“If He Dies, Then You Can Live” – Dream Analysis

I thought I’d share this dream along with my analysis. At this point in my life this is how I tend to analyze dreams. I’m thinking it may be interesting to make a few posts this way. Who knows, maybe it will help someone else look at their dreams in a new way.

This one is from a week or so ago –

The dream is very scattered.

First scene – I was in a Mall sitting at a table with a few friends. There was a row of large glass doors in front of us. To the left I noticed a stage. Above the stage is a sign that says “Mainstage”. I say to my friends, “Oh, this is where the Mainstage is. They play concerts here?” I was surprised the venue was in the Mall (in waking life there was a concert that night at Mainstage and I didn’t know where the venue was, but had thought about going to the show). My friends say yea, and point ahead to wear some guys are coming through the glass doors. “There’s the band right there” someone says. One of the guys I recognize as someone I used to date. (I don’t recognize him from the waking world). I’m unsure if I’m supposed to say hi or ignore him. He waves. I wave back. Questioned answered.

Next scene – I was on a motorcycle with somebody else and we were riding it and it crashed. We ran into something and both of us were kind of dying. And then there was somebody else, but not a person. Like a spirit or angel or something. And I kind of knew the spirit. They were kind of hovering over me and the other person from the accident. And they said (communicated telepathically) that they were waiting to see what would happen. If the other person lived, I was going to die. But if the other person died, then I would live. Basically we were both not going to live. And I said that I didn’t like that (telepathically). The spirit wanted the other person to die so that I would live. I said I didn’t want that. I didn’t like that the other person would have to die for me to live. I didn’t think that was fair. But nobody was going to kill the other person. We were just waiting to see what would happen. And then he did die. So then I would live. And spirit said not to worry. That this is the way that it was meant to be and it was okay. And somehow it helped me feel a little bit better.

Next scene – I’m standing, alive and well, I realized I was in another country. A couple days had passed from the motorcycle incident and it was already Tuesday (I had this dream Friday night which is also the day the dream began in the dream world). And I hadn’t gone to work. I had missed one whole day of work without contacting my job. I just didn’t show up. I felt so horrible. And I couldn’t really explain why I didn’t show up or what happened. There’s more to the story but I can’t remember it now. Very crazy and unbelievable. There was something also that happened that I wanted to keep secret. Some other actual reason as to why I had missed work, but I couldn’t tell her (my job). I’m not sure why I couldn’t tell her and I don’t remember what it was. I was going to tell my job about the motorcycle accident and that my friend died so that was kind of true. I called my job on the phone. I went back and forth between I’m texting and calling and texting and calling. The scene kept morphing. I apologized profusely. She was so understanding. She said never had I done anything like this before and it really wasn’t a big deal. She had covered for me, and it was fine. And I told her it was not fine. That I consider not showing up for work to be unacceptable and it’s something that should never ever happen. I’m so sorry I was just so distracted by all of the things that we’re going on that I just completely forgot. And she said she understood and things happen and she knew that wasn’t who I was, but it was an extreme situation and it was okay. And I told her obviously there’s no way I was going to be at work that day either. And it was okay.

This was one of 3 dreams that night. One other was my lucid dream with the zombies and the other I rather not share.

So this is how I typically analyze my dreams, I’m a novice in the field so maybe someone else could analyze better, but the point to me is for our dreams to make us think and reflect, so mission accomplished –

Dream Analysis – In the first scene, the dream takes a familiar scenario. Actual events that we’re occurring that night and had been in my thoughts. The concert and the name of the venue. I hadn’t known where it was in waking life and then discovered it’s (false) location in the dream. The slightly strange feeling with this guy I dated in the dream world perfectly depicts how I tend to be awkward with old acquaintances and people of that sort. I have this thing where I feel like there is some proper etiquette and protocol to dealing with people and situations and I’m never quite sure what it is. I haven’t seen that person in 10 years and barely knew them 10 years ago. Do I approach and say hi or ignore them? Would they even remember me? Would they feel bothered by my approach? Is there any actual point to approaching them and saying hi? I tend to over analyze these kinds of things all the time.

(here is a side note of a dream I had a couple nights ago that depicts this same thing even more so- 

I was holding my phone in my hand. I felt like calling somebody. I felt like reaching out and talking to somebody. Without really thinking about it I called an old friend, L. She picked up right away. She said “Hi”, and then said “do you eat chicken?” She was in the middle of cooking and was inviting me over for dinner. I remember being back and forth in my head about whether I should go or not. I questioned why I called her in the first place, it’s been over 10 years since I had talked to her. In the dream I recalled the last time I had seen her which was the actual last time I had seen her in waking life.  Why did I call her? I wondered. It would be weird and awkward to go over there. Do I want to do that?

The next scene I’m at her house. There’s a lot of people and she’s introducing everybody and introduces herself. She says, “well you know me, but I’m Lisa” (which is different than her actual name). I remember thinking, oh Lisa I didn’t remember that being your name, I’m glad you told me. (I didn’t say this out loud) There’s lots of adults and lots of kids. People everywhere, maybe 20 or 25. I felt awkward and out-of-place. There were certain rules for interacting with each person I feel like she had maybe told me what these rules were or somehow I just inherently knew. I can’t quite remember. But there are different rules for interacting with each person and it was very overwhelming. There are also lots of young kids and there are no rules for interacting with the kids. It was a free-for-all in terms of random people just hanging around everywhere, like a party I guess, so I decided to just hang out with the young kids. I knew it was weird to hang out with the kids opposed to everybody else but it was just easier and I can’t remember if I directly said that to L or not, but I feel like I did. I at least thought it.)

The second scene – To me this represents an inner conflict, not necessarily conflict, just the idea that to grow, to fully come into ourselves and reach the next level in life, we have to left go of past habits, patterns, and stories. We cannot continue to cling to the past, to our binky and blankey, escape patterns and cowardice if we want to reach our full potential. You have to let go of the past (conditioning, mindsets, old stories that serve us no purpose) if you want to embrace a future more healed, better functioning, self. I’ve been thinking about this a lot for awhile, and I think this story depicts that. (one must die-the past self, in order for the other to live – the future self. You cannot be both people)

The third scene – I always fear disappointing people. Not doing the ‘right’ thing. Failing. Not being good enough. I carry a weight of guilt about nothing and every time there’s a little thing I think I will be fired or disowned. This is subtle of course. It’s not in the forefront of my mind. But I notice it at times in my quiet thoughts and contemplative actions. The fear with the job depicts this to me. Also the falsehood of my thoughts. Because what I had blown up to be a huge thing, the job saw as no big deal. It was ok, I wasn’t fired. I was still accepted even though I messed up. Which all tends to be true in waking life as well.

I see all these stories as my thoughts, fears, and insecurities played out. But also the second scene representing the idea to rise above and let go of whatever past experiences have led me to these detrimental thought patterns. And the third scene showing that it will all be ok. No matter what. So kind of a complete thought and portrayal of healing


7 thoughts on ““If He Dies, Then You Can Live” – Dream Analysis

  1. Hello Lost Truth,

    As you know, I do not really know anything about interpreting dreams, but I think you did pretty good.

    Thank you for taking the time to share these dreams, and your analysis of them.

    -John Jr

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  2. I love the way you line out your dreams as “scenes”. That’s a very simple and effective way to delineate how they can continue in a connected but not completely linear. I’m also happy to see how thorough your descriptions are. When I first read about and attempted dream journaling, I found that my descriptions seemed far more in-depth than what was recommended for the practice. Even if you don’t catch every detail (such as describing dream ex completely), noting things about the connections and lack of real world correlation can take up a lot. Finally, I like how your interpretation approaches and constructs meaning from your own perspective and terms. I look forward to reading your other entries, particularly those on lucid dreaming – a practice that I’ve been trying to cultivate but struggling with for some time now.

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your comment. I appreciate your feedback. To me it seems important to capture as much detail as possible. The more I record, the more I remember and sometimes those extra memories hold valuable information. Although it can be very time consuming.

      Have you been able to have a lucid dream? Is it just difficult to have them often? They always used to come naturally to me, and since that has stopped I’ve had to work at it. It is not so easy and can be frustrating.

      I’m happy to have connected with you here on the internet realm 🙂
      Good luck on your dreaming endeavors

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      1. Oddly enough, I remember a whole string of dreams from last night. Perhaps, I’ll try to find the time to write them down this morning if I can find the time.

        I naturally had a lucid dream once, years ago, and a much shorter one after beginning to work on lucid dreaming, but other than that, I have not. Having read your page, I think I have the opposite of what your younger self had – I sleep very deeply in general. I keep trying to work on techniques and to set intentions for lucid dreams, but it never seems to stick. It is frustrating, but I’d rather continue to struggle than give up: my dreaming endeavors have opened a whole new experience in my life that was more or less minor in scope previously.

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        1. I hope you do get the chance to write and share your dreams from last night. I’d be interested to read them.

          It definitely is worth the struggle. I’m glad you haven’t given up. Have you tried the ‘wake back to bed’ technique?

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          1. I haven’t dug into it as much as I should. During the weekdays, it’s not readily feasible (although my cats tend to wake me about an hour before my actual wake up time for a few minutes). I should bite the bullet and try it for the weekends though. My one concern is that I won’t be able to go back to sleep. My consciousness is more or less like a light switch – once it’s turned on in the mornings, it’s hard to turn it back off. It makes waking up in the mornings a bit easier, but it also makes it hard to go back to sleep if something interrupts my sleep in the morning.

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            1. Yea, I get that. I’ve never tried it myself. Aside from naturally waking up, I couldn’t imagine waking on purpose, staying up for 30 – 60 minutes and then expecting to fall back to sleep. I guess it works for some people though. I read something where a girl swore by the method and thought it was the best technique. Might be worth a shot on one weekend day. Also, I was just listening to a podcast, lucid or bust, the woman had been trying to have a lucid dream for 40 years. Finally after taking Galantamine twice she had a lucid dream. I don’t know much about the pill though, other than it seems to be mentioned often in the lucid dreaming world.

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