The Silver Back Gorilla is the King of the Jungle – Meditation Visions

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Meditation on 7/10/17

I came out of some unremembered vision hearing my voice or another’s voice say, “I am not afraid anymore” or “I will not be afraid anymore”

Meditation on 7/25/17

Slipped into hypnagogia – came out hearing the words: “fuking, that’s why you’re/I’m sick. Working too much.” (but I wasn’t sick and I don’t think I work too much)

Continued meditating. There was more of a scene this time. Something about the silver back gorilla is the king of the jungle, not the lion as people suspect. There is a particular flower. The gorilla will either destroy it on accident or purpose, it’s unclear. The flower grows in large bunches in one area. Maybe the gorilla will destroy it due to lack of mindfulness or because of willful annihilation. Either way, the flower tells the gorilla, “then I will disperse myself and grow everywhere instead. I will grow in all the cracks and crevices, nooks and cranies, so that you will not find me and I will continue to thrive”


2 thoughts on “The Silver Back Gorilla is the King of the Jungle – Meditation Visions

  1. That is interesting. It certainly doesn’t portray the Silver Backed Gorilla as something positive in this case, though it seems to me a dream could do that since its a very beautiful and regal animal in many respects. When I think about a negative characteristic of a gorilla the first thing that comes to mind is dominance, which is a pretty widespread problem in the world. Your vision may have something personal to tell you, but I find myself wondering if maybe its also talking about all of us. How the gorilla and its dominance (or some other aspect of a gorilla) is king or our ‘jungle’ so to speak, the jungle being representative of the vital part of our being.

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  2. Interesting. Thanks for your take Douglas.

    I saw the focus of this being more about the flower. The gorilla potentially representing man, and I like how you said dominance. I often feel like I just want to be at a community or large island, with a certain type of people and forget about the rest of the world.

    This vision seems to be saying something about ‘putting all your eggs in one basket’. When the flower only grows in one spot it is easily destroyed or looked over. So it decides to grow everywhere. Hidden all over the world in nooks and crannies. This kind of tells me that spiritual enlightenment and spiritual aspects in individuals are everywhere. Not just in retreat centers and what have you. But to instead look for the tiny flower blooming all around you. It may be hidden and discreet, but it’s always there. Everywhere and in each person. And maybe we sometimes hide this part of ourselves because of the ‘gorilla’ we think will destroy it/us, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

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