“Who thought up this crazy dream?”

Three days later, another short lucid dream. On the one hand this lucid dream is very pathetic, but on the other there is something kool about how I gained lucidity.

Last night before bed I was writing a response to John Jr. I was writing about how I feel like my dreams are always trying to give me signs letting me know it’s a dream. I started to write, if my dreams want me to know so bad that it’s a dream, why doesn’t one of the dream characters just tell me. I then deleted this part because I realized it’s not my dream as an entity trying to tell me it’s a dream. It’s my own self trying to signal me. But I need that last piece of consciousness to become aware in order to achieve lucidity. My dream characters themselves cannot tell me it’s a dream because that would mean I’m conscious enough to already know it’s a dream. If that makes since. But regardless of this, I myself told myself I was having a dream last night. In the dream, a separate dream character (I stole this term ‘dream character’ from John Jr.) did not tell me it was a dream. I myself unconsciously told a dream character it was a dream. Directly saying, “who thought up this dream, it’s so weird” Then listening to my own words, I realized it was a dream. I think it is super kool when something can manifest so quickly from thoughts that night immediately transferring to my dreams a few hours later. Same as it did in my last lucid dream. Unfortunately the lucidity was short lived and nothing was accomplished.

Dream –

The dream is vague. It felt like it had been a very long dream going on forever though. I’m in a bus/transportation vehicle of sorts. There are 4 rows. 1 person in the way back, 1 person in the third row, me in the 2nd row, and 2 people up front. I do not have a clear image of these people. The only detail in the van/bus is the interior was grey. We stop at this check point where we have to pay a toll. The check point people are asking a lot of questions to the driver. The person in row 4 passes up a $10 bill. The person in row 3 gets out his own $10 bill and passes me the 2 bills. I hold the bills in my hand and contemplate if I should also contribute to the toll. I don’t want to. I feel like $20 should be sufficient and I feel like I don’t have a lot of money. I don’t want to be rude or cheap though and feel like I should contribute regardless. Next thing I know there is a wad of money in my hand and I’m shuffling through it trying to decide how much to give to the driver.

Next thing I remember the check point guys are not wanting to let us pass. They are in an argument with the driver and co-pilot. They are saying that the driver is charging these people for a ride and that’s illegal because he doesn’t have a business license. The driver is saying it’s not illegal, he is perfectly in his right to offer a person a ride in exchange for money. It goes back and forth like this for awhile. It has an exhasting feeling. Finally the co-pilot tells the check point people to ask me some question for proof. He calls me by my government name opposed to my actual name. He says I am always honest and will not lie therefor my word is the truth and they can trust me. I give my answer, but don’t remember the question or answer.

Next thing I know I am out of the vehicle and talking more with these check point people. The vehicle slips away and goes around back while the check point people are distracted. Next thing I remember is seeing the vehicle driving away in front of me and I felt like they forgot about me. I start running behind the vehicle and waving my arms trying to get their attention. I see someone out the back window and they stop for me.

Next thing I remember is a completely new scene. I’m in a garden with a female friend who half way seems like a friend I know in waking life, ‘L’. There is some pompous bitch woman who is raving about her flowers and how they’re the best and going on and on. The whole thing is silly to me and I don’t understand what this woman’s deal is. L and I are laughing at her and not at all understanding why she is so defensive and righteous about her flowers. Then I say, “who would think up this crazy dream anyway” and then I think, Oh, it’s a dream, right. That’s why it’s crazy. This makes me happy. I turn to L and start to say, “awesome, your in my dream with me L”. As I’m saying this L disappears and I think, I guess she’s not real.

I leap very high into the air and start flying. After only a few seconds I think, I’m supposed to do something. Right, stabilize the dream. I am so happy I remembered this and I think to myself all that practicing in the waking world paid off. (This had been goal number one if I became lucid, so I guess I did accomplish that at least) I rub my hands together in front of me. They start vibrating and fading in and out of grey. Crap, I think, I’m waking up. I think to try again with my eyes closed to gain more focus. I lay back and relax like floating in the ocean and close my eyes, but this makes me lose the dream even more. I’m barely holding on. My vision is transparent over laid with grey and shaking. I try again to rub my hands together and they are vibrating and fading to grey. The scene is slipping, turning all grey then fading to black. I’m floating and thinking come back to me dream, come back, don’t wake up. But then I wake up

This is a short video I made attempting to depict my shaking hands and slipping out of the dream to an awake state. I posted it in the comments, but am adding it here as well


12 thoughts on ““Who thought up this crazy dream?”

  1. Hello Lost Truth,

    Now I am curious, what did you use(d) to call dream characters? 😀

    You keep amazing me, especially how quickly and easily you are remembering things from the real world, and applying them in your dreams.

    That is an interesting twist to becoming lucid, tell a dream character that this is a dream, and then realize that you are dreaming because of your own statement. 😀

    I would think that your hands vibrating and fading in and out of grey would be very strange too you, I am trying to imagine how that must have felt and looked, but I imagine that you were too busy trying to stabilize the dream. 😉

    Thank you for sharing this, in my mind it was another success for you, and you are still the reigning and undisputed lucid dream champion.

    -John Jr

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  2. Thanks for your comment John Jr.

    I always just called the “dream characters” people in my dream. But your wording has a better flow to it. I hope you don’t mind me adopting the phrase.

    I think we need to link up with more lucid dreamers. I’m sure we could find many that far surpass me. But I will take this dream as a win as well. I’m surprised I even gained lucidity considering how well I was sleeping. Last night I did not remember any dreams at all because I slept like the dead.

    You asking about how my vibrating hands felt and looked inspired me to take a go at making a short video. I’m not at all a videographer, but I thought it would be fun to attempt to recreate the dream. You can at least see an idea of how it looked. How it felt was just frustrating. I could not actually feel my hands vibrating. One thing that was interesting with making the video though is I have some tattoos around my hands. When I was first working on the video the tattoos looked out of place, then I remembered that my tattoos were missing from my dream. They were also missing from my boat dream when I looked at my hands. But I never noticed until today. So thank you for helping me to realize that.

    Separately, I responded to your reply on Daniel’s page about meditation a couple days ago, but either he did not approve the comment or I messed up and forgot to click ‘post’. I’ll send you a private message at some point answering your question. I just didn’t want you to think I ignored you.


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    1. You are welcome Lost Truth.

      I just assumed that most people just called them dream characters 😀 , thanks, feel free to use that phrase all you want. 🙂

      I just imagined a parody of you forming a League Of Lucid Dreamers, move out of the way The Avengers and The Justice League, a new superhero group is coming to town. 😀

      I am still amazed with your success with lucid dreaming so far, well, at least you let me win in remembering my dreams this time. 😀

      Thank you for making that video and for answering my questions, and I am glad that you realized that your tattoos were missing in those dreams so now maybe you can use that to help you in the future to test whether you are dreaming or not. 😉

      I think that you did a great job on the video with portraying the strangeness of the dream, and making it look like how a destabilizing dream might look.

      Thank you for letting me know about my meditation question on Daniel’s post. 👍

      Thank you for replying,
      -John Jr

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      1. I love this! A league of lucid dreamers. I have read a few different fictional books about people with dream capabilities and they are always really fun. I’d like to write my own book at some point that incorporates the dream world.

        Yes, you definitely beat me at dream recall. I’m happy to report I did remember one dream when I awoke this morning, which leaves me feeling a little less empty and a little more connected. But you surpass me by far on the recall. I’m especially impressed at how you remember your dreams on such little sleep. I once again slept like the dead last night. This seems to happen around the new moon. And then as the moon gets full I can’t sleep at all. I’m interested to begin tracking lucid dreams in comparison to moon cycles. It may seem a bit out there, but I’ve never paid attention to the connection before and have only noticed in the past year how my sleep corresponds with the moon. I’m curious if my dreams do as well.

        Thank you for the compliment about the video and for also separately replying on youtube. I’m sure with more time and some help I could have done a bit better of a job. I will have to think about making another video in the future and maybe getting some assistance in the filming.

        Does that mean my response did come through on Daniel’s post? It looked to me like it hadn’t.

        Thanks for writing back.

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        1. Hello Lost Truth,

          Good luck with your possible future dream world based books.

          Yay, dream recall champion is better than nothing, so thank you for letting have at least one championship. 😀

          I am also surprised that my dream recall is still good enough to remember as much as I do with my limited sleep, and somewhat random sleep times.

          You are probably on to something there with the moon cycles possibly effecting / affecting some people’s sleep and dreams, I think that would make for some nice data if you were to take note of that, and if some scientists were to start studying this.

          You are welcome, and good luck with your future video projects.

          No, your reply is still not there unfortunately.

          You are welcome, and thank you for replying.

          -John Jr

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          1. Thanks for you response and thanks for letting me know my reply to you did not show up. I will send you a reply again, but probably not for a few days. I’m going to be out of town for a long weekend. Going camping for the first time in a year, we’ll see if nature has a positive impact on my lucid dreaming.

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  3. *Off-Topic*

    Hello Lost Truth,

    Do you ever remember having a dream character tell you that you are going to die (not then, but in the distant future) and the type of injury that you will die from?

    I ask because this happened to me only once as far as I can remember, and it happened many years ago so I was curious if anyone else has had something like this happen to them in a dream.

    Fortunately even after all of those years and even though I never recorded that dream or the others in that post (because way back then I did not record my dreams), I was still able to remember enough of that dream and two other dreams to make a post about them on my blog years ago:


    Thank you,

    -John Jr

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    1. John Jr. –

      That’s intriguing. No, I have never experienced this that I can remember. I have always believed though that I know what I will die from and approximately when, but that comes more from comparing myself to relatives than anything. Although in regards to my initial idea of when I would die, I should already be dead, so I doubt there is anything to these ideas.

      That seems to be a very profound dream you had. I enjoy the specially picked dreams you have shared with me. Thank you for taking the time to choose them, find them on your blog, and share them here.

      I have had some pretty amazing past dreams I vaguely remember today. Dreams I recorded in the past, but have since thrown out, and no longer remember enough to detail to be worth anything. It is really great and I think a valuable asset that you have your dreams typed and easily accessible here on the internet.

      Thanks for writing

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      1. Thank you for answering my question Lost Truth, I also have tried to compare myself with some of my family members to guess when I might die, and I predicted that I will not live to be too old (like my grandmothers, one died before I was even born, and the other died my freshmen year of high school) but who knows because I also did not think that I would make it this long.

        Yes it was definitely profound to me back then, especially because I was a follower of Christianity back then, but I am not a follower of any religion anymore at this time.

        You are welcome and thank you for taking the time to read them, and there are some nice dreams lost among the thousands of dreams on my blog that even I do not remember and / or that I can not find because of them being poorly tagged and titled.

        That is unfortunate that those dreams of yours are lost now, I wish that I would have started recording my dreams much sooner, and I agree that having your dreams recorded like this can be a valuable asset.

        You are welcome, and thank you for replying.

        -John Jr


        1. Thanks for your response John Jr.

          I wonder if there would be a way to set up a database to catalog and categorize your dreams. A search engine to access them. A way to connect them to a spread sheet with key words, so you could click on the word in the spread sheet and then it would link you to the dream. I’m sure it’s possible and would be pretty neat, but would probably be very time consuming in setting up. It would be very kool to have though.


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          1. You are welcome Lost Truth.

            Well in a way we already have something somewhat like that in the form of a combination of the Search widget, Categories widget, Tag Cloud widget, and search engines like Google can even be used to find some posts; but it would not hurt to have something extra like that.

            One of my problems is how poorly tagged most of my old posts were, which makes it harder to find things.

            Thank you for replying,
            -John Jr

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