Creating a Dream Theme Through Intention

-I don’t have any pictures of chameleons, but this is a kool Basilisk lizard – 

Two nights ago I was very tired and needed a dream break. So I purposefully did not remember any dreams and only a few fragments filtered through.

Last night, on the other hand I set out with lucid dream intention. My goal was to become a chameleon if I became lucid. Lizards and me have a special connection and are my dream spirit animal. I think chameleons are super kool and I would like to experience the world through their eyes and sensations. Well, I did not become lucid. However I did have a night full of many short dreams. I recorded two in the middle of the night and 4 more upon waking.

While I did not become lucid, I did have this dream about chameleons:

My Mom and I were trying to buy a chameleon. People kept contacting us saying they had chameleons for sale. But every time we would go to look at their chameleons, it was always some other kind of lizard. I was telling them how their eyes are like these balls on top of their head and that’s how you know. We went one place where there were all these different kinds of lizards on a table. Some of them looked a bit like baby alligators. One lizard kind of looked like a chameleon, but not quite. It was brown and orange and red. It had all these colors and I was trying to decide if I wanted that one. It was some type of lizard that started with the letter P. A person told me the name, but I don’t remember.

There were all these other people shopping for lizards and there’s a guy who had something and he kept putting it in front of the other lizards. It was scaring the piss out of them. They would kind of turn into cartoon lizards and get these really big wide open circle eyes that were all white except for a tiny black dot for a pupil. The lizard would start jumping up and down, totally freaking out. The guy thought it was hilarious and kept doing it over and over. It was making me so mad. I can’t remember if I told him to stop first and he ignored me. I think that’s what happened, but I’m not sure if I just thought about saying something. Anyhow, I pretended to have a knife in my hand and I came behind him and put my arm around his neck like I was going to choke him. I held the pretend knife up to him like I was going to stab him in the neck. I said, “what if I came up to you pretending to be a terrorist that was going to kill you. Would you like that? Do you think that fear would be funny?” Then he left the lizards alone. After that I decided I did not want to buy any of these lizards. In fact I didn’t really want to keep a lizard in a cage. It seemed very wrong. Then I woke up.

Another interesting dream to note from the night is this one:

I was staying in a house with my sister. The rent was $1,200 a month. My sister was paying $1000 and I had to pay $200. A woman shows up and she has an orangutan. The orangutan is going to stay with me. I will be in charge of it and take care of it. J, a guy a new a long time ago in the waking world, had told her to bring me the orangutan as I was the best person to take care of it. There is a dream memory of corresponding with J via hand written letters. I guess this orangutan is a dancer. She performs in something J is doing. On stage or in movies or something. The woman wants to know if I’m a dancer. I tell her no. I say to the orangutan that I think it’s very kool that she can dance. There is something about the orangutan. She is special. I have great respect an honor for her. I am almost treating her like an elderly spiritual teacher. She looks like an orangutan except for her face. It is not so large and wide. The woman who brought her does not understand why J wanted her to be with me. She is wondering how the orangutan will continue to dance. Will J send a car for her (the orangutan) when it is her time to perform? The woman trusts J and his opinion, but does not understand at all. I had no idea J was sending the orangutan. I tell the woman I love monkeys and apes. That I always have and always thought it would be kool to live where they are. Like in their home in the jungle. It would be nice to be with one, but not to keep one as a pet. I see that as being wrong. I tell her about being in Costa Rica and my love of watching the monkeys there. This seems to make her feel better and believe I am equipped for the job of being with the orangutan.

At some point the orangutan says a few words and I think that is so kool. I didn’t know apes could be taught to speak. Then later on the orangutan is speaking in full and complete sentences. She is very smart, but I don’t remember anything she said. I do remember complimenting her on her ability to speak.

My sister is a bit upset about this situation. She says she did not sign up for sharing a place with an orangutan. She agreed to share with me, but the ape and (it seems like there are either baby apes or the woman was also going to stay. It was not just the one orangutan) were not part of the deal. She says she is going to move out. I am very sad about this. I don’t know what I’ll do. I can’t afford to pay $1200. I tell the woman about this. I don’t know what will happen to me or the orangutan. There is a vague feeling or hope, I’m not sure, that maybe the orangutan can pay the rent. Since she is a dancer and all, she might have money. But I will not ask for this, only if the woman offers. It seems like the woman is the orangutan’s agent. I wake up before solving this dilemma. Or at least that’s all I remember of the dream.

Analysis – I have no idea what this dream means. Nor any idea why I was dreaming of orangutans, though I do love monkeys and apes. The most interesting thing to note is all morning I was thinking how the orangutan in my dream was exactly like an orangutan except for its face. It did not have a wide face like orangutan’s do. So I googled orangutan to see if I was accurate and thinking my dream ape matched the one on google. I see an image and it matches exactly. The face and everything. It turns out female orangutans do not have the wide face, only the males. I guess there called flanges. I think it is very kool that I accurately dreamed of a female orangutan even though I did not accurately know what one looks like. More than likely I did learn this at one point in time and a part of my brain remembered (represented in the dream) only the main part of my brain forgot.


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5 thoughts on “Creating a Dream Theme Through Intention

  1. Hello Lost Truth,

    You dreamed about some non-human animals that are almost never in my dreams or have never been in my dreams, I doubt that I have ever had a talking and dancing orangutan in one of my dreams before, and so that is interesting.

    Thank you for sharing your dreams,
    -John Jr

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, dreaming of an orangutan is quite bizarre, random, and particular. It is always interesting to me when I dream of a very specific type of animal like this, opposed to say just a random monkey or ape.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are welcome Lost Truth.

        Yep, it is nice when I see other dreamers dream of things that I never or rarely dream of, it shows how my dreams can be a bit more boring and less varied compared to some peoples. 😉

        -John Jr

        Liked by 1 person

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