Future events creating past dreams

(The image is about the best I can do on photoshop)

I drank some mugwort tea with honey before bed. Not the dream tea, just straight mugwort. It was actually really delicious. Overall I slept great, but I did wake up a few times throughout the night. Everytime I woke up though, my mind was a blank slate. No recollection whatsoever of my dreams. When I awoke in the morning, I lay in bed trying to meditate on the empty space between wake and dreams, to bring my dreams into my conscious mind. But there was nothing. Not even a hint.

Two hours after waking up, I’m doing my semi-regular yoga routine and listening to a podcast. They mention galantamine, and my dream comes back to me. My friend, S, had been talking about Galantamine in my dream. I paused the podcast and allowed the dream to unfold. I recorded what I could remember. Nothing overly exciting, but the things to note were I was on a facetime call with my friend S, even though I’ve only ever facetimed twice in my life. I was reading a note S had left me, and I could read it just fine, the words were not shifting. Our phone conversation was clear, we spoke of the grand canyon and her friend A. He was also in my phone screen, which was odd because I’ve only ever met him once. There is another vague part of the dream. I’m at a party at her house. Then I’m in her basement, but it is nothing like her basement. It is dark, has concrete walls, and metal shelving. There is something about a minotaur, some mystery surrounding it. I have no idea how it all fits together.

After recording this, I continue my yoga and put the podcast back on, after some time the woman brings up minotaurs! How random. The galantamine mentioned in my dream and then waking life … ok, makes since. As I’m inundated with the dream world right now, sure galantamine has come up frequently over the past month, so not surprising it was in my dream or that it was on the podcast. But minotaurs? This is not something I ever think about, haven’t watched on a show in a long time, and a completely random mention.

What do I take of this? Just curious to note. I mentioned in another post I believe things of the past, present, and future all contribute to the make up of our dreams. This would aid in continuing to suggest that. Which then, to me, leads towards the idea of precognitive dreams. Or that time is not linear.


3 thoughts on “Future events creating past dreams

  1. Well done Lost Truth, I like it when I suddenly remember part of a dream randomly during the day when something triggers a memory, and so it is good to see that you were able to save some parts of a dream.

    Dreaming about a minotaur like that is unusual, I am not sure if I have ever had one in one of my dreams before, and I also wonder about possible precognition and dreams.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

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