Healing Neck Pain Through Meditation

Meditation on June 28 2017

My neck has been hurting insanely bad for 6 days. Which then also caused my entire head to ache as well.

I decided to imagine healing the pain in my neck through meditation. I pictured standing behind myself and having glowing white light in my hands.  I put the healing light into my neck. While focusing on this I slipped into a hypnagogic type vision. In the vision I have some kind of air gun I’m using on my neck. I have it pointed inside my neck, like a virtual opening or something, and am using it to shoot yucky blocked stuff out of the left side of the top of my neck. Then I came out of it. It felt lighter in that area.

So then I focused on the upper right side. Interestingly, I once again slipped into a hypnagogic vision of the same thing happening. Blowing out the yuck with an air gun. I came out of it again to full consciousness and now that side of my neck felt lighter as well.  

Then I tried to focus on my lower neck. I slipped into some vision that had nothing to do with my neck.

Something about a voice, maybe my voice, saying, “now that we’re together (a guy and myself, like in a romantic relationship) everyone is just looking for members of the opposite sex” something like that. The idea was that the focus was no longer on spiritual growth, it was on finding a partner/having sex/the other gender.

Perhaps this vision is telling me it’s good that I am alone so I can maintain my focus and not be distracted by a man, which I do find to be very distracting. 

This experience with healing my neck and even being able to slip into a hypnagogic image that matched my conscious thoughts is pretty amazing to me. This is only the second time something like this has ever happened. The first time was a week prior after my last lucid dream, which I will post eventually. (Still waiting on a few pieces of waking reality to pan out.)

In the distant past I used to imagine giving myself a neck massage and it would actually bring on some relief. But I never slipped in to a hypnagogic experience while doing it. I always remained fully conscious. The kool thing is my neck pain has been much better since. Though not completely healed as it never is (chronic problem I’ve had strongly for 10 years and vaguely for longer). I have been attempting to have a lucid dream in which I work on healing this ongoing problem more, but no success with lucidity yet. 


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