A Couple Tips On Initiating a Lucid Dream

Two days later, another successful lucid dream. Seven in seven weeks. This was the most lucid, detailed, vivid dream yet. (For this bout of dream work) I feel like I now have a bit of data to go on.

I quit doing reality checks 9 days ago. They are annoying and dumb. I’m still meditating and attempting to practice mindfulness, but really that has nothing to do with dreaming, or is but the cherry on top. I mentioned in my last post about taking note of my hand tattoos to see if they are there. That’s about it.

I guess I feel like at this point maybe I can offer a little advice to someone trying to lucid dream. Of course what works for me won’t necessarily work for everyone, but this is what I’m believing thus far –

Number 1 most important thing is to have a lucid dreaming goal you are excited about. It can be anything, but you might want to start simple. I think the important thing is you are excited about this and also that there is no fear or reservations whatsoever surrounding it. (At least for now. I am hoping to advance to dealing with the more fear aspects, but for now I seem to be blocked in that avenue)

A goal could be to simply fly, create a fireball, breathe underwater, have sex, walk through a wall, whatever. (check out other ideas here)

Then, I’ve been using Robert Waggoner’s technique of saying “I will look at my hands and know that I am dreaming” over and over.

I’ve done this the past 3 nights now and it worked 2 of the 3.

The two times it did work I also backed it up with my lucid dreaming goal. I’ve noticed everytime I have become lucid in the past 2 months it is because I am excited about a specific goal.

For example, let’s say I want to fly in my dream. As I’m falling asleep I repeat, “I will see my hands and know that I am dreaming” about 5 – 10 times. Then I’ll say, “Once lucid I will start flying. I will start flying. I will start flying once lucid. Once lucid I will start flying. I will see my hands and know that I am dreaming and then I will start flying.”

I keep repeating this in my head until I fall asleep.

Then, when I wake up in the night from a dream or because I have to pee or whatever, I go back to the mantra. Repeating it over and over until I fall asleep again.

If I wake up again, I repeat again. Maintaining the focus whenever possible.

Robert Waggoner mentions in his book that while lucid often people control things with their will. This is true for me as well. He says their “will” is combining emotion with intention. Find the emotion about what you want to happen and use it to super charge your intent. Then poof – it will be.

Most of what Robert says about the dreaming world I find is equally true for the waking world. I think this example is no different. Take the emotion of the goal you want to accomplish and combine it with the intent to lucid dream. Focus on it and well – Good luck!

As for my latest dream – I may have overstepped. I am waiting to see how waking reality plays out before releasing it into the universe, or cyberspace as it may be.


17 thoughts on “A Couple Tips On Initiating a Lucid Dream

  1. Hello Lost Truth,

    Thank you for giving us an update on your current tips for lucid dreaming, and I especially like how you gave specifics like about how many times you repeat your intentions.

    Your experiments and successes are leading to a more streamline and easier to follow approach that others like myself can try.

    Thank you and keep up the good work,
    -John Jr

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    1. I hope this small piece of advice can help lead you to your next lucid dream.

      As for the icons, I had to go and check it out to see what you were talking about. I hadn’t been to your actual page for awhile (since I can just read your posts from my reader) and I see you’ve changed the theme. It looks good. I use the text with the icons because I am not really familiar with all of those icons. But since you display so many icons, I think it it better to leave it as is. Adding the words as well would make it look over crowded I think. Probably anyone who is going to click on an icon knows what it means if they are familiar with it.

      Thanks for commenting and for the feedback

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      1. Thank you Lost Truth, I think that it will help, but I forgot to try it last night so hopefully I will remember this time.

        Thank you for answering that and for the compliment, that extra detail about how you usually read my posts was very helpful because I like to know how people view my blog and other details like that which help me when trying to decide various things, I personally almost always view blogs directly (except for the times where I accidentally click the wrong thing in the WordPress.com Reader) because I like to view blogs directly and I like to see how people have their blogs set up which can be helpful when I try to figure out how to adjust my blog. 🙂

        Your logic makes sense to me, there is a compromise that can be made though when using icons and text where you can have some of them hidden behind a Show More Button, you just have to drag them in a certain location and it will hide those behind that button.

        I could do that but one of my fears was that some people would not realize that they are hidden behind that button, I have no data to go on to know whether that is accurate or not, what do you think?

        Speaking of feedback there has been something that I have wanted to mention for a while now but had not, I normally use a desktop computer and on it the font on your blog is a bit hard for me to read because of its size and color and maybe the font itself (on my mobile phone it does not look as small and is more readable, but on my desktop it is hard for me to read), I was curious about what font and font size do you have your body font set to and are those the default for your theme?

        Too many newer themes have smaller and faded fonts, I struggle with those (even my current theme Dyad 2 has smaller and lighter font than I like, I would make the font bigger on my blog but the next size is a bit too big, and so I wish that they would make a new size between normal and large which they could call medium), but fortunately we do have a free option to change fonts and font size (except on the default font unfortunately); but oddly we can not make fonts darker unfortunately (at least not for free).

        Thank you,
        -John Jr

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        1. I actually did not realize I can click “visit” from the reader in order to go to the person’s direct blog. I think I like that better as well. So thanks for bringing that to my attention.

          I would just stick with the icons. That way you can have them all displayed out there. If somebody uses a site, they more than likely will recognize the icon for it.

          Thank you for the feedback about my blog. I didn’t know it was difficult for people to read. I tend to lean towards choosing more unique fonts, but I went ahead and changed it to a simpler one. Also it seems the default color is grey, instead of black. I have gone and changed most posts to black. Hopefully that will help as well. I will just have to remember to do it for all future posts. The font size is set to normal, if I make it any bigger I think it looks funny.

          I agree. It would be nice to have a ‘medium’ size. You said the fonts cannot be made darker, but have you tried changing the text to black? That made my text darker.

          Thanks again. I appreciate any feedback.

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          1. Hello Lost Truth,

            You are welcome, when they changed this it made things more confusing in my opinion, and so even I did not realize this at first.

            Thank you, I will follow your advice. 😉

            You are welcome and thank you, that new font is better for me so the default grey color may be okay now, did you have to change each post manually to black and how did you do it (did you bold the text or something like that)?

            Thank you,
            -John Jr

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            1. Thanks for letting me know about the new font. I like the black better, so I will stick with it. Yes, I had to change each post manually. I only have 40 posts so it’s not so bad. You, of course, would not want to do this, but maybe for future posts.

              To change the color I selected all the text. Then on the tool bar, on the right hand side, there are 3 dots. If you hover over it, it says “toggle advanced”. click on it to open more tool bar options. Then you will see where you can change the text color.

              I hope that helps

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              1. You are welcome Lost Truth, by the way which font is that?

                40 posts is still a lot, well done, and thank you for explaining how to change the font color (I actually did not know about that, maybe that is something new in the New Editor, I usually use the Old Editor).

                Thank you,
                -John Jr

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                1. No problem. The font for my headings is Lora and for the post is Merriweather.

                  I just changed my blog around after checking yours out. I like how your post sits in the middle of the screen, opposed to on the side how mine was set up. So I moved all my widgets to the bottom so the focus can be more on the post.

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                  1. Hello Lost Truth,

                    Thank you for answering that, Merriweather Sans is my second favorite free font and my second favorite sans font and it is possibly the largest which is nice, and Merriweather Serif is my second favorite Serif font.

                    I assume you are using the Merriweather Serif font correct?

                    I think that it is interesting how you happen to pick my second favorite font family out of the free fonts, Noto Sans and Noto Serif is possibly my current favorite, but they are not as large as Merriweather Sans and Merriweather Serif so you picked well.

                    I noticed that, it is looking pretty good, I normally only use the Sidebar but the Dyad 2 theme does not have a Sidebar and it only has Footers so I was forced to use the footer which actually looks pretty good; I like when us bloggers help inspire each other and help each other improve our blogs. 🙂

                    You probably noticed that I am a fan of widgets, I may need to reduce them a bit or shorten them a bit. 😀

                    If you ever want to share some feedback about my blog to help me improve it, feel free. 😉

                    Thank you for making your blog more accessible for the visually impaired like myself 😀 and keep up the good work.

                    -John Jr

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                    1. It is unclear which Merriweather font I’m using. I have a choice of 2, but it does not tell me a secondary name next to “merriweather”. I picked the fancier option.

                      Yes, Inspiring each other is great.

                      Yea, I noticed your love of widgets. It is a bit overwhelming to me. It may be a good idea to shorten or reduce them if you feel comfortable doing that.

                      You are one of few who read my blog, so I’m happy to make the text more user friendly 🙂

                      Thanks, you too

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                    2. Hello Lost Truth,

                      It is annoying how they have it like that, I can barely see part of the secondary name, on my screen I will see something like Merriweather Sa…

                      Two of the widgets have bugs to where they are taking up more space than normal, I reported the bugs and WordPress.com acknowledged them, and so I hope that they will fix that.

                      If they do not fix that I will probably limit the number of items that show in the widgets from 5 down to 4.

                      In you opinion which widgets do you think I could do without? (I am curious in case I decided to reduce my widget addiction by removing one or more widgets 😉 )

                      Thank you and you are welcome, and you inspired me to switch my body font to the Merriweather Sans font because it is designed to look better in smaller font sizes which helps in situations where the default font is a bit smaller than I like. 🙂

                      I like the Noto Sans font, which is designed to support more languages than maybe any web font in existence so it is more language (international) friendly, but I wish that it was slightly larger to help more in situations like this (I still might use it as well).

                      -John Jr


                    3. It looks like maybe you (or wordpress) have already changed some things with your widgets. It seems to look less crowded. Is that correct? Anyhow, I will still answer your question. I would get rid of the akismet widget (mostly because I don’t understand the point of it), The pages widget, because you only have the 1 page listed which is easily accessible at the top of your site, and I would have said before the “top posts and pages” widget (because you also have the recent posts widget), but that widget looks different and better now.

                      Separately – last night I tried to have a lucid dream where I transformed into a chameleon (type of lizard). I love lizards and think chameleons are super kool. I did not become lucid, but I did dream about trying to buy a chameleon. All these people kept telling me they had chameleons and I would go to look at them, but none of the lizards actually were chameleons. It was always a more basic type. At one point there was a table full of all types of lizards, but none chameleons. So while I failed, I did still program a certain thing to appear in my dream, which is interesting.

                      I look forward to reading about your dreaming experience

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                    4. Hello Lost Truth,

                      You are correct, I reduced the number of items that show on those widgets from 5 to 4 and I changed the Top Posts & Pages widget to the Image Grid View, but WordPress.com has not fixed those bugs yet so that is why I made those changes until then at least.

                      Thank you for answering that, I have removed those two widgets. 🙂

                      I was only using the Akismet widget to help promote it, because it is the default spam protection on WordPress.com and I think that it does pretty good, and to show how much spam has been blocked on my blog; but it is not really needed, and so that was a good choice on your part. 😉

                      I use the Top Posts & Pages widget so that people can see which posts and pages have recently been viewed as a way to help even older posts and pages get some attention

                      Do you think that I should change the Posts I Like widget to the Grid view as well?

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                    5. Thank you Lost Truth.

                      Something strange is going on, my previous post was accidentally submitting before I could finish it, and then I went to reply with a new comment but somehow the page jumped to your home page so I did not get to finish that comment either; it seems to be maybe some kind of new keyboard shortcuts or something maybe if you accidentally hit the wrong combination of buttons, but who knows. 😀

                      You programming what you wanted to dream about was definitely another break through, well done. 🙂

                      -John Jr

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  2. Hello Lost Truth,


    I noticed that you use icons and text for your share buttons on your blog, I was going to ask you if you think that I should use that as well or should I continue just using icons only?

    Thank you,
    -John jr

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