Pain from dream so intense it carries over to waking life

Reading one of John Jr.’s dreams on his blog reminded me of one of the few dreams I had with an intense physical sensation. I’ve had 2 dreams that I can remember where I was shot and it was so incredibly painful. In one of the dreams I was shot multiple times at multiple points throughout the dream and I died. Then I fell into a body of dark water and everything went black. I don’t remember much from this dream, it was very disturbing and a long time ago.

The other dream I just came across in an old journal. The journal still has some empty pages, I guess that’s why I never threw it out.

The dream is from August 2012, I wrote:

I was just shot in the leg. I was going through a dark alley on a bike. Everyone I passed by had guns. Some of the people were friends. I just smiled and said, “hi.”

One guy was super sketchy. I was almost through the dark alley. There was a huge field of grass in front of me which screamed safety.

Then Boom! I’m shot down. The bullet hit my leg. It’s incredibly painful. I can’t stand up. I can’t walk.

I crawl to a house. I brace myself and stand up to open the door. It’s unlocked. It’s not my house. I scream out loud. I still feel the pain. It’s my left leg. Below the knee, in my upper calf.

I yell, “Help! Help! I’ve been shot! Please!”

Someone comes. A lady. She gets on the phone. She asks where I’ve been shot. I’m losing consciousness. Everything is slipping away. I tell her if I stop talking and relax I’ll pass out and I’m afraid I’ll never wake up again.

She asks if I’m a man or a woman. “Man,” I say. Then, “No, woman” and then I wake up.

It was like I was a man in the dream, but then my consciousness remembered I’m actually a woman.

I had to pee. I stood up in the waking world expecting to be crippled. I can still feel the sensation now. Even after coming back to bed from the bathroom. Now while lying down, I feel the sensation through the back of my knee in a line. It was so sharp. Electrifying. So real in the dream. And now I feel the residual leftovers.

(not now, that’s what I wrote)
It’s interesting to me, when I first record my dreams I always do it in present tense. But if I remember the dream later in the day and record it then, I do it in past tense. But when recording upon first waking from the dream, it’s like I’m reliving it as I’m writing it.

How do other people record their dreams? Past tense or present tense?


9 thoughts on “Pain from dream so intense it carries over to waking life

  1. Hello Lost Truth,

    Ouch, getting injured like that in a dream is already bad enough, but also having it linger in the real world is even worse.

    Often injuries in my dreams do not hurt as much as they should, but sometimes they probably do.

    I have also died before in several dreams, in one dream ( something pretty strange happened after I died, normally I will just wake up but that was one of the times that I did not.

    My grammar et cetera is not the best, and so when first voice recording my dreams I probably use a combination of past and present tense. 😀

    Thank you for sharing your dreams.


    I just wanted to make a recommendation based on something we once talked about involving adding your main blog under Web Address in your Account Settings so that people can click your name to reach your main blog, I remember your response but I have a new idea, instead of putting your main blog under Web Address in your Account Settings you could put a link to your Gravatar Profile ( instead so that people can decide which blog they want to go to.

    I mention this because currently you have no Web Address set so people can not click your name to reach any of your blogs, they can use the Gravatar Hovercard, but some blogs / websites have this disabled and some people are just used to clicking your name instead (I am used to doing this as well) so having both options set would help more people reach your blogs now that you have several blogs listed on your Gravatar Profile ( Profile).

    Just a thought. 😉

    -John Jr

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    1. I have that same problem with creative writing, going back and forth between past and present.

      I don’t often have strong sensations when I dream, but when I do it is quite powerful.

      I hadn’t remembered the dream where I died until I was typing this one up. I think I only ever had the one. I wish I could remember it better. I have a vague feeling I became lucid after falling into the water dead, but I’m not sure. That’s interesting you have multiple dreams where you’ve died. I’ll check out your post. Do you believe in reincarnation? That you’ve had past lives?

      Thanks so much for the info about my gravatar/clicking on my name. I didn’t know how it all works and did not realize people could not click on my name and access my blogs. I hope I have fixed this issue. Would you mind checking for me to see if I did it right? Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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      1. Hello Lost Truth,

        That makes me feel a bit better. 😉

        Yeah, sometimes sensations can be more magnified in dreams.

        I assume that I have died before in some other dreams but I could be wrong, it can be hard to say because I am more likely to wake up before it is verified 😀 , thank you for checking out that post (I actually need to read it again, it probably needs some editing, and I can not remember parts of that dream now).

        You are welcome, you actually changed that successfully so well done 👍, and remember that you can change that Web Address to anything that you want; that was just a recommendation in case there was not a main blog that you wanted to share more than the others.

        I only have one blog on, and so that is what I have set there.

        Thank you for replying,
        -John Jr


    2. Hello Lost Truth,

      I forgot to answer your question about reincarnation.

      I actually am neutral on the subject, I try to keep an open mind, and so I am not sure if it exists or not and I am open to evidence that either proves or disproves it. 😉

      -John Jr

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      1. Thank you for answering my question. I was just curious, because sometimes it seems like a dream is a past memory from a past life. Like this dream where I was shot. I’m typically not inclined to believe in reincarnation, at least not in the sense that we have one individual ‘soul’ which is born again and again. (I lean towards believing in something a little more universal, all inclusive, more focusing on the collective conscious). However, sometimes different experiences make me wonder if there is in fact an individualized reincarnation. Your dying dream also made me think of some sort of past life experience, which is why I asked. I think the presence of both of us experiencing the opposite gender on some level contributes to this feeling.

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        1. You are welcome Lost Truth.

          I sometimes wonder about those things as well, and it almost seems like some dreams could also be ancestral memories or something like that but who knows.

          -John Jr

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  2. Hello, very nice post, I have written articles about lucid dreams in particular from their origins in Plato’s Hyperuranium, which develops through the Sephirot (tree of life), are quite complex articles, and I understand that someone may find it difficult to read them, but if you are interested i give you the link:

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