Hypnagogic and Body Buzz While Meditating

I’ve been meditating for approximately 3 months now. About 4 – 5 times a week for around 20 minutes. Not much to say about it really, but I do enjoy it. I often get a low hum, warm feeling, body buzz type experience, which only seems to last 10 seconds or so. (read more here) I also start drifting into, I guess sleep, even though I’m sitting up, and find myself in a hypnagogic state of being. But just like when I am actually sleeping, I can never seem to remember what I had been thinking/where I had been.

For the past few days though, things have been changing. I can actually remember the hypnagogic images and I had a strong glowing, buzzing sensation which lasted much longer than normal. Though I’m reaching this through meditating, it seems very similar to dreaming. So I thought I’d share  my experiences.

6/11/17 – While meditating to some trancy music I made, I got an idea/vision to create a new logo. Something to represent bravery to aid in my dreaming endeavors.

6/12/17 – while meditating to the body scan meditation by One Mind Dharma I had some hypnagogic images I actually remember for once. It’s possible these images were memories of a dream I had last night, but I’m not certain. I’m with my nieces at the arcade. They were getting something from those red machines you put a quarter in and get a small toy or candy. I asked the young one if she wanted to play games. I possibly gave her money. I’m going to see if the older one needs money for the games, but she is standing there with a wad of cash. There is a narrator voice that says, “And B was standing there with a wad of cash” My initial thought was that this was a dream from last night. But I’m not so sure. I tried to sink back into this, but then…

There are some vague thoughts. There is something about the idea of bringing someone into your dream. They can get trapped there. They will be going through life only partially alive because part of them is trapped in the dream. They need a way to get out of the dream. Like a hole in the fabric or something they can slip through.

6/13/17 – meditating to body scan by One Mind Dharma again. I just really like this guided meditation. It calms me completely. Tuning into the body may be why I get that body buzz.

First I felt glowing, tingly. Light, high. Really good. Vibrating.

Then the hypnagogic – People were writing. It was a contest. There were teams. You start writing something and then pass it on to the next person and they continue writing and on to the next and so on.

Then there was another similar competition, but with baking a cake.

There was some kind of study. Someone said it was my fault that it was going to be sabotaged by someone else.


3 thoughts on “Hypnagogic and Body Buzz While Meditating

  1. Hello Lost Truth,

    I seems that you are improving your recall in that state, well done, this could lead to some interesting possibilities.

    The idea of bringing someone into your dream and there being a risk of them getting trapped there is interesting, and it would be even more interesting if one of us gets to test this one day.

    Thank you for sharing what you remembered from this state,
    -John Jr

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    1. I found that interesting as well. Something like a mental cage, whether purposeful or accidental. This makes me think of one of the powers on the show Heroes. Have you seen it?

      Thanks for your comment

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      1. Hello Lost Truth,

        Unfortunately I never got to see a full episode of Heroes before, well maybe I saw one, and so it is not familiar to me even though I know that it seemed to be popular.

        -John Jr

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