Dream World Vs. Waking World

There is a part of my dream that seems it wants me to gain consciousness. It is purposefully doing/creating things to help me realize I’m dreaming.

But there is another part of the dream that does not want me to gain consciousness. It does things, even when I’m lucid, to trap me in the dream illusion.

Robert Waggoner, “Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self” – chapter 5 – “Independent agents” talks about being surprised that the ‘dream figures’ have a will of their own. Surprised that things happen outside of his control once he’s lucid.

As I continue reading, I believe he will expand on this and maybe not be so surprised after all, but this inspired me to write.

When lucid, I manipulate the dream around me. I am only limited by myself. But I am still in the dream.

Robert quotes Paul Thorly and Thorly calls the lucid dreamer in the dream the ‘super ego’. So I will use this term now.

My super ego is aware of the dream, but my super ego is not the creator of the dream.

What is?

I don’t know.

Subconscious, unconscious, collective conscious, the dream realm which exists on an alternate reality plain of existence?

I don’t know.

Me, the super ego, can manipulate the dream because I believe I can. Sometimes there are barriers, perhaps to teach a lesson. Perhaps because of self doubt.

But the dream world and the waking world are very similar to me.

This waking world, is how I perceive it. If we have a shared experience, our experiences will be different because of our perception. Because of our current mental state, past experiences, what we focus on, etc. So in a way, this waking world I live in is a manifestation of my own mind.

Now there are different rules in this world, but that doesn’t mean that this reality can’t be equally manipulated in its own way.

And while I can suggest a new idea to an individual in this reality, it is not guaranteed it will stick, same as in the dream world. In the dream world, I can ‘will’ a change in another or I can request it aloud. It may or may not work, it may or may not work the way I intended.

In waking reality we can also suggest changes in another. Whether through simple communication, a form of spoken manipulation, or perhaps even thought manipulation. Crazy as it may sound, I believe we can push thoughts into someone else’s mind. I have never tried this with anything significant, that seems wrong. But little things – pushing a person to choose a certain number, to say a specific thing, even pushing the dice to land on a certain number. These are fairly easy things to control with a clear mind and thoughtful intent. Of course I fail often enough, it’s hard to say what is coincidental and what is not.

I used to mess around with these types of things much more when I was younger. All in an innocent way. For example, asking someone their age. ‘Willing’ them to answer “20”. Then they say “20, wait no, I’m 28” Consciousness creeping in to the fact that they answered wrong. And why did they answer wrong at first, it would seem quite plausible to suggest it is from this “pushing” the thought of “20”. It all seems harmless at this level and it doesn’t always work.

Or perhaps pushing a sensation. Trying to manifest a feeling of itchiness. Or maybe already feeling itchy myself. Then push that itchiness into another person, maybe the top of their head. Then, they scratch their head. Was itchiness actually consciously passed over? Or was I only in tune with the fact that they were already feeling itchy?

These days I’m more inclined to manipulate my surroundings. Now, do I believe I can actually manipulate my surroundings? No, that’s crazy. But do I still often try and often succeed? Of course. What does it mean? More than likely just that I’m in tune with what’s available around me and I’m tapping into something I’m unaware of opposed to actually materializing something out of thin air.

An example – I think, man I’m starving, but I’m lazy. I need someone to come by and offer me food. Then I ‘will’ this to happen. And someone comes by either selling food, offering food, or asking to go out to dinner. So did I manifest the person? Probably not, but it’s still a fascinating study. More than likely a part of me was tapped into the collective conscious without being aware and I wanted what was already on the way.

There are other times where I’m hiking or climbing on something steep. I slip, I’m falling and will fall off the cliff. This can’t happen. I must stop falling, get a grip on something, and get up. I feel like I ‘will’ myself to be on safe land again. And then I am. Usually I don’t even know exactly what happened. I just know, I was falling, then I wasn’t. Some instinctual part of me takes over and acts. I think we see this kind of thing happen a lot in the world. And sometimes we fail.

Once I was in a bad car accident. My car was hydroplaning in the rain. I dream of out of control cars all the time. In my dreams I ‘will’ the car to stay on the road. So I do this in the waking world. I will my car to correct itself. It does. But I hydroplane again. I will the correction. It does. But I hydroplane again. Then we spin out of control. Then we flip upside down. We’re upside down for a long time. I will the car to turn upright. It does.

I don’t necessarily think I am controlling all these different things, but I still live my life like I am. I think that’s part of the reason controlling a dream, whether lucid or not comes naturally to me. I am always trying to manipulate life.

To me there is a debate in how much power we can have in the waking world. Let’s say I’m thirsty. Can I use telekinesis to float me over a glass of water? Doubtful. Can I materialize a glass of water in front of me out of nothing? Doubtful. But, can I imagine strongly that I am drinking a glass of refreshing water and thus quench my thirst with my imagination? Probably. And even more so, can I actually hydrate myself with this same imagination? A good question. And another thought. I’m thirsty, can I manifest a person to walk by and offer me a drink, or if in the wilderness, can I find water through my intent. Maybe I can’t manifest a river out of nothing, but perhaps I can be guided to it, or directed to notice water collecting on leaves. But could I manifest the rain?

Regardless of all this craziness, I think most people can at the very least agree that we create our reality through perception. We can choose to see the positive or negative. We can choose what we fixate on. We can choose the stories we tell ourselves about who we are. We can move, quit jobs, marry, divorce, go after whatever life we want. We are not stuck, we only feel stuck. Now just because we go after a big acting career does not mean we would be successful or just because we get the acting job does not mean it will make us happy. But the same is true for dreams, is it not? We don’t always get what we expect from our dream requests. I tried to make red fire balls once, but instead I made huge colorful fireworks. I got something close, but the dream has a mind of its own. As does waking life.

In both the waking world and dreaming world there seems to be a reality happening around us. We have influence over both of them, but they each have their own limitations. But what is dream? Who is the creator of dreams? Well, what is the waking world? Who is the creator of the waking world? That is the question, isn’t it? And if you’re inclined to believe in a “god” of the waking world, perhaps there is also a “god” of the dream world.

O,ur dreams have so much insight. So much to teach us when we pay attention and analyze. We can find answers and inspiration.

Is the same not true of the waking world? All around us people, nature, little occurrences, are communicating with us. Signs popping up everywhere. These to me are the same clues our dreams hold if we give them credit.

Maybe I think something and then I hear a loud caw from a bird – telling me to be mindful of what I was thinking. Or Peru seems to be popping up everywhere. Or I was just thinking about something and then a stranger is talking to me about that exact same thing.

And I’ve found in analyzing my dreams, paying attention to my thoughts, feelings, and reactions in the dream gives me the best insight into the dream meaning. And isn’t this also true for the waking world?

I know for me, I often have many quiet passing thoughts I pay no mind to. But these thoughts are often the ones that have the most influence over my psyche.

For example – all the sudden I was getting a headache and feeling anxious – why? Where did that come from. It took quite a lot of effort to be able to trace my thoughts back to the fleeting thought that caused the anguish. But when I did, I realized I had been thinking about the Walt Disney movie “Walt before Mickey” and how Walt Disney made it because he gave everything to his passion and refused to do anything else. And what am I doing with my life? And if I take off and travel indefinitely then how can I focus on writing and art? But if I don’t travel how will I stay sane in this crazy world…..blah blah blah, all the thoughts while I was drawing. I was focused on drawing, but these thoughts were like a movie reel in the back of my mind and I started feeling really anxious. Well of course.

Also, I came to realize 6 months ago the reason I’d been having anxiety for the past 6 years was because I had an overwhelming feeling I was going to die right now. This all started after my Dad’s death. Of course I didn’t realize I felt this way. I just had the anxiety. But once I finally uncovered the truth, I also realized that yes, thoughts about imminent death did float across my mind daily. But I did not fixate on them. I ignored these quiet thoughts of death and let the louder ones take my focus. But these quiet thoughts were the ones causing my anxiety. Once bringing all this to the forefront of my awareness I was able to let go of the thoughts and my anxiety.

My point of all this is I don’t think the waking and dreaming world are really all that different.

So if becoming lucid in a dream is to become fully aware of 2 realities happening simultaneously – what do we call this same level of awareness in waking reality?

I mean to say, we are in the dream, and not until we are aware of the 2 realities, do we have the power to fully explore our potential in the dream world.

What of the waking world?


4 thoughts on “Dream World Vs. Waking World

  1. You (me) ((we)), are the dream and the dreamer… of all experience! As the “mind” (reality) arises in each moment, it clings to what we have attracted along the way and reacts to our conscious/subconscious/unconscious expectations, so the more you “heal” aspects of yourself, the more you become a “blank canvas” so reality can become as open as possible. When the mind can become open enough, the nature of consciousness can shine through and the more “expectations of reality” are dropped, the more varied and unlimited experience can be, the seemingly impossible becomes possible and almost guaranteed. The miraculousness of baking a cake is in no way more or less than turning water into wine! By nature their possibility in the moment is equally miraculous. To fully accept that means every moment of life becomes full of joy, awe and amazement (even pain becomes something miraculous!).

    ((Well that’s what I think for now!))

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  2. This was well written and in some ways philosophical Lost Truth, you brought up various good points and you got me thinking about somethings, well done.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

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