“And There We Will Find Some Great Gemstones” – Hypnagogic Meditation Images

Meditating is becoming a nice way to dream while awake. I’m not sure if this is the point, but I still enjoy it.

3 days ago – I had a very quick memory as a came out of that hypnagogic state there had been a conversation about dreams and I heard the clear words, “object mirror” as a came to.

Today – While coming to I hear the words,  “and there we will find some great gemstones.” The image I see is of a great big sand pit and digging out all kinds of beautiful rocks and gemstones.

Trying to follow the vision back is hard. There was a lot more to it. It was like a story being told me. What I remember is there were a lot of people a long time ago working on something or towards something. Maybe in secret. Then there came a time when the work was going to have to stop. The people split. Half of the people sacrificed themselves and were turned into gemstones. They would stay buried for years and years, until one day the other half of the people, who have now been reincarnated over time, would dig up these gemstones and find them. It is insinuated that the work will then begin to continue again in some way.


4 thoughts on ““And There We Will Find Some Great Gemstones” – Hypnagogic Meditation Images

  1. That’s a very interesting and thought provoking vision. When I read it, it struck me that the gemstones represent the fruits of your inner explorations, both what’s coming now and what’s to come in the future. It’s hard to say though. Maybe you’re also picking up on something more collective at the same time. Something to do with humanity’s collective evolutionary process. One thing I think that can be said without doubt though is that it’s a positive development. Thank you for sharing this. Your blog is definitely making for some worthwhile reading.

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    1. Thanks for the feedback. I’m not quite sure what to make of it myself, but have been happy to finally be remembering images from my meditations. It did feel really positive in the moment.

      Thanks for the compliment. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed some of my posts. I look forward to reading your next one.

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      1. I was thinking about it some more last night and another idea occurred to me. I think somewhere on this blog if I remember correctly you mention that you were really into you dreams during your teenage years, but that stopped and you recently picked up the interest again. Perhaps the vision is showing that process also. How your dream life was ‘buried’ for a while, but now you’re digging it up.

        It’s hard to say, but I’m of the opinion that even if an interpretation of a dream or a vision is way off the mark, if it stimulates some wider or deeper thinking it still did something valuable.

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        1. Thanks for the added feedback. This makes since to me. There are many things beyond dreams as well I was more involved in in my teenage years/early 20’s: meditation, holistic medicine, self healing, etc. I never fully went away, but it has not been as strong of a focus. I like to think you are right and I am starting to dig these things back up, they are not lost to me, but were just put on hold in order for other parts of myself to grow.

          In fact, this idea seems in line with the dream I had after my latest lucid dream. I had not decided exactly what to make of it yet. It looks like you have read it, but to recap, I was lost in a sense and didn’t know how to get home (back in my early 20’s I had gone kinda far out there in many ways, potentially why I took a break) I was dropped off far from where I needed to be. I slowly had made my way back to where I should be, and now I knew where I belonged.

          Thank you for this insight. And I agree, any interpretation can be helpful if it makes you think.

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