Lucid Dreaming Goals

I wanted to write a post about my short term goals in lucid dreaming. Some of these ideas I’ve had for a long time and some I’ve gathered from other peoples blogs, podcasts, and websites.

Because I’m just getting back into lucid dreaming after a long hiatus, my first goal is to establish the habit of lucid dreaming. To work on maintaining longer lucidity and control. So first I have a few different experiments I’d like to try.

Originally I just had a bunch of different ideas in mind I hoped to try, which has been working. But now I’m starting to set out specific goals each night and I will stick with it until I accomplish it. This is only my second day setting the intention, but for now I want to try and bring my consciousness away from myself and then turn around and look back at myself. See what I look like. I guess some people dream often in this manner where they are watching themselves. I almost always, about 95% of the time, dream out of my own eyes. In the lucid sage podcast the guy suggests trying this and I thought it sounded interesting. My second intention I’m setting is to not run away (fly away) from the thing that is either after me or annoying me. I’ve had 3 lucid dreams so far (I’ll write about the newest later) and in all of them I am getting away from something. Although the kid was not a threat just an annoyance, but the other 2 dreams I was escaping a threat. If this happens again I would like to face the threat.

Once I accomplish this I have a list of other random goals to experiment with. They are:

telekenesis – move an object with my mind and also grow something larger with my mind.

create balls of energy – focus this energy in my hands and then place it in myself. Particularly my back where I have a lot of pain.

see in 360 degrees – lucid sage podcast suggested this and sounds difficult, so could be a good challenge

become a blooming flower – also suggested by lucid sage podcast

become a waterfall – and this too

become an animal – specifically a monkey, fish, and jaguar

become an insect

become tiny and dive inside my own body. Search around through it and my mind as well

change speed of time – slow it down, speed it up

bring on huge storm – I’ve made it rain, stop raining, and become sunny, but have not tried something more extreme

Run incredibly fast like the flash

For me the point of all this experimenting is to gain more control and confidence. To exercise my lucid dreaming and dream controlling ability.

Once I’m feeling more confident in all of that. Once I’m able to maintain lucidity and work with the dream elements around me, I have other things I am much more interested in experimenting with.

For starters:

I have meditated in a dream and would like to try that some more. I didn’t get much out of it in the past, but I think there is something to gain from it. I think during my last go at lucid dreaming in 2015, I may have meditated in my dreams 5 or 6 times. I’ll have to read some books on this to get more ideas on intent with meditating in dreams.

In the more complex and absurd realm:

I would like to consciously contact someone in a dream. Someone I have vague contact with (maybe on facebook or we have each other’s number), but someone I never actually hear from. I would like to tell them in the dream to contact me the next day. And see if I can make that happen. Even if it does happen there’s no way to prove it’s not coincidental, but it would be something to go on. If I can accomplish this, I will try a few more times. It would be a very odd coincidence if I could make this happen with 5 different people.

If I succeed in this, the next step would be to contact someone in a dream who I feel very, very close to and give them some kind of special message that is so random they would never coincidentally contact me with that message. Then, in the dream, tell them to give me that message.

Of course the next step would be to contact someone in a dream and have both of us actually share a dream together

If the above is at all possible, I’m curious if there is any chance in inducing a lucid dream in someone else. To find them in the dream realm and bring them consciousness.

Another idea is to try and contact someone who is deceased. Or the memory of them. I feel like I can test out this idea by getting my Mom to tell me to ask my dead father a question that he would know the answer to, that she also knows the answer to, but that I definitely do not know the answer. Then if I can find him in the dream and ask him the question. I can ask my mom if I was given the right answer. Then I would know if my mind made the whole thing up or if there is something to it. Then of course I would have to try again in case the whole thing was just coincidental and my mind guessed right.

I could also try this experiment with someone living. Have the person tell me in the waking world a question I can ask them in the dream world and see if I can get the right answer from them. Perhaps it is possible to reach this person’s consciousness and get information from them without them being aware. Sounds a bit creepy writing it out, but I’m curious if it’s possible.

Another thing that always seems possible when I’m dreaming, but seems absurd once I’m awake is to consciously bring something out of the dream world into the waking world.

I would like to see if this could be possible on any level at all. Start with creating an image in my dream. Something simple. Something very possible, but abnormal. Conjure up an image of a wombat or an echidna. Something I rarely see or read about in my waking life. Then manifest an image of that in my waking life the next day. The goal would be to have the image appear on the front of yahoo or in a magazine I look at that day or maybe someone will tell me a story about wombats. Just in some vague sense consciously bring one idea into the dream world and then back out of the dream world.

Then slowly build on that if it’s possible. Sometimes you might find money in the street. Or sometimes people give you money for some reason. Work with that. Manifest $5 coming to me in a dream. Then the idea would be to find $5 on the street or maybe someone gives me $5.

Of course even accomplishing this wouldn’t necessarily prove anything specific. But it would hold some kind of meaning to me.

I’ll write updates on what I remember to try in my dreams and the outcomes.

Also, if anyone has any other ideas to experiment with, especially in regards to something that can be beneficial opposed to just experimenting with fun, I’d be really interested in hearing about it. As well as of your successful or failed experiments in the dream realm.




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