Meditating in a Rainbow Circle of Light – Hypnagogic Meditation Images

-Photo is of a labyrinth designed by Shawn “Dirt” Wrobel

6/22/17 –

I was meditating, and then slipped into this hypnagogic type vision/image:

I’m in a very large circle of rainbow light and colors. Maybe meditating. I notice a building beside this large circle. The building is like a monastery or something. A place of great spirituality. But I am outside it, in this circle, which to me is of equal power and spirituality. There is a voice saying something. It points out that there is a small circle inside this rainbow circle. The small circle is the same energy as the building. The voice says something that leads me to say, “Are you saying this space is evil?” and I mean the rainbow space I’m in. The voice says, “I’m saying the space has great magikal power.” I come out of it. I am not sure if the voice meant the rainbow space, or the little circle surrounded by the rainbow space. Probably the latter.

Since it was unclear, I replay all this in my mind and slip back into it. Only now I am a child, sitting in the rainbow circle, holding my knees and the voice is talking to me. I don’t remember what it says.

I come out of it again. Then again I try to slip back into the vision in order to gain more clarity. The scene is completely different. I’m in a dark room. There is this weird shaped wall around me on 3 sides. I am hog tied. I either say, “I’m tied up.” or “Why am I tied up?” And I come out of it.


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