Meditation/Sleep Inducing Beat with a Relaxation Video

A couple weeks ago I had an idea to make some music that would induce sleep and then hopefully induce a lucid dream. I made this using the Cakewalk music creator program. It was a fail in regards to lucid dreaming. The plan was to make some trance like beats that put me to sleep and then about 30 minutes into it, have my voice enter the music telling me I was dreaming. The problem was every time my voice came on it would just wake me up. I still have an idea to try adding a very quiet, hypnotic voice in the background that continuously says, “this is a dream” in hopes my dreaming mind will hear it. Repeating the words from the start should prevent me from waking up. When I was in school, I used to record my voice reading my study notes and then listen to it as I slept. Aced every test. 🙂 So I think there is still hope for this idea.

In the meantime I’ve been using the music I’ve already created to help me fall asleep and to meditate. It is just some simple samples from the Cakewalk program I put together with added ocean noises to try and create a trance like state. The sounds change throughout the first 10 minutes hoping to induce a deeper state of relaxation. Then the sound stays the same for another 20 minutes so changes do not interrupt the meditation or sleep state. There is a small portion of vocals with the short lyrics borrowed from the band Wookiefoot’s song Don’t Hold Your Breath.

I thought I’d share the audio I made here in case it could help anyone meditate, sleep, relax, whatever. I couldn’t figure out how to add an audio though and youtube likes a matching video. So instead of taking the lazy way out and just posting a photo with the music I made a video to go along. For years I’ve collected short peaceful videos on my travels of the ocean, waterfalls, geysers, and moving water. I wanted to take a part of the peace and tranquility home with me. I’ve always wanted to form these into a video, so now I have.


3 thoughts on “Meditation/Sleep Inducing Beat with a Relaxation Video

    1. Thank you. I checked out your post. Yes, I think you have laid things out very simply for a person beginning meditation. I too find meditation very helpful for staying grounded and keeping a peaceful mind.
      Thanks for your comment!

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