I dreamt I was the ocean…

Typically I throw my old dream journals away after a year a so. But I’ve held onto this one. I think it was the most amazing dream I ever had. Here’s what i wrote:

I dreamt I was the ocean. I felt as if I stretched out forever, and my whole being moved with the waves. I felt the current as me being the current. At first, I was just the ocean, then I became aware that I was the ocean. It was an amazing feeling. The more I focused on how amazing it was to have this experience as the ocean, the smaller my personal body of water became. Until I was but a puddle. I tried to let go of consciousness and seep back into the whole ocean. I became a cyclone inside the water. First a small spinning funnel, churning. Then more water gathering, and more, until I was twirling at a rapid speed. It was odd. Being the moving water, the center of the funnel, and the new joining water all at once. As I focused on the feeling, it faded.


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