Dream Messages – Failure is a Step Forward

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My consciousness has been taking a hiatus apparently and I can’t seem to get it together in the dream world. I feel like I’ve been so close to becoming lucid, questioning things in the dream world, but more often I am just amazed by the world opposed to questioning the reality of it. Maybe my brain has a lot to process and needs past things to sink in before new information can be downloaded.

I did have a couple kool things come up in my dreams during the past week though.

Most of my dream recall recently has only been of quick clips. Sometimes seeming to be 4 separate dreams, but I’ll only remember one scene from each. The longest dream I’ve remembered was a few days ago and overall was rather boring, but there was one interesting section to it:

I was working on a project with a waking life friend, BC. We were trying to create a scene that would be in a movie. We were trying to make a building out of these blocks and then we covered it in this substance. It was a food type substance, like bird seed and oatmeal and granola and honey and it was sticky and it hardened. I can’t remember what we were doing next, but we are creating the movie scene and part of it was missing. BC and I decided that part of the blocks were not needed and we gave them to someone else.

Later we are working on this project some more. There is a woman that’s there who is a part of making the movie, she’s trying to control what’s happening and control the design of the scene BC and me are making. BC and/or me is getting really upset. This is our baby, our project and we want her to leave it alone and stay out of it. We don’t like what she’s trying to do, but she keeps trying to control it somehow. We get upset and somebody throws food at somebody else. I can’t remember who started it. Next thing I know all of this food substance were spreading and hardening onto the boxes to make the scene is being thrown around and then the scene is being ripped apart and thrown around and the stuff is being thrown at everybody. It’s a lot fun, freeing in a way. The scene continues until everyone is covered in the substance and our diagram thing is completely destroyed.

The director woman comes over and is very mad. I tell her, “you know what? this is a good thing because now we are one step closer to actually figuring out the scene and what we’re going to do with it and this scene was crap so now we’re going to do the next thing that’s going to be better.”

She asked what it was and I tell her that we’re going to have a big explosion and the Earth is going to be ripped in two and I go off on a tangent as I’m walking away from her, but basically just as a joke, not actually what we’re going to do. She was making a big deal of it, and I was trying to simmer her down by acting ridiculous, trying to show her to just loosen up and relax in a way.

Analysis – To me the dream says, “failure is a step forward” Also to loosen up and just let art flow freely. Have fun, don’t take things so seriously

One of last night’s dream clips was also interesting:

There was this wooden carving of a teddy bear that stood about 18 inches high, with a carved, wooden rabbit at its feet. There were words carved into the bear in ½ circles. Like as a necklace going around it’s neck/chest area. And then continuing below that across its stomach. And then below that again at its waist/belt line. It said something like, “people are always looking to find out who they are supposed to be or who they were in a past life, but what if you already are exactly who you’re meant to be”


10 thoughts on “Dream Messages – Failure is a Step Forward

  1. Hello Lost Truth,

    I like how the first dream ended on a positive note, that sounded like some nice goofy fun.

    I think that wood carving in the last dream was strangely and interestingly detailed and specific and that the words were a bit profound, and for some reason the first thought that came to my mind after reading those words was the song Where Is The What If The What Is In Why? by Moloko 😀 :

    Thank you for sharing your dreams,
    -John Jr

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    1. Yes, the bear was even more detailed than that. Each body part was a different segment of wood (hand, forearm, upper arm, and so on) and then the different parts were somehow fastened together. It was a gift from my mother. Other than that, that was the whole dream. It’s always weird to me to remember a small dream segment in great detail, but remember nothing else.

      I’ve never heard that song before. Thanks for sharing,

      Thanks for your comment John Jr.

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      1. Hello Lost Truth,

        Wow, that is even more detailed, I still get amazed with how our minds can sometimes create unique things like this in such details in some of our drams.

        You are welcome, the lyrics that first came to my mind were: “Why waste your time looking for proof,
        What if the answer is never the truth.”.

        You are welcome, and thank you for replying.

        -John Jr

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  2. Hello Lost Truth,

    Have you ever considered adding the Archives widget set to drop-down mode so that people can search for all of your post by month and year, and the Search widget so that people can type in certain terms to find posts (this widget is pretty helpful in my opinion 😉 )?

    Thank you,
    -John Jr

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    1. Yea, I used to have the search option, maybe I will put it back on. I didn’t have the archives tab because I only have a couple months of archives, but now that it’s been longer maybe I will add it.

      Thanks for the advice

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  3. You are welcome Lost Truth, and thank you for considering this.

    I know that there has been several times I wanted to use the Search widget on your blog to find something, but could not without it.

    -John Jr

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    1. Thank you for the feedback John Jr. I added both the search option and the archives. If you would like to be able to search for something on my blog, I want you to be able to. I know I’ve used the search option on your blog, so this is probably a good idea.

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