The Grey Space Between Lucid Dreams and Waking

The Grey Space as I experience it

I have described the grey space and my coming out of a lucid dream process in other posts, but I will try to expand more here. I am not suggesting we leave our bodies when we sleep, though maybe we do, some cultures believe that, but I am just going to describe how it feels. You can interpret what it means.

I write this for myself as much as anything. Trying to understand the process and learn how to better use it and describe it. Robert Waggoner mentions in his book, “Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self” that many lucid dreamers report experiencing this grey space. I find that fascinating. His book is what gave me the idea to use this space to re-enter a lucid dream for. What promises it may hold.

I’m in a lucid dream, it’s just like waking reality. When I begin to lose the dream, the colors and scene start to fade. It becomes transparent, overlayed with a light grey color. Sometimes my vision flickers between the dream scene and the grey. Sometimes the dream scene gets shaky and I can’t focus on it. Those two things don’t happen every time. Always, the dream scene fades (sometimes slow, sometimes fast) into a light grey until all I see is grey. Sight always goes first and sensation last. For example, I continue to feel the spirit of the dream or sometimes a physical sensation from another person even after everything turns grey. At first – in the light grey space, it is like I’m floating, and the space is infinite. I have a sense of me, my mind, but no feeling of my body (neither physical nor astral). I am kind of one with this grey space and separate at the same time. As I move closer to the waking world, the grey becomes a darker shade. Then it becomes overlayed with black. As this happens, I feel my consciousness grow smaller, more focalized. Instead of feeling at one with the greyness, I begin to feel separate from it. I begin to sense my physical body. Not in a way that I’m in it, but that I’m aware of it. I can sense the energy of it. Like when someone you love walks into a room and you can feel their presence. I begin to close in on my physical body in a way. When my vision is primarily black, I become very aware of my body. It is right there. Sometimes I am hovering over it. And sometimes I am encompassing it, yet not fully present within it. I have not brought my thoughts into the forefront of my mind. My thoughts are more like floating impressions, opposed to thinking words. I have not yet felt the texture of the bed. Waking up fully, would be I feel my consciousness only in my body. Everything is black with a bit of light shining in through my eyelids. I am fully present in my body. My thoughts have returned to the forefront of my mind.

I took a go at creating a ghetto video to depict consciousness moving from the dream, through the grey, and into the waking body.

This is my take described through a different form of media

Here is another ghetto movie I made depicting how a lucid dream I had a couple months ago looked when it started collapsing. I was flying (hence the blue background) and started losing the dream. I tried stabilizing the dream by rubbing my hands together, but it only seemed to make it worse. Anyhow this depicts the transition into grey and then black from a different point of view. You can read about the original lucid dream this came from here. 


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