Experiencing Quantum Healing Hypnosis – Past Life Regression Therapy

A few nights ago I did a Quantum Healing Hypnosis – Past life regression Therapy (QHHT) with Michael Garber of Transformotion.

This was an on-line group past life regression that Michael guided us through in a live video chat from the comfort of our homes. He did a few guided visualizations to set the scene. We were supposed to imagine different experiences with all our senses. Hearing, smelling, seeing, feeling… To fully immerse ourselves in the experience we were imagining. Then we moved into the past life part.

I thought I’d share this experience. To me it is along the same lines of dreaming and meditation. I would liken it the most to the hypnagogic state when you are aware of your physical body and location while at the same time experiencing another reality that is out of your control. I don’t know if I believe in the idea of specific past lives or what I make of this experience, but it is interesting to think on regardless. I am more inclined to believe in an idea I call “recycling” in which the energy/spirit/soul of our body is released into the collective energy of the universe (and beyond). Then new energy is plucked from this collective well when new life is born. So there is not one specific me being born again and again, but rather life in general being reborn. That doesn’t negate though, that I have had past lives that may or may not be affecting me. It would just mean my life directly before this one, was not one life, but a collection of many.

Here is the experience. In bold is his guidance and regular text is my experience:

First he has us imagine a glowing white light pyramid. Then we are encompassed by this pyramid. It will protect us and keep us safe

My body is vibrating. Tingling. Charged with energy. (I will stop here briefly just to add, that all I have to do is close my eyes and tune in and I feel a moving energy inside my body that feels incredibly good. With my breath I feel this energy flow throughout my being. It is glowing, soft, yet tingly and orgasmic. I have absolutely no idea how common or normal this easy feeling of energy within the body is. But I assume that’s why a lot of the experience I’m about to share includes all these body sensations. Perhaps this feeling is something I read in Daniel’s MacKillican’s blog called ASMR)

He has us imagine a few other things first and then leads us up to this point:

He had us create a door in our room where there was no door. Then open the door

When I did a whoosh of air flew at me (in my mind)

We walked through the door, down some stairs, down a hallway and came to another door. This door would lead us to our past life. He had us go through the door

When I went through it was like I walked through this sticky black sheet that wrapped itself around my body. It encased me like a body suit. It felt strange, but not bad.

He had us see ourselves. Where are we? What are we wearing?

It took awhile for the scene to come into focus. Everything was black and I was trapped in that sticky film. Eventually the film dissolved and I became aware that I was floating (in the vision). Hovering a good few or more feet off the ground. It was dark. There was a slight glow coming through trees. Either moon light or the last bit of sunlight. I was in the forest or just outside the forest. There were coniferous trees. The kind that look like they’re dripping. I was wearing a long flowy dress. I was a young woman somewhere between 25 – 40.

He had us go to our house. See it from the outside. Then from the inside. We are eating. Who is with us? What are we eating?

My house is a cabin in the woods. The inside is wood. The table is wood. Everything is made from wood. I am eating alone. It’s soup. Everything is peaceful. Quiet. I am alone, but I do not feel alone. There is a black cat at my feet.

He asks us what do we do? What is our job?

I collect plants. I make plant medicine in my kitchen. I am peaceful. I spend time with the spirit. Time in the forest. I work peacefully.

He had us invision another scene. Open ended.

A mob is after me. They’re angry. A woman helps me escape. She hides me. They either throw or shoot things at me. I think I am hit.

He had us invision another scene

There’s fire. Lots of fire. My house is on fire. It’s burning to the ground. I watch it from a safe distance. I was full of sadness and anger, my body charged.

He had us invision another scene

I saw nothing

He had us invision our death

There is an angry mob. They want my head. They have me captured. They are going to kill me in front of everyone, but I don’t see how. The woman who helped me is there. She’s sad, but powerless. She did not get caught. As I’m imagining this, my physical body is kind of shaking. Twitching. There is intense energy rushing through me. My breath is rapid. I shed a tear. I was afraid.

He asked if there is someone I know from this life who I knew in that life.

A friend pops into my head

He said to imagine yourself in a healing place with healing energy.

I kept shivering. I couldn’t control it. And my body kept twitching. I was breathing very quickly and having a hard time calming back down. Or at least just not calming down quickly. I felt very strong energy in my body. Finally, I settled.

He asked what lesson had we learned in that life

My mind was blank. No words, no images. And I wondered if I did not learn a lesson. If that is part of my problem. -If anything, I wondered if I learned to hate and fear.

So then this is over. We talk about it. We are going to do another visualization. We are going to meet our spirit guide. We get to a point where he says we’re standing in a clearing. Across the clearing is a grove of trees.

I immediately see a glowing life there. It looks like a glowing white cross. I feel energy radiating. (which is interesting because I’m not religious)

He says we will see our guide.

Yup, I think

He says the guide will move into the clearing.

As the guide gets closer, the glow settles down. It is a man. He has on a tall white hat like a catholic priest. Like the pope. He had had his arms outstretched creating the cross, but now they are down. I feel an incredible energy moving through my physical body. I have intense shivers.

He says our guide will tell us its name

aswanda, ahwanda, ashunda, ashwanda? I am confused (ashwaghanda is an herbal supplement I’ve been taking)

He says the guide hands us a box. What is in the box?

At first it is darkness. Only darkness is in the box. Then a rainbow is shooting out of the box into the sky. What does it mean? I think. “Out of darkness comes light” is the feeling I get.

Then he says, your guide has a message for you

I hear nothing. I try to be very open. I see a volcano. An erupting volcano shooting lava up and dripping down the sides. It’s beautiful. But what does it mean? I ask this guide. Power. An explosion of power. But what does that mean? From the depths of the earth will come a great power and light. But what does that mean? No answer

Then he says, your guide has a message for the group

I try to clear myself and be open again. I see a cloud of dust. Kicked up dirt. Billowing up from the ground. It’s a stampede. A massive stampede, but all I see is the dust. What does that mean? I ask. Power. What does that mean? The power of the masses. What does that mean? No answer. The energy of the stampede is not scary or angry, but persistent and steady.

That was the end of the experience. I didn’t know quite what to make of it. I do have a connection to plant medicine and spiritual journeys of sorts, but more on the outskirts I’d say. I spent 7 weeks living in the jungle of Belize in 2007. While there, I got into identifying plants and making medicine for the first time. While I was working in the kitchen I had the strangest sensation like I had done it before. Like I was tapping into some past power. Whether it was memory of the land, the house I was in, or my own past self, I was unsure. But the feeling was very strong. This experience reminded me of that. You can read about my Belize experience in my book, “Blessed – A Trip Through Belize.”

Another thing to note is about a week ago I tried to have a lucid dream. My intention once lucid was to ask the dreamspace what I should do. What should I do with my life? Where is my path headed? I did not become lucid that night, but I had a short dream scene where I had decided to go to school for herbal medicine. I told my mom I was going to start the school next year. My Mom said she thought I had let go of this plan and moved on. I told her the idea was never completely out of my mind. (Last year, in waking life, I had decided to go to to school for herbal medicine and then changed my mind)

I tried to have a lucid dream that night of the QHHT to ask the dreamspace more about this experience, but with no success. I’ve been sleeping very deeply recently with no hope of gaining consciousness. I think this is due to the new moon. Instead, the next morning I did a meditation focusing on this experience. You can read about it here.


19 thoughts on “Experiencing Quantum Healing Hypnosis – Past Life Regression Therapy

  1. Hello Lost Truth,

    Wow! That was quite an experience.

    I like how you broke this down to where it was easier for us readers to follow.

    That was brave of you to try hypnosis (especially past life regression) like this, I think that things like hypnosis are interesting, but I still am too cautious try try something like that.

    Was the glowing white cross your standard common cross or another style cross?

    Do you remember more details about your spirit guide (like what other clothing he was wearing, clothing colors, his skin color, hair color, et cetera)?

    What your spirit guide told and showed you was interesting, it is a shame that he did no answer some of your questions or explain things in more detail, during the times that he did not answer your questions did he just stand there with a neutral facial expression or what?

    Congratulations on having your own book, that is pretty cool.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and your dream,
    -John Jr

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    1. It was definitely an interesting experience. I had no idea what to expect and tried to stay open minded.

      The glowing cross was a standard cross.

      The spirit guide was mostly vague. I couldn’t see any detail in his face and don’t know his skin color or hair color. He was wearing a long flowing white robe. Seemed to be a stereotypical image, even though this is not an image I would have consciously come up with.

      Yes, he just stood there. The whole time he never moved once he was in the clearing. I tried to look more closely at him, but the image was vague. I did not see his mouth move when he spoke, just new thoughts would come into my mind which seemed to be his answers. I think the reason he did not give me more detailed explanations is because some things we have to conclude for ourselves. Like dreams for example. I believe dreams are messages, but they are not straight forward. They have to be decoded. Sometimes a message is stronger when it seems we have figured it out on our own. Like a child who learns the bigger lesson when they burn their hand on the stove opposed to just being told the stove is hot. Something like that.

      Thank you. I’ve actually written 10 children’s books, but just have the 1 adult book.

      Thanks for your comment.

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  2. Hello Lost Truth,

    Yes it was, and that is a good approach to take.

    Thank you for answering that.

    That you for sharing that extra bit of detail.

    So his mouth did not move when talking, I did not expect that, and what you said makes sense but it still would be nice if these things were more clear more often. 😉

    You are welcome, 10 children books and 1 adult book, wow!

    Thank you for responding,
    -John Jr

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    1. It would definitely be nice if things were clearer. In fact I wish things could be laid out so perfectly sometimes that I could be told by my higher self exactly what I should be doing to the T. But 🙂

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      1. Hello Lost Truth,

        Yes! 😀

        For some reason something strange is still going on with this post, it says there are 5 Thoughts (Comments), but I only see two when visiting this post so I had to use the notification area to see and reply to your comment because only our first two comments on this post are showing up on the post itself oddly.

        -John Jr

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          1. So that is what was going on, interesting, thank you for fixing that Lost Truth.

            I have mine set to:

            Enable threaded (nested) comments 6 levels deep

            Break comments into pages with 50 top level comments per page and the last page displayed by default

            -John Jr

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            1. I just decided to change the first setting (which is not the setting that caused the problem on your blog) on my blog Enable threaded (nested) comments to 10 levels deep, and so now the reply option will show up under comment replies to the same comment up to 10 times; and so I will see how that works for me.

              -John Jr

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              1. I also have mine with the nested 10 deep option.

                The problem was with the selection, “Break comments into pages with
                1 top level comments per page and the first page displayed by default”

                I would like to not have the comments displayed on the post at all. And then if someone wants to read the comments they can click on “comments”, but I don’t think that is actually an option.

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                1. Hello Lost Truth,


                  I think that the number before Top Level Comments breaks comments up into pages after that many comments, setting it to 1 is too low and probably glitches it, and so if the default of 50 is too high you may want to decrease the number some but not too low. 😉

                  Oddly I do not think that is an option so you are probably correct about that, but I could be wrong.

                  -John Jr

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          2. Recently I slightly reduced my widgets even more thanks to the previous inspiration you gave me to reduce my widget addiction. 😉

            I noticed that you have the Follow Button widget twice, have you considered changing one of those to the Follow Blog widget instead?

            Thank you,
            -John Jr

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            1. I checked it out. Looks good 🙂

              I have the follow button twice for aesthetics as well as to encourage people to follow 🙂 But I like the symmetry. I also have a specific number of recent posts showing so that the length of that line equals the length of widgets on the right. I like things to match 🙂

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              1. Thank you Lost Truth. 🙂

                I thought so, I like things to line up as well, but my current theme (Dyad 2) automatically adjusts the widgets so I am not in control of the alignment now.

                I like the Follow Blog widget better because it also allows non-WordPress.com users to follow your blog by email and WordPress.com followers to follow your blog by email and by the WordPress.com Reader, but the Follow Button is probably just for WordPress.com users to follow probably by the WordPress.com Reader only (but I could be wrong) and this widget loads slower than most widgets but I am testing it out on my blog again along with the Follow Blog widget to hopefully see how often do people click the Follow Button widget compared to the Follow Blog widget.

                -John Jr

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                1. That’s interesting about the non wordpress users being able to follow your blog. I hadn’t thought about that. Maybe I will add it. I always just thought, why the hell would someone want to be notified by email? Because once I had my follows set that way and it was super annoying. But this may be a good idea afterall.

                  Thank you

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                  1. Hello Lost Truth,

                    I actually follow blogs by email (I also get most notifications by email and by WordPress.com) and by the WordPress.com Reader, so I am one of the people that use that, and so there are some of us out there still so you never know. 😉

                    I can definitely understand how you might find that annoying though, it can be overwhelming sometimes, but fortunately for me my blog is not that active and I do not follow too many blogs and websites to overwhelm me too much. 😉

                    -John Jr

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              2. Do not forget that in the Customizer you can preview what your blog might look like in Desktop view and Tablet view and Mobile view, your blog will usually look different for each view, and so it is a good idea to look at all three views from the Customizer when checking your alignment and other things like that to see how your blog might look for your various readers. 😉

                Keep up the good work Lost Truth,
                -John Jr

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