End of the World Zombie Apocalypse Dream

I don’t dream of zombies often, but when I do it typically makes for an interesting dream. I had this dream on July 7th:

I was in somebody else’s house and I was kind of raiding their house. Looking for stuff. A friend from the waking world, JM, was there. There was a feeling like maybe the guy who owned the house was a little bad, was in trouble, commited a crime, something. I think his name was Dave, but it was not a Dave I know. I will call him Dave.

I put on a dress (which is odd because I never wear dresses). A long soft, cotton, grey one. I’m going through the house and looking for weapons. We are going to have to fight. At first I’m thinking we will have to fight people, then I remember we will also have to fight zombies. At first I grab a bat, but then I think a bat will not be good against zombies. I look for other weapons. I grab a small knife. I think this will be good for emergencies. Then I grab an axe. I practice swinging the axe. While doing this I decide a dress is not a good outfit for fighting zombies and I grab some of Dave’s pants. I’m thinking he is very skinny so the pants should fit fine. But when I put them on they are fairly loose and I have to cinch the belt a ton to get the pants to stay on. JM comes over to help, grabbing me at the waist, and I think that’s weird and I tell him I don’t need help. The belt is working fine.

I am still looking for more weapons. I want to have a lot. I grab a big butcher knife. Then Dave comes home. He looks like the character Dwight from The Walking Dead, sans burned face. I tell him we are raiding his house for zombie supplies. He doesn’t seem to mind. I tell him I took some of his pants as well as someone’s dress. Why does he have a dress? I don’t think I asked this.

There is some energy between us. Like he has a thing for me, but I’m not interested. I’ve never been interested. But there is a tiny inkling like maybe I could be. He hands me a different axe and tells me it’s better than the one I have. It’s yellow. It has white styrofoam around it and I think that’s odd. I begin comparing the two axes thoughtfully. They seem mostly the same. But then when I swing the original axe it is limp. I say, “yes, yours is better. I’ll take it, thanks.”

He asks me what I’m going to do if I’m in a horde of zombies. I tell him I’ll attack them with my axe. He says, “but what if they are all on you. Wouldn’t a bulletproof vest be a good idea?” I say “yea, sure, but I don’t have one.” He says he has one for me. Then he says something about “How’s that for a proposal” and he seems like he’s insinuting a joke about us getting married. I say, “Well then, yes, I would love to.” I think this is where there is an inkling that maybe I could like him. They way we are relaxed and flirtatious is nice.

Dave is going to barricade himself in this house and stay behind. The rest of us, everyone else, are going to go and fight the zombies. It’s like we are on an island and there is a bridge that connects us to the mainland. We are running out of supplies and need to go to the mainland if we want a chance of survival. But right now the bridge is up preventing the zombie horde from getting us, but we will have to put the bridge down and go through thousands of zombies. Dave has decided to stay in his house and hold fort until he dies.

Next scene – We’re at the bridge. Dave has come to bid us farewell. As we’re standing there and they’ve just lowered the bridge, I get the feeling that we’re all going to die. We will not survive this. The human race will all be destroyed within the next 6 months. This is the end.

There is a part of me that’s thinking this is a TV show. Writers are creating this, and it’s show. But at the same time it is also my real life. There are only 2 episodes left in the TV show. It’s the 6th season. I think the writers are going to kill us all off and end the show. I don’t know this, but I have a feeling. Even though the show is popular, this would make a pretty awesome ending and I think they will just create spin off shows in order to keep making money off the idea. But with this thought, it’s still my life. It’s still reality. So it’s kind of weird.

My friend K from waking life is near me. I tell her this is a bad idea. We need to put the bridge back up. She agrees. We start chanting about putting the bridge up. There’s no way anyone can hear us over the noise of all the people. I tell Dave I changed my mind. I want to be barricaded in the house with him. K wants to come to. We turn to leave the crowd and find a way back to his house. There’s another girl as well. 4 of us.

As we’re running I notice I’m wearing knee high yellow boots. They aren’t tied up though so they are flopping in the back and it’s really annoying. I think I should have taken the time to tie them and will need to as soon as I have the opportunity. I am running, but the wack wack wack of the boots is slowing me down. A guy yells out from behind us, “Where’d you get those kool boots?” He asks if I found them on the side of the road. And I say probably. I don’t know if he’s thinking that they were his that he lost or what.

We’re running through the city. There’s a point where I observe a woman who was eating and there’s a zombie behind her and it was like her pet zombie in a way. It was doing something weird and she was talking to it. Basically telling it how it wasn’t going to eat her brains. She was eating right now and then it was going to eat soon. She never stops talking and the zombie is listening. It is directly behind her doing something to her hair, but not eating her. I am amazed and can’t believe she has control over the zombie like this. But then it eats her, and I think yea, you cannot tame a zombie.

Scene – there’s a woman lying down on the ground. I knew her in the dream. She was a part of my crew. I don’t know if she’s talking to somebody, but she has spaghetti sauce everywhere. All over her face and head. It looks like blood, but it’s not blood. I wonder if this will attract the zombies. If they will think it’s blood. But then I think zombies probably can’t see, only smell, and she would not be smelling like blood. I wonder why the hell she is lying on the ground during the zombie apocalypse. Someone goes up to her and leans over and is talking to her. I’m thinking, what the hell are those crazy bitches doing? I keep walking.

We’re still running. We’ve gone up a metal staircase and are on a metal bridge, walking overpass thing. There is a zombie in front of me. I’ve never killed a zombie before. (and I don’t remember ever doing so in any previous dream) My job had been something different. I wasn’t a fighter. Other people were in charge of zombie killing, but now I had to step up as well. I swing the axe into the back of the zombie’s head. It goes in easy, but not deep enough. The zombie does not react or turn around and I’m glad for this. I think it must not be able to feel. I pull the axe out and swing again. This time much deeper, but too far in the back, opposed to centered in its brain. I pull the axe out, it continues still not noticing. I swing again, this time centered and deeper, but it still doesn’t die or notice. The girl with me offers to kil the zombie instead. I tell her, no, I got this. I can do this. I swing the axe again, this time at the side of its neck, partially decapitating it. It falls over and dies.

We continue on. I have this feeling like I just have to tell someone that I think we’re all gonna die. I wanted to tell Dave, but he’s not around. I decide to tell the girl. I’m not sure why it was so important to tell someone. Maybe I needed to let go of the burden of the knowledge. I tell her I think the entire human race will be dead in 6 months. She asks if I’m worried about that. I tell her, “No, it doesn’t matter”. She says she’s not worried either. I say I guess that’s why we’re able to have the knowledge and be aware of it, because it doesn’t take us out mentally.

Analysis – I don’t really know. But it seems like the dream is telling me I need to step up. Walk my own path and don’t worry about the masses.


3 thoughts on “End of the World Zombie Apocalypse Dream

  1. Hello Lost Truth,

    Immediately after reading the first sentence this is what I thought of (up) 😀 :


    It definitely took a while for you to kill that one zombie, for a moment there I was wondering if it was invincible or something. 😀

    I also wonder what was going on with the spaghetti sauce woman?

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, that’s exactly what I thought too as I was typing it.

      Yes, I think there is a lesson in the perseverance of sticking with the task of killing the zombie that wouldn’t die. Especially when the other person offered to step in, but I didn’t back down.

      There were a lot of little pieces from this dream I could attribute to small events in the previous day. One of them would be that I ate spaghetti sauce for dinner that night. And my niece kept talking about not having enough sauce, and her sister had more sauce, and she wants more, and so on. I think it found its way in to my dream.

      Thanks for your comment!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello Lost Truth,


        I think so too, and you did a good job sticking with the task in that situation. 👍

        Thank you for sharing that, it is funny how little things like that from the real world can inspire things in the dream world. 😀

        You are welcome, and thank you for responding.

        -John Jr

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