Re-entering A Lucid Dream

Two nights ago I had some interesting dream experiences. I’ve been having a hard time holding on to my lucidity in the dream space recently, but this night I was able to re-enter my lucid dream on 3 separate occasions. First, I set my dream intention before bed

Dream intention

It was my goal to find my friend B in the dream. It had been a week and a half since I last tried. We have been talking recently and I thought maybe I’d give it another shot. In waking life he’s given me permission to find him whenever I want. For the second time in a row I switched up my technique of programming my dream. Instead of using Robert Waggoner’s technique of saying “In my dream I will see my hands and know that I’m dreaming” before bed. I resorted to my old technique I used a couple years ago. Which is to say, “I will notice the strange things in my dream. I will look out for things that don’t seem right. And when something is off I will know it is a dream. If something is strange, it’s because it’s a dream. Do a reality check. You’re dreaming.” I also suggested that maybe a dream character could tell me that I was dreaming and that would help me gain lucidity. After that, I set my intention for the evening which was to reach B, saying, “I will get B, I will say hello. I’m just stopping in to say hi and I will ask him where he is in the country right now (because I have no idea where he is) as validation that we actually made connection. I mean him no harm. If he does not want me to drop in at this time, then don’t be available and I will stop trying. I will move on to my secondary goal which is a question I have about how to approach something at work. Also, I will only try tonight to find him. I will not continue to pester him if he needs space.

First attempt at linking with B

At some point in the night I had a very vague dream. I woke up to pee after only an hour or 2 and had a very faint recollection of something happening. I don’t know if my memory is accurate, but what seems to me is I was with B in the dream. Vaguely. It was like we were both there, but everything was shaking from the get go. And my vision was overlayed with black. It felt like he was in his dream space and I was in mine and we were trying to connect them, but we were not quite there yet. It’s pretty hard to explain, especially because it’s hard to comprehend or remember. But if you could imagine 3 TV screens all in a row. The far left screen is B’s dream space. And the far right is my dream space. We were trying to link up in the middle screen. But it was like each of us was half in our own screen and half in the middle screen. We were shaking as we we tried to find our bearings in the middle screen. Flickering in and out like a glitch in the programming. The connection was not strong enough. I told him, “don’t worry, we’ll try again later.” That’s all I remember.

Then I slept for awhile. Woke up at 5am. Went back to sleep at 5:15 and rewoke from this dream at 6:30am. It was a long ongoing dream. I’ll skip ahead to the middle where it’s more relevant and I begin to gain lucidity.

Part 1 – I’m in a mall with my friend K. She is being a little weird. There is a DJ in the middle of the mall. He has dread locks, is wearing some red, gold, green, and black and is playing reggae/dancehall music. He is from the US (so is accent suggests). K is singing a song and half walking/half dancing up towards him in this weird ghetto walk style. For some reason I copy her movements. She goes up to the DJ and I assume requests him to play the song she has been singing. He has a tip jar. I remember thinking she should give him a tip, but I don’t know if she did. They talk a bit. I walk away a little, not too far, and am checking something out. Mostly it seems the 2 of them are engaged and I am giving them some space.

I hear the DJ say something to another guy about “the girl in blue.” I turn to look. K is now gone. I see her walking away. She is wearing a blue jean jacket and blue jeans. I ask the DJ if he is talking about her, pointing at K. He says yes. He says something about being interested in her, he may have said something derogatory about “wanting to tap that” (to his friend before I walked over) but I’m not quite sure. I tell him that she’s my friend. He asks if she has a boyfriend. I say I don’t know. My mind is kind of blank about that. I tell him I’ll ask her if she’s interested. He says, “let me give you my number and if she’s interested have her call me.” Then I remember. “Wait,” I say “I forgot. She’s married to my best friend. I don’t know how I forgot that.” (which she is) “Oh ok”, he says. Then something is said about the fact that she is just walking away, leaving me behind, and didn’t tell me she was going. I’m not overly concerned. I say something about, maybe she thought I was behind her. One of the guys says he thinks that’s super rude and I should be upset. She should not have just walked away.

Next scene – I’m with K. I tell her about the DJ. That he was interested in her. I figured even though she’s married it still may be nice to hear that someone was attracted to and interested in her. She lights up. She says, “Oh thank you so much for telling me.” Then she says something about going to fuk him. And I say, “aren’t you married?” Then she says something about this being her opportunity and she better do it while she can. The whole thing hits me as very bizarre. This is not the K I know. She wouldn’t do this. Then I realize it’s a dream. I don’t remember if everything just kind of disappeared or I flew off or what. I just remember thinking, “Ok, get B”. In my mind I tried to pull him into the dream. I may have closed my eyes. I tried for a few minutes probably and then the dream began shaking and fading out into the grey space. That’s ok, I thought. I’ll pull myself back into the dream and try again. Or at the very least I’ll turn this into an OOB (out of body). The grey became overlayed with black and I felt myself nearing my body. I refused to fully become present in my body. Refused to acknowledge my body, the bed, or my surroundings. I focused on the grey, I kept my eyes closed, and my mind completely clear. I did not allow a single thought to pass through. It seemed to take a few minutes, but then I sunk back into the same dream.

Part 2 – I was not lucid right away, but something happened very quickly within the dream that reminded me I was dreaming. I don’t remember what. Ok, good, I’m back. I thought. Let me try again to get B. I thought maybe being in the confines of the mall was restricting, so I flew outside. I just remember flying through a hallway and then I was outside. I stood on the ground and thought maybe I could try calling out to B. “B!” I shouted. “B!” I shouted again. Trying to project my voice out, across time and space. Into the abyss, to all corners of the universe. No response. “Where are you?” I shouted out. Again projecting outwards and everywhere. No answer. Ok, I thought, I’ll let it go. Then the world started shaking, and my vision became transparent, overlaying with grey. This time the grey stayed a nice shade of light grey. I felt myself hovering outside of the dream, nowhere near my body. Again I held onto the grey space. I wrapped it around me like a blanket. I cleared all thoughts. I focused my energy on melding into the floating grey abyss. Pushing my consciousness outward, as far as it would expand. I found myself back in the dream, outside, exactly where I had been before.

Part 3 – Something happened. I don’t remember what exactly. I think I may have entered the dream fully lucid or it just took a few seconds to get there. Something was annoying, but I don’t remember what. And then I thought, what am I doing putting up with this shit? This is dream, just fly away. I’m in the air flying and I look down. There is a man flying below me. He’s looking up at me. He’s staring right at me. His eyes are following me. “You can see me?” I ask him. (I’m not sure why I was surprised that he could see me. In a dream people can always see me. I don’t know if I thought I was astral traveling or what) “Yes” he tells me. “You can fly?” I ask him. I then become a little more aware there are lots of people flying all around me. At least 4 others and maybe up to 8. I may have noticed them at the same time I noticed this guy, but did not take a strong notice until he said, “Of course. We can all fly here. This is a lucid dream.” I was really confused by his response. I’ve never had a person in a dream before acknowledge that we were in a dream. This guy had greyish/blondish short hair. Not balding. He looked to be around 50. White skin. He had on some type of Hawaian shirt, or something like that. With maybe tan khaki pants. Potentially blue eyes, but not piercing. He looked like an expat living in the carribbean. Then the guy said something to me. I really wish I could remember his exact words. It was something though about I should stop lucid dreaming. I should stop trying to control the dream. I needed to sleep. I got really mad at him. I told him to shut up. Then the dream started getting shaky. Then I thought maybe he was some conscious form I should be listening to. Maybe this was an important message he had for me. As the dream began fading into grey, I apologized to him. And I told him thank you. Thank you for your words. Once again, I entered the floating grey abyss. Once again, I held onto it, cleared my thoughts and re-entered the dream. (apparently, I did not take his advice)

Part 4 – The first thing I remember is being with the same carribbean shirt wearing white guy. We are sitting together on some bleachers. He is directly across from me. Close enough our knees are touching or almost touching. We are having a conversation, but I don’t remember it. A man comes by asking for our tickets. Apparently we are on bleachers, on a dock, with a yellow railing, at the loading area to get on the boat. I am only vaguely lucid. The guy asking for the tickets seems to be the captain. He is short and squatty. Kinda overweight, but not fat. He is dressed kind of professional casual. He has short dark hair and brown skin. He is from some country that is not the US, but I don’t know where from. Maybe latino? Polynesian? Mayan? I’m not sure. He did not have a strong accent. I tell him I have the tickets right here. I’m reaching into my pockets trying to manifest the tickets. A part of me knows it’s a dream and figures I can materialize a ticket out of thin air. The expat guy starts messing with me. He keeps grabbing at me. Grabbing my hands and arms. I tell him to stop, I’m trying to get our tickets. I check the other pocket. I don’t understand why I’m not able to materialize a ticket. This is a dream, it should be easy. The expat won’t stop messing with me and it’s getting really annoying. Then the captain looks scared and surprised. He says something about my ticket just floated up from my neck, from inside my shirt and is appearing on my shoulder. He wants to know how in the hell I managed that since my hands were elsewhere. I’m thinking, wow, that’s so kool, I did materialize it after all. Then I’m falling backwards and the captain asks me what I’m doing. “What are you doing in the boat?” He then asks. Then I realize I’m in the boat. The boat starts drifting away from the dock with me in it and the captain is really mad. Everything is getting crazy and super annoying and finally it fully clicks that this is a dream. I jump up into the air and fly off. The expat and captain follow me, flying into the air as well. The expat is still being annoying and the captain still harrassing me and insisting on me explaining myself. I’m thinking, what the hell is this guys problem? Then I remember Robert Waggoner, and I ask the captain, “Are you an independent agent?” “Yes” he says. “What do you represent?” I ask him. I don’t remember his exact words, but he says he represents this body of water. He says it’s name. Something something marina in something North Carolina. I ask him if this is a real place. He says the body of water is a real place, but the marina no longer exists. He says the marina used to be a very popular destination a long time ago, but it collapsed and no one ever cared enough to build it back up. He seems sad about this. This seems to be a very special place to him and he seems like the protector of it. He tells me it has been 120 years since there has been a marina here.

The whole time we are talking we are floating over the water. (Just me and the captain) Then we land somewhere and I think we are in some kind of boat. It is a small structure. There are 2 rows of bench seats and windows all around. He is talking about different maybe famous people who used to come to this marina a long time ago. I don’t recognize any of the names. He is very nostalgic. I think I should make these people he’s referencing appear. Maybe it will give him some comfort and joy. I look and now there are other people on the boat (the ones I made appear I assume) They look cartoonish. Like very simple, primarily black and white sketches.

The next thing I remember everything is quickly fading. I’m in a grey overlayed black space. I feel my body very near me. At first I attempt to clear my thoughts and have the intention of re-entering again, but after a minute or 2 I think maybe I should wake up and record this dream because I know I have already forgotten so much of it.

Dream Notes

1 – In my other dream, when I pulled B into the dreamspace, I woke into the dream and was immediately actively pulling him in, at least that’s how my memory goes. The same is true for the short bit in the beginning. In the second longer lucid dream, the scenario is different. I realize I’m dreaming after being in the dream for a long time. Then I make the attempt to bring him in and fail. It could be 2 (or many) things. Maybe I have a better chance of success if I’m trying to pull someone in as I’m falling asleep, opposed to already in the dream. I’m wondering if I may have to connect into the collective conscious in the grey space and then pull them into the dream space. 2, I had last seen the clock at 5:15am. It’s possible B was already awake by the time I tried to pull him in. I awake fully at 6:30am and he is often up by 6, though I don’t know what time zone he’s in right now. Which makes me wonder – is it possible to dream share with someone who is awake? Under the theory that the past, present, and future are all happening simultaneously, I don’t see why not.

2 – I am impressed I was able to re-enter the dream on 3 separate occassions, but each time was short lived. That seems to be a theme for my past 3 lucid/half-lucid dreams. Maybe the man advising me to stop trying to become lucid and focus on sleeping is right. Maybe I am just too tired. I guess I will take a break for a week or so. If I’m asking my dreams for messages, and they give me one, I guess I should listen. Then, I’ll transition to sleeping for 4 – 6 hours first and then start trying to gain consciousness, (opposed to trying as soon as going to sleep)

3 – The meeting with the ‘expat’ guy was very odd. How he told me ‘everyone can fly in a lucid dream.’ And there were so many others flying. I have never experienced anything like this before. I kind of felt like maybe he was a real person. Another oneironaut from waking life sharing a dream with me. But I don’t know. Maybe it was just part of my unconscious trying to get my attention.

4 – Also with this ‘expat’ guy – In my dream programming, I did suggest for a person to tell me I was in a dream. And this guy did, except I already knew I was dreaming.

5 – A day before this dream I did a group meditation that ended up only being me and the person leading it. Afterwards I somehow brought up meditation visions and then segued into dreams. She mentioned dream walking which I guess is the same as lucid dreaming. She asked me if I meditate before sleeping. I told her some nights I am too tired to program my dreams, but typically I set my intention and meditate on it until I fall asleep. She suggested I need more slepp. I am too tired. But if I used meditation to focus on expanding my breath capacity that would probably help my dream work a lot. There seems a connection between that and the expat guy.

6 – The part with the captain lastest the longest of all the lucid dream bits. I don’t know if there is anything to it. I will have to try and research coastal bodies of water in NC. If there’s any that used to be a place for pirates or something, but no longer has structures. Doubtful though. I think all of coastal NC is overrun by people.

7 – Lastly, I am now curious to try and use the grey space more specifically. In this dream, and my other dream where I had an OOB, all I did was focus on re-entering. I would like to try to program my intention while in this grey space. Either to try and pull someone into a shared dream from the grey or to just program a dream scenario from in the grey, or even maybe to speak aloud and communicate with this space.

I have somewhat already attempted at explaining this experience with the ‘grey space’ in a past post, but in this post I’ll try to explain it better. After having my own experiences with the grey space, I read in Robert Waggoner’s book that many other lucid dreamers also experience the same grey space. It is his book that gave me the idea to use this grey space to propel myself either back into a lucid dream or an OOB.


8 thoughts on “Re-entering A Lucid Dream

  1. Interesting about re-entering the dream. I had a dream last night that I seemed to have re-entered 2 or 3 times. In the dream I’m at a party and the wine is flowing freely but I’m not drinking. I’m mingling with party goers and chatting with them though I don’t recall any conversations. Everyone is enjoying the party and I notice that some dream characters are getting naked. I’m sure this wasn’t a lucid dream but I seemed to have woken up briefly and then quickly gone back to sleep, re-entering the dream like I’d left the party and returned.

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    1. If I’m able to sleep in in the morning I will often reenter a dream like this a few times. Especially if the dream is emotionally charged. Either in a positive or negative way. Though typically the dream will be slightly altered each time. Or sometimes I will appear back in the dream with a feeling of lost time, as if the dream continued without me and I don’t know what happened during the time i was awake.

      Reentering a dream life that, and remembering that you did, seems like great progress in your dream work 🙂


  2. Interesting analysis. When you talk about programming your dreams are you saying that you actually choose what you dream about?
    It would be interesting if you were to do the research into the structure that sank in the waters. Perhaps there was some interaction with a spirit….
    Pulling someone else into a dream is something I’ve never considered. It seem that you have a goal in mind when it comes to dreaming. I’m curious do any of your dream goals manifest in your dreams?

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    1. Mostly I try to program my lucid dreams. Occasionally my normal dreams. If I’m programming a normal dream it would typically be asking the dream to show me the answer to a question or to help me find a lost item. Even if the dream does not help me find the lost item, the programming will work enough that I am searching for the lost item in the dream. But I have found things this way as well.

      I have tried to create a full on dream scenario and slip into it, but this hasn’t worked yet. However, I could set my dream intention to be about rivers, and I will dream about rivers. But if I set the intention to be about a specific river, with a specific type of boat, and specific people with me, the programming will fail completely.

      In programming lucid dreams, the idea is to first program myself to become lucid, then to remind myself what I want to do once lucid. Do you have lucid dreams? I find it can be difficult to consciously bring waking memories into the dream space once lucid in a dream. But if I set my intention (program the dream) directly before sleep, then once lucid, I can easily remember what it is I want to do. And then do it so long as I don’t wake up too quickly.

      At least 50% of the time, even if I do not become lucid, I will still dream about the thing I wanted to make happen. For example, I wanted to transform into a chameleon in my dream, I did not become lucid, but all night I dreamed of lizards. Or I wanted to pull a friend into my dream space, I did not become lucid and do that, but the friend was in my dream.

      Yes, I’ve been trying to research bodies of water in North Carolina, but am not really sure how to go about it and haven’t found anything yet. It would be nice if I could remember the name of the body of water. I feel like it began with a “B” but that doesn’t help much.

      For me, connecting with the collective conscious is the most intriguing thing about dream work. I think I may have answered your question somewhat about manifesting dream goals above, but I’d say yes and no. When the goal has been simple, then yes. For example, I wanted to see how high I could fly in a dream and flew up into space (that was years ago). Or I wanted to transform into an animal in my dream and I kind of half did it in this dream here – Also in that dream I wanted to try shooting fire balls, which I did, and I wanted to try stabilizing the dream, which I did. I also really do believe I successfully pulled my friend, in whatever capacity that may mean, into my dream. I fell asleep while setting the intention and then was able to do it. In the dream he gave me accurate information that I was not aware of in the waking world. I’m very curious to test this out some more.

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  3. Hello Lost Truth,

    Wow! It sounds like you might be breaking some lucid dream records, you will definitely be holding on to the lucid dreaming trophy for a bit longer. 😉

    It seems that you are getting better at using the grey space to your advantage, that sounds like a helpful place because usually there is no in-between zone for me when lucid dreaming so I am not able to return to a lucid dream like that like you can, now I wonder if the grey space could be used for shared dreaming.

    The part with the captain is very interesting, he actually told you what he represented and his answer is even more confusing and interesting, and made me think of a post that I once read by Gods & Radicals called Thinking About The Dead.

    Thank you for sharing these amazing experiences that you had.

    -John Jr

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    1. I wonder if as you start to have more lucid dreams if you will also begin to experience this grey space, or maybe your own version of the in-between.

      Yes, I don’t quite know what to make of the captain and what he represents.

      Thanks for your comment

      Liked by 1 person

      1. At this rate I am not so sure Lost Truth, but who knows.

        I need to try that one day, ask a dream character what they represent, that should be interesting.

        You are welcome, and thank you for replying.

        -John jr

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