Telekinesis, ancestral connection, and eating bones? – Dream Analysis

No lucid dreams recently, it’s been 1 week. Last nights… this morning’s actually… dream seemed to be trying hard to help me gain consciousness, but I stayed trapped in the dream.

I was trying to wake up for work. Trying to lye there and see if I could bring any dreams back to me before jumping out of bed. Instead I think I fell into this dream:

I’m not sure of the order of the dream, I’m only certain of the last scene

Scene – Very vague. This may be the first scene of the dream. I’m in a house. A friend from waking life is there. There is a glass pipe on the window sill. I am high. I feel high. A slight buzz, fogginess. I wonder about smoking some more from this pipe, but I’m leaving soon and don’t know if I want to be all that high when I leave. I think I decide not to smoke more. (I’ve been dreaming a lot about smoking and being high recently. I don’t smoke, not for years and years, still not sure what this is all about.)

Scene – I was in Belize (one of my go to dream places. The last time I was here in a dream I realized it was a dream, but not this time). There was a ton of people. I wondered why it was so crowded. I was following these two girls around. They were walking. There is a weird feeling like maybe I was riding in someone’s backpack, even though that makes no since. There is also a vague thought in all this, the 2 girls plan to go to 2 different places. They are going to spend the whole night at those places. I question this, thinking that is a long time to spend at only two places. I’m wondering if maybe I will not want to stay with them the whole time. Maybe I will want to leave. I think about what is my exit strategy. How can I get home. I have an escape plan, but I don’t remember it. (I seem to dream a lot about leaving parties and getting away from large crowds – which is pretty much my nature)

Scene – I’m going to be meeting up with an ex-boyfriend. Someone from waking life. In the dream I say I haven’t seen him for 2 years, which is close to accurate with waking life. My mom is there. We are talking about this. My mom asks, “You know this guy, right?” I tell her I do. (There is either a dream memory or a forgotten dream scene where I had previously met up with some other guy that I didn’t know, but that’s all I remember of that). I tell her I do know him, but I haven’t seen him for awhile. She is glad that I know him because that means he knows me. He knows how I am and won’t be upset or surprised. I’m not really sure what that was all about or what thing about me it was good he knew. It was not some big thing, something small. I don’t know.

Scene – I’m sitting at a table outside. A black metal one with other people and there are other tables and people as well. It’s like some outdoor cafeteria eating area. I see a tiring float up. It’s small, like a child’s wagon wheel. It’s hovering on the other side of my table. I know someone is making it do this. I wonder if I can do something with it. I try to make the tire shoot towards my face. It does. Then a guy comes around looking for the tire. I give it to him. I tell him I made it fly right at my face. He said that’s cuz he already charged it up with his energy. I said, yeah I know cuz I saw it floating. But I still think it’s kool that I could also manipulate it. He goes back to his seat and starts trying to practice making other things float. He is flicking cards out and trying to get them to hover. He fails a few times, but then finally gets one. Something about him failing makes me happy, like it’s ok to fail, everyone fails, but he still has the ability even if he doesn’t get it right everytime. It makes me think there is hope for me.

Scene – There’s a kid, a boy, maybe age 12. He’s talking about having this connection with the ancestors. He points to three places on his heart and says he is connected to them through here, here, and here. He has studied to learn this. Then he points to another location on his heart and one on his ear. He says he has learned to be connected on these spots as well, but he has figured out these last 2 spots on his own. In the dream I knew what he was using the connection for, but I don’t remember now. It was a way of listening and communicating with the spirits, but that is all I remember.

Scene – I’m eating bones. There’s a dish of old ancestral bones on a table. I’m eating some of them. It’s supposed to help connect me to the spirits. I’m not really sure what I was going to do with the power. The bones are very thin, short, brittle. A yellowish/brownish color. Kind of like little twigs. I start to become a little more aware in the dream, conscious of what I’m doing. The bones do not taste good. I don’t enjoy eating them, but feel like it is important to do so. I’ve gotten another small handfull of these tiny bones, it is the last little bit I will eat. It starts tasting really gross. I try to choke them down, but it is super disgusting. I spit out the rest. Then I feel bad. Like I am disgracing the ancestors by wasting their bones. Then I start thinking that maybe I shouldn’t be eating their bones because I’m not from Belize. These are not my actual ancestors and maybe I don’t have a right to receive their power and knowledge. I wake up

analysis – For one, I’ve been listening to podcasts and youtube videos about lucid dreaming, and two of them mentioned recently about connecting with history and people that is not their ancestral lineage. In one of the cases it was questioned if this was wrong or not.

Eating bones to connect with ancestors could potentially have something to do with me trying everything I can think of to have a lucid dream. Going to extreme measures in a way – though I don’t feel like I’m doing anything extreme, maybe just obsessing over.

I seem to over analyze everything way too much in dreams. Over contemplate and spend a lot of time worrying. This seems to reflect my waking life. It is easier to see how detrimental that can be when viewing my thought processes as a dream opposed to being trapped inside the action, like in waking life. I like how reflecting on dreams allows me to take a look at myself from an outside perspective. Like how sometimes we think we can see other peoples flaws, issues, or why they should break up with their significant other, but they are too trapped in the drama of their life to see outside it. I feel like my dreams allow me to look deeply at myself from an outside perspective and therefor be more objective.

For the most part, I feel like the greatest insight into my dreams and into myself through my dreams, is in all my thought processes throughout the dream. But I feel like there is also something more that I’m missing.

In my dream, A chest full of the bones of my ancestors, there was also a glass pipe and bones of my ancestors. I find it interesting that these 2 things appeared again. On June 9th I had a disturbing dream that involved smoking and feeling very high, but no ancestors. However there was some type of demonic presence. It was the only other time I remember feeling high in a dream.

Add on – After meditating today, I’m wondering if there is a connection between meditation and the appearance of marijuana in my dreams. I’ve been meditating now for 3 months, which is the longest I’ve ever been able to maintain the practice. The presence of pot began appearing in my dreams around the same time, I think, it’s hard to remember for sure. Marijuana’s frequency and relevancy in the dream has been growing. Before just as a thought, idea, or conversation. Then 11 days ago I smoked for the first time in a dream, and just 4 days ago I was high for the first time.

Typically when meditating I guess I start falling asleep or something. At least, I get the hypnagogic images as if I’m falling asleep. 3 days ago I was able to remember what these images were for the first time, nothing profound, but now for the past 3 days I am able to recollect the images. I’ll take that as improvement. While meditating today I felt my body tingling, vibrating. It felt like I was glowing. I felt light, soft, and high. It felt really good. I’ve felt this before when meditating, but this was the strongest yet. It made me think of my dream, and how I felt high in it. I wonder if their is a connection to feeling high while meditating and feeling high in my dream.


11 thoughts on “Telekinesis, ancestral connection, and eating bones? – Dream Analysis

  1. Hello Lost Truth,

    I see that you had some interesting things happen in your dream(s) as well last night, the ancestral bones thing has popped up again I see, I find that interesting and unusual and like an ancient practice and belief that some people possibly still practice and believe which makes this even more interesting.

    I like your thoughts about your dreams allowing you insight about yourself from the outside, which makes it easier for you to see some things that you might miss otherwise.

    Thank you for sharing these dream fragments and your analysis,
    -John Jr

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    1. I may have to research about ancient practices that may or may not be in line with this dream. I did date a guy once who said it was customary in his culture (Cook Islands) to sniff/snort a small bit of the ashes of a deceased loved on. I guess that is a bit similar.

      It is strange when similar themes continue to pop up. Especially when they are not in tune with waking life.

      Thank you. Yes, I feel like this go around in dream work I am delving a bit deeper into the quiet details of the dream. I think because I re-edit on the computer, and especially when I post, opposed to in the past when I used to write it in a journal and then not spend too much time looking back.

      Thank you for your comment

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  2. Hello Lost Truth,

    Snorting ashes, now that is interesting. 😀

    Yeah, and I also find it interesting how there are some things that we want to dream about that we usually do not dream about for some unknown reason(s).

    You are welcome.


    I am curious to get some opinions on which of these two themes I should use on my blog:

    Twenty Seventeen

    Intergalactic 2 (The theme that I am currently using)

    Thank you,

    -John Jr

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    1. I used to be good at dreaming about the things I want. I haven’t tried to dream of certain things much recently, aside from becoming lucid of course. I did have an experience a couple months ago. I lost my keys, which I never do. I had only walked from one place to another and then they were gone. It didn’t make any since. Anyway, I decided to look for my keys in my dream. In the dream, my keys kept just falling off my pants (I keep them clipped on with a carabiner). All night long, over and over, my keys kept falling off me. Which ended up being exactly what happened. Unfortunately the dream was unable to tell me exactly where they were so it took 2 days to find them. Buried elbow deep in the dark hidden crevice of the couch. Maybe I’ll try an experiment and attempt to dream of a specific thing tonight.

      wordpress themes:
      Hmm, hard to say. I like the menu across the top in the 27 theme. I also like the front page a lot. But I like the way the blog part is set up better in the intergalactic theme.

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      1. Hello Lost Truth,

        Lucky you. 😉

        That you for sharing that, you made me realize that I am not sure if keys are usually in my dreams or not, they possibly are not or are very rare in my dreams which is odd if I think about it; but I can not remember. 😀

        Thank you for answering that.

        Do you like it better when the home page (front page) shows each post in full or when it shows excerpts of each post?

        Thank you,
        -John Jr

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          1. So I am not alone in that then, interesting.

            Great, my current theme does that automatically, using excerpts is something that I did not used to do usually because I do not like how most themes do not show the images or videos that are at the top of the post (I think that the Twenty Seventeen theme has that problem) but fortunately the Intergalactic 2 theme does not have that problem so I have been able to use default excerpts for the first time ever.

            Thank you for answering that Lost Truth, that is helpful, because I try to arrange my blog in a way that people who actually visit my blog will like; and so always feel free to share some recommendations and / or report problems with my blog because I like to constantly find ways to improve my blog. 🙂

            -John Jr

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            1. Your question made me realize I had one of my blogs set up to display full posts instead of just excerpts. It was easy to fix with the click of a button. It looks like any blog can probably either display full posts or excerpts only. Also it looks like you should be able to choose if the photo for the blog is shown with the excerpt or not. So you may have this creative freedom regardless of the theme you choose. Also it seems in any blog theme you can choose what your excerpt says or the default will just display the beginning of the post.

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              1. Yeah, you can switch between both for most themes, but the problem is that I use hotlinked (linked somewhere else) images and videos on my posts instead of images or videos being directly added to my posts through the Media Library so with most themes my images and videos will not show up in excerpt mode because most themes require images to be directly added to the post as featured images.

                Fortunately the three most recent free themes do not seem to have this problem, but I only like one of them which is the Intergalactic 2 theme at this time but hopefully this pattern will continue in more future themes.

                The Intergalactic 2 theme has some bugs and annoyances that still need to be fixed, I reported some of them already and some of them were fixed, but some were not fixed and I have two more bugs I need to report and the other issues are things that they will probably not change.

                One of the problems that I reported that they will probably not fix is that in the WP Admin Editor (Classic Editor) it is one of those themes where the default font is not supported in the Editor so it shows a very small and not very readable font and formatting does not show up properly, and so it is harder for people like me to type posts and notice errors when using themes like this.

                I have been reporting this problem with some themes since it started in maybe 2014 or late 2013, I have given them various suggestions, but they still have never fixed this and they still keep making themes with this problem so the problem has gotten worse leaving me with even fewer themes that I can use.

                Twenty Seventeen does not have this problem and so that is why I was considering going back to it, but if I use excerpts my images and videos will probably not show up on the Home Page.

                Last night in a dream something happened that I wanted to tell you about, but I have forgotten what it was now because I woke up and went back to sleep without voice recording it; and once again I had to use the bathroom in the real world so I dreamed of needing to use the bathroom again, but I have not typed my dream or dreams yet today. 😉

                Thank you for replying,
                -John Jr

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                1. I typically have to use the bathroom twice in the night, but I do not normally dream about it (not that I remember), so it’s interesting to me that this enters your dream so frequently.

                  As we talked somewhere, I did try to create my dream theme last night. I wanted to be flying (my physical body) over a specific place. I did have a hypnagogic image of being in an airplane, but I don’t remember any actual dreams. I’ll try again tonight.

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