Men Transforming into Dogs and an old Rundown Alice in Wonderland Amusement Park

So close yet so far from lucidity. I had a pretty crazy dream last night I thought I’d post. For the first time ever in my life, I thought, I should do a reality check, while in a dream. But somehow I talked myself out of it and didn’t 😦


I’m with my mom. We’re working with 2 guys in some way. These guys can’t be trusted. While filing away some documents I notice they have a document with important information they shouldn’t have in file number 51. I’m thinking so far they don’t realize exactly what the information in this document means, but if they find out it could be bad news. This information is very dangerous in the wrong hands. I decide we need to get this document from them without them noticing. I whisper to my mom about it. I tell her if she gets the opportunity to steal the documents from file locker number 51, she needs to do it discreetly. She has a key to the file cabinets, but we are constantly being watched like hawks by these guys.

Next scene – These 2 guys have turned into dogs. I’m not sure how. Both are medium size. One is black like a lab and the other looks older with grey shaggy fur. The dogs don’t know that I know they used to be the men. I try to play it off and treat them like normal dogs. Petting them and what not. My brother-in-law (BIL) joins the scene. He has some documents that will bust these people/dogs. They don’t know yet that we have the documents and we’re trying to keep that a secret. Something needs to happen first and then my BIL will get the documents and release the information to the media.

Every time I’m talking to my Mom the dog’s ears perk up and it seems like they are listening to us. I keep telling my mom not to talk about these documents in front of the dogs. They are trying to listen in to find out what kind of information we have. My mom thinks I’m being weird and paranoid. She doesn’t believe that these dogs are the people. Then my BIL comes. We all talk for a minute. The black lab is there. I tell my BIL I need to talk to him alone. We walk away from my Mom and the dog follows. He says, “ok, what’s up?” “No, I tell him, I need to talk to you in private.” I bring him further away and the dog follows. “Ok” he says again, “What’s going on? We’re alone.” “No” I say “We’re not. We need to be completely alone. The dog is here.” He looks at me like I’m being weird. I open a door made of glass and we go into a little office. The dog tries to come in as well. “Sorry dog” I say, pushing the dog back and not letting it in “I need to talk to my BIL completely alone.”

I tell my BIL to kneel down. I whisper in his ear. I tell him the dogs are really the people. They are trying to listen in on everything we say. I tell him I’m whispering because dogs have excellent hearing and I don’t want to the dog to hear what I’m saying. I tell him my Mom thinks I’m being crazy, but I know I’m right. It’s imperative he does not talk about any important information around the dogs. I tell him we have to get the documents out of this building without the dogs knowing. They are beginning to suspect something. We need to get the documents, get them copied, and get them released to the media ASAP. I’m pretty sure the dogs overheard Mom and me talking and they are just biding their time waiting for the perfect opportunity. He says that’s super easy to copy the documents and get them out. I say, “ok then, do it.”

Next scene – I’m going back over to where my Mom is. She has a key. She’s going to lock things up for the night. I go and see what she’s doing and I ask her if she checked first to make sure the dogs weren’t in here. I was trying to explain to her how she can’t do this with the dogs around because they will be watching her. I’m afraid they might attack her once she opens the safe so they can steal the documents. I look around. The grey shaggy hair dog is in there. I ty to play it kool and go to the dog and tell it I’m going to take it for a walk outside to pee. I put a leash on it.

All the sudden in my mind it is like we’re at my childhood friend’s parent’s house. I open up the door and there’s something in the way, a chair. Not a lazy boy chair, but something with cushion-y armrest and a flowery print. Something an old lady would probably have. I have to move the chair and then pull open the door. I walk through and the dog takes off, but still attached to the leash, so not that far. He is on one of those retractable leashes. As soon as I step outside, I am in a very crowded space. It is like an outdoor room with glass walls. There is a HUGE door in front of me. There are HUGE plants and weeds and plant debris everywhere. It is way overcrowded with all this plant stuff. Like an overgrown greenhouse. Everything is HUGE. Through the door and glass walls I see many very tall plants, tall blades of grass. It could be that I am tiny, but I’m thinking that everything has purposefully been designed huge. The door is broken at the bottom. It has been rotted away so that there is now an opening under the door. The dog has gone through this broken area by sliding on his belly. I’m standing there for a bit, amazed at the scene and debating. There’s no way I’m crawling on my hands and knees under/through the door. I think of Alice in Wonderland. When she is small and there is a huge door in front of her (near the beginning of the movie after she consumed the “drink me” potion) How she has to go through the keyhole in the door.

Then I look to my left, there’s a blue post. I see I can go around this post, around the corner and get up onto a blue ledge instead of going under the door. I call the dog back and tell it we’re going this way instead. The dog comes and we get up onto the ledge. When I stand up, I am amazed at what I see. It is this HUGE Alice in Wonderland display. Kind of like an Alice in Wonderland amusement park. I’m standing on a blue platform. This amusement park is very run down. It’s obvious no one had been back here in ages and it had probably been decades since it was in operation. The place is completely falling apart. I don’t see any rides, except for maybe a carousel. But there are these enormous cardboard cut outs of Alice, the White Rabbit, the Red Queen, the card deck army, the Mad Hatter, everything. All the scenes in the movie are depicted in these huge elaborate displays. I can see that this blue board walk continues on. Curving to the left and twisting and turning all throughout the backyard. There is also paintings of pages in the book throughout the design set up. And words written on the walls telling the story of Alice in Wonderland. I am absolutely amazed. Completely blown away by how kool this is. But among all this, the paint is chipped. Parts of the wood is rotted, chunks of the display missing, having fallen down. Lying in the tall surrounding grass or on the blue platform. There is plant debris everywhere. Strewn across the cardboard cutouts and scattered along the platform. To me, this is even kooler than if the place had been in top shape. The fact that this is an old secret Alice in Wonderland amusement park/play area/ or dedication. Hidden out here in a giant overgrown forest. It feels mystical, magical, hidden, secret. Incredibly special. It is so amazing I think maybe I should do a reality check. Unfortunately, my mind played tricks on me and a dream memory came to me that I had been here once before. Years ago, as a child, before it was quite so run down, but was still a little run down. I’m thinking this is that same childhood friend’s old backyard. So instead of doing a reality check, I say of course this is real, reality checks are silly, and I don’t do one. Damn.

As we begin walking forward through the scene, I say to the dog, “Man, this is super elaborate. They really did it up back here.” The dog says something in return, but I don’t remember what. I didn’t think anything of it.

Next scene – I’m in this pink area that’s like a funhouse. There’s all these half walls and twists and turns. Kaila (a friend from years ago) is there. She’s running towards me and calls me Kaila. I say, “I’m not Kaila, I’m Moment (that’s my actual name).” She says, “No, you’re Kaila. K-A-I-L-A.” I say, “No, you’re Kaila. I’m Moment.” Then she says she just wants a friend. She wants to play. She is saying all this in a sing songy, high pitched, super creepy, little kid type voice. Like something out of a horror movie. Something seems very wrong with this. Like she’s not real. She’s some kind of creation that is sent here to trick me. I have a dream memory that this has happened before. Last time I fell for her tricks. When she said she needed a friend, I had gone to her. But as soon as she touched me, she put a spell on me and I was trapped in this crazy Alice in Wonderland world and she was released. Remembering this, I begin to run away from her. She comes after me, still using the creepy sing songy voice. I have a stick/club in my hand and hit her with it. Then I run very quickly to a door with her at my heels. I have to jump over a swinging gate. Like a gate you would go through to get on a ride at an amusement park. I quickly get to the door. My Mom is there and I tell her to open it. I get inside and close it. I’m safe. Kaila can’t come into the house. She is trapped in the Alice in Wonderland world. I wake up.


I don’t know what this dream means, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was completely tripped out like a great psychedelic ride. Part of me wonders if maybe I had a nightmare like this as a kid and I remembered it in the dream. But I don’t know. The dream memory could easily just be a made up part of the dream


5 thoughts on “Men Transforming into Dogs and an old Rundown Alice in Wonderland Amusement Park

  1. Hello Lost Truth,

    I thought that it was funny how you did sound crazy when you were trying to explain that the dogs were actually men, not many people would probably believe you, even if what you said was true. 😀

    I was actually able to visualize some of the Alice In Wonderland parts of your dream as I read it, I imagine that was pretty amazing, and the part with your friend Kaila talking with a strange voice actually creeped me out a bit as I read it. 😀

    Even though you talked yourself out of the reality check, I would still count that as progress. 😉

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr

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    1. I’m glad you were able to visualize part of the dream. The Alice in Wonderland part was one of the most vivid, intricate, detailed dreams I’ve had in awhile. I wanted to describe it as best as I could. But crazy dream details can be fleeting, so it is not always easy.

      I see the idea of a reality check as progress as well. Currently I have been taking herbal supplements to help me sleep and I’ve been trying to find a healthy balance. When I take them I feel blocked off from consciousness in a dream. I sleep so deeply it is very difficult to become lucid. But when I don’t take the supplements I can’t sleep at all, though that is when I have the lucid dreams. I am trying to find a healthy balance.

      Thanks for reading and for your comment

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      1. Hello Lost Truth,

        You did a good job describing the details.

        Even though we may not do reality checks in dreams much, maybe doing them during the day can increase our chances of questioning reality and realizing that we are dreaming without needing to do reality checks in the dream itself.

        Wow, it sounds like you are in a tough situation there, good luck finding the right balance or figuring out a way to sleep without them.

        You are welcome, and thank you for responding.

        -John Jr

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        1. Thank you.

          I think you are right about the reality checks. But I do find them a little annoying. I have taken to only doing a reality check when something feels really weird, opposed to trying to make sure I do at least 5 a day or whatever.

          Thank you, the sleeping saga continues 🙂


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          1. Hello Lost Truth,

            That is exactly what I have been doing recently!

            I was at work one day this week when things got real quiet in the library, which was a bit strange, and so I did a reality check. 😀

            You are welcome 🙂 ,
            -John Jr

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