to make it happen.

      Basically when you think it and say it and focus it to them you may feel it charge up a bit, and then you can release this charge (intention) on them from a distance or through touch by focusing it on them using your focused (charged) intention to make it happen.

      Hopefully that helps.

      Besides seeing you have success with that dream power next time, I will also like to see what happens when you try to talk to the dream character(s), basically you could test out both on the same dream character if you have a chance. πŸ˜€

      And if both of those fail in your next attempt then maybe you could test out another dream power like blasting them with an energy blast (fireball) or something like that, I have used a few different attacks like that before based on some energy blasts from Dragon Ball Z like in my post earlier this month called Killing Piccolo. πŸ˜€

      Good luck lucid dream champion πŸ† ,

      -John Jr

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      1. Yes, I can’t seem to quite figure out how to properly reply to a post. It takes an extra thought to click on the upper right button oppose to the one that’s directly in front of me.

        Thanks for responding again. I appreciate you taking the time to better explain using the dream power as well as the looking into the mirror technique. Gazing into your eyes and stating the intention sounds like a good way to program yourself. I used to do a kind of meditation like this eye gazing. I’ll try this intention tonight.

        It’s interesting to me the way you said you feel yourself charge up as you set your intention for removing the dream character and then how you release that charge. I’ll experiment with this. I don’t think I recall ever feeling a charge when I do something in a dream. Sometimes I do feel the release though. So I will have to pay more attention. You’ve probably read this in some of my posts, but I’ve been able to make most things happen by just willing it to be, opposed to trying. Like yoda, “there is no try only do and do not.” In fact the harder I do try to do something in a dream the less likely I am to accomplish it. It’s like swimming against the current opposed to just flowing with it. I seem to often forget this when dreaming though. I get frustrated and then try even harder. Which is counter productive. But anyhow, I’m curious to experiment with building up the energy and feeling a charge.

        Thank you for the compliment. Hardly a lucid dreaming champion though, but thanks for the smile.

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        1. Hello W,

          I see what you mean, I guess it is easier for me since I have been doing this for a while now. πŸ˜€

          You are welcome, now I just have to remember to set my intention to lucid dream each night until it happens, so far I have only done it once or twice since we first talked about it. πŸ™ˆ

          I probably did not pick the best word there, willing it to happen over making it happen is more of what I was getting at there like you mentioned in some of your other posts, I guess in a way I feel the intention or the focusing of it as I am setting it in my mind (powering up or like a charge is probably what it somewhat reminds me of I guess).

          So I guess maybe it is the feeling of focusing that I feel or maybe it is me trying more than willing in those situation, but I do not know. πŸ˜€

          You are welcome, compared to me and Daniel MacKillican (who is another blogger who I guess you could say I am in a lucid dream competition with to see who will have a lucid dream again first, because after I read his intention to try to lucid dream, it inspired me to try again), you are the lucid dream champion out of the three of us. πŸ˜‰

          -John Jr

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