Row, Row, Row Your Boat

I did not have a lucid dream last night. I was sure I would. The whole day was dream like. On my nightly walk everything had a dream like quality about it. Hyper real. A glow. Exaggerated 3D. And earlier points in the day as well were somewhat bizarre. They had me actually questioning if perhaps it was a dream. Though I knew it wasn’t.

I thought I’d share my dream from last night anyhow. For 2 reasons.  1 – I looked at my hands, not as a reality check, just to look at them and see if they were blistered. They looked completely normal in my dream. People say this never happens, but I guess they’re wrong. 2 – I already had this dream very nicely typed up because I submitted it to the lucidity institute. They are collecting a series of lucid and non-lucid dreams from people in order to compare and contrast the differences between lucid and non-lucid dreams. Anyone can sign up. I find it interesting. 

Also, I watched an awesome mini web series called Anamnesis by Finite Films on youtube. It’s about lucid dreaming and I highly recommend it.


The dream begins and I’m on a boat. A very large boat or ship. The boat is all I see, not the ocean or anything else. The dream is vague and my memory of it not secure until the end at the point of waking. The gist is myself and others who I know in the dream, but not in waking life, are on the boat and we are either trying to get somewhere or away from somewhere. There is no fear or urgency about it, but it’s our mission. As time passes more people join the boat. They also want to join us in either escaping or heading somewhere (whatever it is we’re doing). We always let the new people join. There is no question. In a way we are saving them and we would not deny them safe passage. More people join. Large groups of people from all different nationalities. I specifically remember Germans and perhaps Mongolians. There are all other kinds of people as well. I would assume the boat grows larger as it accomodates more people. It never felt empty nor over crowded.

I have a room on the boat and at one point I’m sitting on the floor in my room. There’s blue carpet and small wooden train tracks on the floor. That’s all I see. A little girl, who I vaguely know in waking life, comes into my room. Last I saw her in waking life she was 3. Now she’s 5 and she is 5 in the dream. She asks why I’m in the room and I tell her it’s my room. She seems surprised and goes to leave. I tell her she can hang out if she wants. Then her Dad, who is an old friend in waking life, comes in to see what’s going on. He tells me they are going to England very soon. That day they are flying there. I say, what about his wife, who is another long time friend. I say, she’s pregnant. She can’t fly. Well, unless she already had the baby. (she is very pregnant, about to pop, in waking life) He says she did. Then all 3 in the family, minus the baby, are standing there and we’re outside my room in the main deck of the boat. I say “oh, I didn’t know. Apparently I’m not up to date with social media” (which is the only contact I have with these people in waking life). Congratulations! I tell them.

Next I remember there are many, many people on the deck of the boat. There is about 50 people rowing on 1 side, and 50 rowing on the other side. As they push the oars one way, 1 set of people is sprayed with ocean water. When they push the oars the other way, the other people are sprayed. This continues awhile and I watch them. One female rower somehow is managing to never get sprayed. She is smiling and seems very proud of herself about this. All the sudden there is a huge wave coming. All of us have to run very fast towards one side of the boat. Someone is pushing me to make me run faster. We go through the wave and the rowers have to row hard to push all the way through it. We are in a wave for about 10 seconds. I didn’t feel the water, nor notice getting wet, but we were getting wet. Then we had to turn back and run the other way to the opposite side of the boat as quickly as possible to get out of the wave and away from it.

The next scene, the rowers want a break. I look around and see tons of people standing around doing nothing. I yell, “ok, we’re changing things up. All you guys are going to row now to give these people a break.” The others immediately come over to take their turn. Someone who is more in charge than me is mad at me for taking command. I tell him I’m amazed that the other people listened and are so willing to help out. The more in charge person, a short man with dark hair I do not recognize from waking life, agrees. I tell the masses, “Wait, wait. Not yet. We’ll need your help very soon.”

The more in charge guy pulls me to the side and tells me he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to change up the rowers. I tell them the rowers want a break and deserve a break and the other people are willing to step in. What’s the problem? He says something about how the current rowers have calluses, but the new rowers will get blisters and sores because their hands aren’t used to the rowing. He looks at his hands. Then I look at my hands. They look completely normal except a bit callused, which they aren’t in waking life. Since my hands looked normal, I did not realize it was a dream. I told the guy if he wants to keep rowing that is his choice, but the others do not and should not be made to. He won’t be made to take a break and they should not be made to keep going. I told him I will use my special salve and go around and take care of everyone’s teeny tiny wittle blisters as they row. I said this in a baby voice, mocking him for using the excuse of blisters. He then told me he would also like to take a break. In fact there were other things he would like to be doing. Then I woke up.


8 thoughts on “Row, Row, Row Your Boat

  1. Hello Lost Truth,

    So this is the post that I read where you recommended Anamnesis.

    That was nice of you to donate some of your dreams for scientific purposes, and to give them a shout-out.

    Also it is good that you are also sharing some non-lucid dreams as well.

    I do not think that I have ever had a dream with that many people rowing a boat at the same time, when I think about it, a scene from the film Ben-Hur (1959) comes to my mind. 😀

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr

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    1. Thanks for your reply John Jr.
      I am not used to having so many people in my dream. We must have been on a boat like the titanic or something.
      Thanks for sharing that video clip, I’ve never heard of the money before.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. You are welcome Lost Truth.

      Yeah, I was going to comment about the size of that boat or in this case ship would probably be a better word. 😀

      You are welcome, by money I assume that you meant movie correct? 😀

      -John Jr

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        1. I am surprised that you have not heard of it before Lost Truth.

          I am not sure if I saw all of the movie or not, but I know that I saw some of it many years ago.

          Ben-Hur (1959) won a lot of Academy Awards back in its day.

          There was a new Ben-Hur movie that came out last year, but I heard that it was not that good and that it was not even close to being as good as the 1959 version.

          Thank you for replying,
          -John Jr

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            1. Hello Lost Truth,

              That is unfortunate, there are some pretty good movies made before the 1980s, I hope to see some more classics here and there as I slowly try to catch up with my ever-growing list of things that I have not seen yet.

              Since I have probably not seen the entire film I would not call it a recommendation, I need to watch the full film one day as well 😀 , we may find that it is not as good as the hype like when I watched Citizen Kane (1941) and it was not as good as the hype.

              You are welcome, and thank you for replying.

              -John Jr

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  2. Hello, very nice post, I have written articles about lucid dreams in particular from their origins in Plato’s Hyperuranium, which develops through the Sephirot (tree of life), are quite complex articles, and I understand that someone may find it difficult to read them, but if you are interested i give you the link:

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