Pickin up on the Collective Conscious? A Dream with Wookiefoot

– Photo from Wookiefoot.com

Last night’s dream is mostly a fragment, nothing exciting. The interesting part is I found out reality was slightly in line with the dream.

Dream – I was in a bedroom in a house. I was going to go to a Wookiefoot (super awesome band, check them out) concert. I thought the concert was about 2 hours away and it was starting in 2 hours. I was getting ready to leave. There is an image in my head of the concert. I don’t know where it comes from. If I was thinking about it in the dream, if I was at the concert at some point, if I was watching a video. I’m not sure. There was something in particular about this concert that made me really excited to go, but I don’t remember what.

I google mapped or mapquested directions to the concert on my computer. It’s saying it’s 4 hr and 51 min away. That can’t be right? I check the town and try again. Same. I try again. Same. It shows me the map, a red line marking the driving path and 2 alternative options, but they are all about 5 hours.

I can’t go to the show. It’s too far away. I’m thinking more about the fact that I can’t drive hours there, watch the show and drive five hours back and go to work, then that the show would be over by the time I got there. I’m pretty upset and confused at first. I’ve already bought my ticket for 125 or 135 dollars. Why would I have bought this ticket? How did I make the mistake about how far away the concert was? I remember I’m going to see Wookiefoot in September (which I am), so I decide it’s ok. I’ll just see them then. I think to call R (a person I’ve met once), he’s going to the concert. Maybe he has some friends who want the ticket. I want to ask him if he can take my ticket, I think through a confirmation number, and give it to someone who doesn’t have their ticket yet. I’m not thinking of selling it. I just want to give it to someone for free so it’s used and is not wasted.

Analysis – At first my thoughts were looking at where all the bits and pieces of the dream came from. When I met R (4 months ago), he talked about seeing Nahko and MFTP (another great band) at a show 5 hours away. I bought a ticket to see Wookiefoot 3 years ago for $135. I decided I didn’t want to drive that far to the music festival (in this case 20 hours) and gave my ticket away to someone.

I’ve never dreamed of Wookiefoot before or R. I dream of Nahko frequently though. R and me share the strong musical love of both Nahko and Wookiefoot. It would make more since for Nahko to have been in the dream.

So I look up R on Facebook. He is headed to a Wookiefoot concert right now. Only the concert is 14 hours away at the same location I didn’t go to 3 years ago.


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