The Zombies Ate my Lucid Dream

The lucidity in this dream was a bit pathetic, but the kool thing is that in the day a person, John Jr. (check out his blog here), had commented on my second lucid dreaming post. He mentioned being able to make people in his dream disappear. I had never tried that before and thought that I would like to. That very same night I gained lucidity, remembered about his post and thought to try and make someone disappear. While it was a failed attempt, I did at least have the recall to make the attempt. I’m very happy about the quick turn around time.

I had last seen the clock at 4:20am. When I awoke from this dream it was 4:40. (I wake up way too much throughout the night)


There was a children’s book being read online and for some reason my brother-in-law wanted me to look at the book. We were watching the video together. During the reading he said the pages were dirty and stained with something. I recognized the book as something I had read before. It was a book with lots of characters. In waking life I do not actually know this book. We were sitting in the backyard of the house (it was not an accurate depiction). The computer was on a desk outside and we were looking at the video of the children’s book. A man came walking down the dirt path behind us and I waved to him. He wanted my brother-in-law’s attention. He had some questions for him about some technical stuff. Then the dream shifted.

All the sudden there was some non-human entity attacking. This thing inhabited people and animals and then shot strings or webs out of the people at other people to attack them. I remember running to the front of the house. To the main street. In my mind there was this collective consensus of isolating the victims that had been possessed by this non-human entity. If it was not close enough to any other people than it wouldn’t be able to find a new host and would die. That was the theory. Once I entered the street my perspective shifted. I no longer existed and instead was watching a detective who was now the main character of the story.

Then there were those weird web things shooting out of a car. I didn’t understand. I thought it had to come from an alive source. We were all wrong. The entity thing could possess anything. The car shot the webs out of the steering wheel at the driver. The webs completely covered her in a cocoon. She was shaking and suffocating. The detective went to her and tried to save her. Tried to pull the webs off so she could breathe. But the detective couldn’t get to her fast enough and the woman died. After she died she turned into a zombie. I noticed 2 other people were trapped in a cocoon web thing together. They died too and then also turned into zombies. The weird entity thing then had mind control over these zombies.

The dream switches back to first person and the zombies are after me. There are 4 of them. I have some kind of stick or something and I’m trying to hit them and knock them out. They keep falling down, but then getting back up. They are moving slow like regular zombies. I take note of this in the dream. But for some reason in the dream I think, why won’t these damn zombies stay down? (of course they never actually do in the movies unless you stab them in the brain). I am trying to run away from them and my body is moving slow. I can’t run. I think, ugh, this always happens to me in my dreams. I’m always trying to go fast and I can’t. Why is it it happening now? Then I start to wonder why the zombies aren’t acting like normal zombies. Then I think, what do I mean, normal zombies? Zombies aren’t real. Why the heck are there zombies right now? Then I realize it’s a dream.

Of course, gut reaction, I fly away from the zombies. But one of the zombies flies after me. A woman zombie. She starts talking to me and harrassing me. I try to fly away faster, but she’s always right next to me. I can’t get away. Then I remembered, oh yea, John Jr. said he makes people in his dream disappear. I can make her disappear. I looked at the zombie and said “Get out of my dream, Poof”. (I actually said poof. He mentioned how when things disappeared they would go ‘poof’ so for some reason I said this in my dream). She didn’t disappear. She teased me and laughed at me for my failed attempt. My vision started slipping. Everything was turning grey and going in and out of focus. I didn’t realize I was waking up and didn’t remember to stabalize the dream. I tried again and shouted, “Get out of my dream! Poof!” She was still there. She taunted me some more. Laughing at my inability. My vision was getting worse. It felt like I was spinning. I felt dizzy. Everything was gray. I could hear the zombie, but not see her. I tried again to make it disappear though, “You go away! Poof!” I failed again. I wondered if I was having such a hard time making it disappear because I couldn’t see it. Then everything went black, back to grey, black, grey, black, grey. Everything was kind of shaking. It was a very rocky transition. Throughout this I was thinking, this is a different kind of waking up than normal. And then I was awake.

Analysis – after 3 lucid dreams, in all of them I immediately started flying. In 2 of them someone else could fly as well. In all 3 of them I was annoyed by the things that weren’t in my control and kept popping up.

I had a separate dream later in the night that also contained some weird non-human entity. This one though was more like a benevolent spirit or angel or something. It’s interesting to me when all my dreams throughout the night contain similar themes.

Anyone else have that experience of the same theme showing its face all night throughout your dreams?


5 thoughts on “The Zombies Ate my Lucid Dream

  1. Hello Lost Truth,

    Thank you for the shout-out.

    Wow, a zombie who can fly, now that is scary and annoying; I once had zombies who could jump very high like me, but I do not think that I have ever had a zombie fly fortunately.

    Zombies in dreams can be annoying because there is often so many of them and they can usually infect others, and they are often pretty relentless.

    That strange web shooting entity was quite annoying and dangerous as well, it would be a pain having to deal with several entities like that, in some ways it reminds me of maybe something from the video game Prey (which I have never played):

    I like how you said poof during your attempts to make the flying female zombie disappear from the dream, she will not be laughing next time when it actually works if you try the improved technique, and maybe you will get to see the smoke when they go poof. 😉

    Sometimes all of my dreams have the same theme and / or use the same location during the same night as well.

    Thank you for sharing your dreams,
    -John Jr

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    1. Thanks for commenting John Jr.! Interesting to know you also experience having the same dream themes and locations throughout the night.

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      1. You are welcome Lost Truth.

        Yep, only sometimes though. 😉

        Have you ever had zombies that scream in one of your dreams before?

        I had some screaming zombies in one of my past dreams, and it was terrifying / creepy / freaky / shilling / et cetera.

        And in March of this year I had a repeating dream with zombie babies (there were so many of them, and they were rentless and faster than normal zombies), and I had to keep repeating the dream over and over because I kept failing I assume which was annoying.

        Anyway, you are bringing back so many memories and I want to ask so many questions and share so many dreams, but I am trying to avoid annoying you too much and wasting too much of your time. 😀

        It is nice being about to talk about dreams with other people (which is rare for me because most people I know are not really interested in dreams, and people often seem to think that you are weird if you try to talk about dreams with them), and to be able to talk to someone who can lucid dream so easily. 🙂

        Thank you for replying,
        -John Jr


        1. Wow! Zombie babies! Crazy. I was never a zombie person, but there was a period of time I was watching many zombie shows: The Walking Dead, Z nation, Santa Clarita Diet, and had many zombie dreams. I wasn’t keeping a dream journal at the time though and remember nothing other than zombies and that I was not terribly afraid.

          I’ve been enjoying our talks on dreams, hearing about your experiences, and reading some of your dreams. It is not annoying at all. I really appreciate having someone to talk to about this. I agree, most people are not so eager to speak of dreams, and even people who are intrigued by them often do not have great recall, experience or feedback. So thank you for all the time you take in your responses. It is time consuming, but well invested time in my opinion!

          Hope you had a good night sleep and remembered to set your attention.

          I became lucid last night, but it was very weak and disappointing. I guess something is better than nothing. I’ll write about it later.


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          1. Hello Lost Truth,

            Yep, zombie babies, that is crazy and they were more dangerous than you would think:


            You must usually have the slow zombies in your dreams, lucky you, in my dreams zombies run at normal human speeds or faster and they are usually relentless and there are so many of them so fighting them is pretty annoying usually and they usually go around attacking all dream characters in the dream who are not zombies so they usually cause chaos in the dream but sometimes we are able to fight them off and / or defeat them.

            In my dreams zombies are usually more like this so they do make for good survival training practice I guess 😀 :

            I am glad, I am not used to getting comments like this (the amount and comments are more like real discussions) so I have been trying to keep up while also trying not to be overwhelming, and so this is pretty amazing and time consuming but in a good way. 🙂

            Thank you, I did not get a good night of sleep but it was better than the previous night, and once again thanks to you I remembered to set my intention to lucid dream and I put more effort into than last time; it helps you have someone else to help remind and encourage you, and also when there is a bit of competition (I want that lucid dream championship title back 😉 ) . 😀

            Amazing, you are destroying Daniel and I in lucid dreams, even if we combined our lucid dreams we would still not stand a chance against the new champion; well done. 🏆

            -John Jr

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