Astral Projection? Sleep Paralysis? A World Where People Observe Suffering Children

I’ve been on holiday for the past week visiting a magikal place I once lived at. I can’t even begin to describe how incredible and well needed the experience was. I really thought I would have amazing dreams the whole time there, as I used to always when I lived there, but overall not much dreaming occurred. However, on my very first night at this magikal place my sleep was filled with absolutely incredible dreams. I’m fairly certain I astral projected for the first time ever, but I don’t quite know what to make of the experience.

First off, my intention in my dream was to find my friend B again (as I did in this dream you can read about here). I needed to talk to him about something and I thought the dreamspace would be a good place to do so. Plus I was anxious to talk to him and he was asleep. Also, B had lost his phone and I tried to find it in the dreamspace as well.

Dream July, 9th

In my first dream B was there, but I wasn’t lucid. In my second dream, I went and found B’s phone, it was just right there in his backpack pocket. In waking life it ended up being right there in someone’s car, the person whose car it was handed him the phone in the morning. The only similarity between waking life and my dream was in both the phone was just right there and easy to find. But even though I didn’t find his phone in the dream, it is kool that I tried to find it in the dream, so implanting the idea worked regardless.

Then I had this weird experience

I was in bed. 100% aware of my actual surroundings. I knew I was on vacation sleeping in a new location. I knew the location of my bag of clothes, where my pen was, my notebook, everything. It was just like I was awake lying there. But I may have been asleep. I have no idea. I lay in bed with my eyes closed and ear plugs in. Clear as day I hear the radio coming from the left and behind me. I listen closely. For the most part I can hear the words. Sometimes it is unclear though. I think that I want to get my pen and write down what the radio is saying, but I’m afraid if I do I will break the connection. There were different things I noted and wanted to write, but never did. I never even tried to move. The only thing I remember hearing from the radio was “New York City”. Then I fell asleep into a dream.

The next dream came Lucid

My friend B was in my dream and I was talking to him. He was going on a canoe trip that day (in the dream). I wasn’t invited. He asked for my number, email, and address. He wanted me to write it all down since he didn’t have his phone anymore.

I jumped up and hung onto the above rafter with one arm. I began swinging back and forth. It was a lot of fun. Then I switched arms mid-air and kept swinging. Then I went to switch arms again and I hovered in the air without holding on to anything. At first I was amazed, but then I realized it must be a dream.

I jumped down and went straight over to B. I wondered if I would be able to talk to him in the dream, because I hadn’t pulled him in. He was already there. I assumed this was actually a fake B in my psyche, not actual B. But I thought I’d try anyway. I asked him the question I had intended.

Before he could answer the dream began shaking and fading to grey. Oh no! So quick. I was disappointed. While in this grey state, I remembered Robert Waggoner (Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self) saying that I could slip back into another lucid dream from this state. I didn’t quite know how – But this is what happened

First Astral Experience –

It was like I was in a cocoon of grey. It was not a floating abyss grey. The grey space became more centralized. I couldn’t quite feel the exact limitations of my body. The parameters seemed to be somewhat outside of myself, but not entirely. I tried to keep my mind clear, but also to focus back on the dream scene with B. I tried shooting my consciousness off and away from myself. But I kept feeling myself sink deeper and deeper, lower and lower, down to the bed. Until my consciousness was almost in the bed and almost in my body, but not entirely. Everything was still grey, not black. I refused to give up and continued trying to project my consciousness outward into the dreamspace. Then I felt more like I was in bed and in my body. I started hearing voices. Two very creepy child like voices we’re near my head, to my left. Hovering over me. They were also projecting some type of wind movement. I was really scared at first. It was insane. I felt like I could snap myself out of it if I wanted. But I stayed strong. I told myself it wasn’t real. Robert Waggoner said sometimes this happens. So I stuck with it. I focused on the creepiness. Then it disappeared. I felt myself in an odd state of being. A grey state, inside my body and yet detached from my body at the same time.

Then I remembered Robert, or someone, talking about how to have an out-of-body experience. He had rolled himself out of bed, only it was his astral self, not his physical body. I thought I’d try this. I rolled myself over to the side. I felt my body turning, moving onto its/my side. I thought I was probably moving my physical body, kuz that’s how it felt, but I wasn’t sure. Then I rolled all the way over and flopped on the other side of the bed. I could feel that I was now separate from my physical body. I was lying next to myself. I rolled over again and onto the floor. My eyes were closed the whole time. I tried crawling through the wall of my hut (I was sleeping in a small one room hut structure). I couldn’t. I thought maybe I can’t move through the wall because I question if I can or not. I told myself, of course I can move through the wall. I am not my physical self, but I still couldn’t. I tried to will myself through the wall. It was still solid and blocking. I tried imagining myself on the other side of the space, no go, still trapped. Then I wondered if maybe in fact I was still in my physical body after all. My eyes were still closed, I was very afraid that if I opened my eyes the spell would be broken and I would wake up. I decide I should test if I was in my astral body or not. I tried floating. I did! I lifted up off the ground. I tried floating over to the door. I went right out/through the door without opening it and floated up. I don’t know how far I moved or went. My eyes were still closed and I would imagine myself like a spirit, arms at my side, relaxed, body kind of curved, floating. I propelled myself with my mind.

Finally I had to open my eyes, I had to see what there was to see. It didn’t look anything like the area I was staying at. I wasn’t in the forest (which is where my physical body was. I was staying on 135 acres in the middle of a forest). There were sparse trees and sandy streets. There were people, a medium amount of people. There were medium and large buildings in the shape of hexagons or octagons. They had fabric flapping walls made of tan material. It looked like India, Egypt, or something like that. There were wooden beams holding the structure together. I was very confused. I know sometimes in astral projection things don’t look the exact same, but this seemed way too different to me.

I wanted to see my body, but when I went to look for it, I was in this crazy other place and I didn’t know how to find my body. So I decided it wasn’t important.

I went exploring. At this point I occasionally hovered in one space and when I was ready to move again I used one arm to sweep the air and get me back in motion. Then just continued with mind power to move until I hovered again.

I go over to one of the buildings and look inside, still floating. This whole experience felt much more like floating than flying. There were 2 toddler African kids with dark ashy skin inside the tent, alone, naked, pissing and shitting in their own piss an shit. The floors inside the tent were dirt. There were people outside the tent peering in. Observing. This totally weirded me out. I had no idea what to make of it. I think I started to continue on, but something happened.

This part is fuzzy. I don’t remember exactly how things transpired. I just remember I was back in the grey, near my body and near bed. I would not accept this. I had to go back. I heard weird voices and sensations near my body again, but I ignored them and they did not scare me this time and they were not as intense.

Then I just remember floating again, back in the exact same place. Again I went to the tent and saw the 2 kids. This time with more observers. I flew on to another tent that I couldn’t see inside. I flew up to the roof. The roof was like an x with another x shifted on top of it, like a snowflake, making up 6 or 8 triangles. Every other triangle had fabric over it and every other triangle was either open or had a see through plastic, I’m not sure. There was another disturbing scene with naked, toddler African kids in this tent, but I can’t remember what. There were also observers outside of this tent. I continued on to another tent. Hovering above this one I couldn’t tell what was going on. There was a naked child on the ground. And another one draped over a man’s lap. The man was sitting in a chair. The child was stomach down and the man was doing something to the kids back. I floated down in closer to get a better look. I assumed throughout all this no one could see me and no one ever did acknowledge me (yet). I saw that the kids had sores on their bodies. Red circle sores everywhere. I think the man was treating the sores, but I wasn’t sure. Again there were observers outside the tent looking in.

The observers, they just watch what’s happening. They don’t seem sad or bothered, only curious. Like a study. Maybe it is educational for them. The kids seem to be real kids though, with real problems. And the people just have an opportunity to observe how other people live. How kids are having to piss and shit in their own piss and shit. How they are malnourished, unclothed, and full of sores. It’s as if their viewing this like TV. Exploiting the children’s suffering in a way. Almost like a zoo. Like come on a trip to Africa and observe how the native peoples are suffering. I am very bothered by all this.

I continue onward, floating. I go inside a little stall. It is like a gift shop. There are sand floors. It is open on 2 sides and some type of wall on the other 2 sides. There are little homemade gift type stuff. Clothing, necklaces, wood carvings. I don’t see any of it in detail. There is a woman at the cash register. Older. That’s all I know. I assume it’s her place. There is a man sitting in a chair to the side of the woman. Near the opening of the store. I think there is a table near him. He has shoulder length, slightly curly, grey hair. Bright blue, intense eyes. He is watching me. When I move, his gaze follows me. “You can see me?” I ask him. “Yes” he tells me. “I’m real” I tell him. “You’re not crazy. I’m astral traveling.” He starts to say something but I begin losing it. I try to ask him where this is, but I feel my astral body being pulled back towards my physical body. Not fast, not slow, just steady. It is out of my control. Everything has turned grey. It’s like I am being drug by the head and shoulders, but it doesn’t hurt. I am pulled far. It seems to take some time. 15 seconds?

Then I’m back in my body once more. But not connected. Just there, maybe hovering. Still in the grey. But I wasn’t ready. I didn’t want to come back yet. So again I try to send my consciousness back out. I feel myself begin to lift up. But then it’s like these arms are reaching up out of my bed and grabbing me. Pulling me back down. They are not able to pull me down, but they are able to keep me from going up. They grab me, pinch me, and poke me. It really hurts and is super annoying. It is like there is some force that doesn’t want me to go back. It is using all its effort to keep me here.

“Ok, ok” I say, and I wonder if I said it aloud. “Let go” I say. “I won’t go”. Then I remember landing and thrashing all around. Kicking and flailing to get these hands and pinchers off of me. I don’t know if my physical body actually did that or not, but I don’t think so. Then I wake up fully.

I recorded all this and then got out of bed for the day. I was glad to be up because I got to see my friend B just before he left. So I was a little glad for the pinchy hands preventing me from taking off again.

Analysis –

Like I said, I have no idea what to make of this experience. But I am super excited for it anyhow. I remembered for the first time to not just wake up and was able to successfully hold on to the grey space and do something with it.

Even though I was unable to enter back into a lucid dream I remembered about astral projection and seemed to successfully roll out of my body and move about in astral form. The part where I was trapped in my hut was almost more incredible than the other part.

It is also kool that I was trying to reach B in my lucid dream and I managed to have 2 separate dreams with him. Also that I tried to go and look for his phone. So I was very successful in terms of programming my dreams.

So even though I don’t know what to make of this experience, I will definitely call it progress and educational.

If you have any experience with astral projection or these types of things please leave a comment and let me know what you think or comment about your own journeys. Thanks!


21 thoughts on “Astral Projection? Sleep Paralysis? A World Where People Observe Suffering Children

  1. I’ve had similar experience of some of the things you described. Like hearing a radio transmission I hear it before and sometimes after projecting. At times I hear what seems to be aircraft engines. I also noticed that you were pulled back into your body after getting excited that somebody could see you. A projection typically ends when some type of emotions come up. Emotions is the challenge, get too excited, angry, sad, happy etc then the projection ends. Keeping calm and having patience then you projection will last longer….

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    1. Thanks for the comment and feedback True George. I hadn’t thought about that, but it makes since. It’s nice to know you have experienced similar things. The radio transmission thing seems to happen somewhat often, I’m glad I’m not alone in this.

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  2. Hello Lost Truth,

    Wow, that was amazing!

    Maybe this was a dream and lucid dream and sleep paralysis and astral projection and maybe even a false awakening or some combination of those.

    Were the sores on the children pretty large?

    Do you think that there was any connection between the creepy child-like voices that you heard and the children in the village?

    Do you remember any other details about the creepy child-like voices (languages spoke, genders, words, topic, mood, et cetera) and could you feel the wind-like movement like wind blowing on your skin?

    When you heard the radio and something about New York City, did you hear a male voice say that?

    Did the people observing seem to be from the village?

    I am surprised that you kept your eyes closed that long, I wish that you would have had them open during those parts, but I can understand your reasoning(s) for leaving them closed that long.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

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    1. The sores were about the size of an average coin. Around a US nickel or quarter, if you’re familiar with that money.

      I don’t think there was any connection between the creepy child voice and the children in the village. I had a very similar experience with the radio, creepy children voices, and wind in another dream that was not lucid. I know you read it before, but this is the quote from that dream with the part with the kid and wind:

      “I’m lying in bed, exactly as if I were awake, but maybe I’m asleep. Dreaming or awake and hearing things? I really don’t know. My eyes are closed, but I’m aware of my surroundings. There is this weird whooshing noise. Like the wind, movement, a spirit, something. It seems as if it’s coming from a kid. Like there’s a child spirit in the space between me/my bed and the wall. I’m aware it’s not real. I’m aware that this is somewhat of a dream state. But I also know that I am not fully asleep. I’m wondering if this is some type of hypnopompic hallucination or sleep paralysis, but I don’t try to move. I focus on the sounds and it’s a bit scary. It’s kind of freaking me out. The sound and wind is moving closer and starting to encompass me.”

      This new experience was pretty similar to the last one. But the 2 children’s voices were right near my head. I don’t know if they were male or female. I also don’t know what they were saying, but it was like they were taunting me. I could kind of feel the wind, but more on an energetic level, not on my skin or in my hair or anything. The wind was probably more of a noise, a whooshing sound.

      Yes, the person speaking on the radio was a male voice. He was giving a news report.

      The people observing the children did not seem to be from the village at all. They were like tourists. I believe they may have had white or light colored skin, but the local people had dark skin.

      I also wish I had opened my eyes sooner. If I get another opportunity like this again I will definitely attempt to open my eyes.

      Thanks for comment


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      1. Hello Lost Truth,

        Thank you for answering that, the rashes or sores or whatever on the sickly woman in my last lucid dream were at least the size of quarters or larger.

        Thanks for providing that quote, I definitely read that post before, so thank you for the reminder and for clarifying this for me. 😉

        Okay, so it was a male voice and it was a news report, thank you; my guess about this was at least half correct. 😀

        I thought so, which makes this even more interesting and strange, and it makes me wonder who they really are and / or what they represent.

        Good, I hope that you will get that opportunity. 👍

        You are welcome, and thank you for answering my questions.

        -John Jr

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  3. I’ve been able to astral project since I had a “near death experience”. Always write them down! Astral projections are big lessons that will teach you to see thing from a different perspective. There’s so much that you can learn from the astral world. You can travel to any place in the world. You mentioned remembering “New York City”. When you astral project try going there. Maybe there’s a lesson or something you need to see there.

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    1. Thanks for the comment and the advice. I actually was able to consciously astral project last night for the second time ever, but I did not remember about New York City. I read your post on your blog last night and I think it is what helped aid me in initiating an OBE. So thanks for that!

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      1. Anytime, if you ever need any help or more advise you can always contact me. I love talking about my experiences with people. I’ve learned amazing lessons while having OBE. I will write a lot more about them, I will even be posting about my death experience.

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  4. Hi Lost Truth. I didn’t realize I was outside my body. Not to get to personal, but the only thing I noticed was that I was naked. It was too dark for me to see my body in the bed, so I got back into bed and went back to sleep.

    I woke up a few hours later with my underwear, tee shirt, sweat shirt and sweat pants on (it was a cold night). Only later did I remember that that is how I went to bed, and yet was mysteriously naked when I rolled out of bed.

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    1. I don’t know. Would you say you are more comfortable naked? Or if you were to picture yourself would you picture yourself in the nude? I definitely am more comfortable with clothes on and am not at all surprised I see myself that way. Even when I strip down to jump in the water in a dream, the next thing I know I have clothes on again and they’re soaking wet. I think of it kind of as body armor. Not wanting to be exposed. Maybe you are more vulnerable/open?

      Liked by 1 person

          1. And dreams. 😉

            Getting email alerts when people comment on posts that you have commented on can be cool sometimes, like now, but I do feel a bit like a spy or eavesdropper though since I have not been directly in your conversation. 🕵️ 😀

            -John Jr

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