Dual Perspective in Dreams – The Creator and the Actor / Dream – Chicken Island

I stole this image of Chicken Island in Thailand from http://www.krabiview.com/attractions/chicken-island.html

I’m beginning to notice something new about my dreams. I wonder if anyone else experiences, or has noticed something similar in their dreams. Please let me know in the comments. I am not always aware of the separation, but I’m taking notice that there are 2 separate aspects of consciousness in my dreams. There is the me in the dream that is experiencing the dream from a first person perspective. That person sees from my eyes, feels from body, and is always thinking and analyzing from the brain. But there is another me, another consciousness, that is detached from the me in the dream, and is simply observing and potentially creating the dream as it plays out.

I’ve had at least 3 different kinds of dream experiences where I’ve noticed this separation.

1 – I’ve noticed the me observing the dream actually creating the dream before it happens, and the me experiencing the dream 1st person is unaware of this dream creating. As shown in this dream

2 – The me experiencing the dream notices something wrong, and the me observing/creating the dream will change/fix the dream content or sometimes even rewind the dream and rewrite it in a way so that it plays out better. (I have not posted any examples of this yet)

3 – The dream is playing out through the first person perspective. But then, like in a movie, the scene will shift and the observing me will see a part of the dream that the 1st person experiencing me is completely unaware of.

Here is my dream from last night giving an example of number 3. The first paragraph shows the example. In this dream I had plenty of opportunities to gain consciousness in the dream, but I’ve taken a break on trying for the past 3 nights and I assume that’s why I did not realize I was dreaming.

Dream – Chicken Island

Dream’s a bit all over the place. There’s a girl in the dream who keeps morphing between people I don’t recognize and different friends from waking life. I’ll just call her Girl. Earlier in the dream she is looking for Christina Yang – (a character from the show Grey’s Anatomy, but she is not from the show in the dream). I’m sitting with Girl and someone else on a cliff side. She hears a weird voice. Below the cliff is a body of water. It stretches out a bit and then there’s a cave on the other side. It’s called Chicken Island. In this cave is a chicken coop. Girl keeps hearing an odd voice coming from Chicken Island. Not talking, just something that is slightly different form the clucking of the chickens. My consciousness shifts and I see Christina Yang in a cage in the chicken coop. She put herself in there. She is very depressed, but I don’t know why. She is hiding in the chicken coop and trying to make chicken noises in order to blend in with the chickens so no one will know she’s in there. Then my consciousness moves back to the cliff side. The me in the dream is unaware of what I just saw in the chicken coop. But the me observing the dream now knows she’s there.

Then Girl finally says something about how one other time she thought she was hearing things and people thought she was wrong/crazy/being misled. But then she went to investigate and in fact there was something and maybe someone had been in trouble or something. She decides if she was right last time, then perhaps there really is something odd with Chicken Island this time as well. She’s says she is going to swim over to investigate. She either asks me to come with her or I just volunteer. I did not want my clothes to get wet so I took of my shirt. I think I had a tank top/undershirt still on. Then I took off my pants and had underwear on. Then I took off my socks and I had another pair of socks on underneath. My mind justified some story to explain this. I took off my second pair of socks. Then I realized I had another pair of socks on. WTF? I took that pair of socks off. Then I still had a fourth pair of socks on. What the hell? Why am I wearing so many goddamn socks? I asked out loud. I took those socks off and was finally barefoot. Each pair of socks was a different color. I distinctly remember a blue pair, perhaps a black pair, and white pair as well. At this point Girl is already in the water. She says it’s freezing. I tell her that sucks. I hate cold water and am unsure about getting in. I step into the water and it is cold, but not so bad. I dive in. I tell her it is not so cold. Cold, but not so cold. Very quickly the water has pushed us and we’ve drifted off course. I walk in the shallows back over to align myself with the cave. So does Girl. Then we start swimming to the cave.

Next scene – We are at Chicken Island. I had thought it would just be a chicken coop, but there is a huge building. Very nice building with lots and lots of stores and walls and doors. There is also a school in here. Girl is showing me around and introducing me to people. We are walking through a very crowded hallway. There are tons of people. Either teenagers or people in their young 20s. I don’t like it. It’s throwing me off my game. I then think about the fact that I am only wearing my underwear around these people. I look down and I have on pants. They are soaking wet. I think that’s really odd. I specifically remember taking my pants off. Then I see I am also wearing a shirt. A red plaid shirt. It is soaking wet. Even more odd. I specifically remember taking my shirt off as well. I am very confused by this. It doesn’t make any since, but I let it go. Girl pokes her head in a classroom. She wants to introduce me to a teacher. It seems like I have met him before, like maybe there was a very slight attraction. He is older, maybe 50. He’s in the middle of teaching, maybe giving a test. I do not look at or talk to him. It seems rude Girl is interrupting and I am overwhelmed by all the people. We walk away. Girl asks me if we stop back by later will I be more friendly. She is a little mad I was so stand offish. I say yes, if when we come back it is not so crowded with all these people. I can’t think straight when there are so many people around. It is making me crazy and shut down. She says later school will not be going on so there should not be so many people.

Then we are walking into a food court. Girl wants to buy me some food

Next scene- The girl is now my niece. We are away from Chicken Island. Back on the cliff side. My niece and I each have snickers ice cream bars and are eating them. They are super delicious. This part is very detailed. Biting into the ice cream, the caramel, chocolate outside cracking and coming apart as I take a bite. Caramel dripping, gooey, stuck on my fingers. Ice cream dripping. As I take bites the bar gets smaller and smaller until it is gone. My niece is talking about how delicious the ice cream is. This is the first time she has ever had one. ( I have not ate one of these for years and years and I have never had such a detailed eating experience in a dream before)

Then I remember the chicken coop. I tell my niece we forgot to check out the chicken coop and we need to go back to Chicken Island.


15 thoughts on “Dual Perspective in Dreams – The Creator and the Actor / Dream – Chicken Island

  1. Yes, the observation of dreams in the 1st person; also in the 1st person is seeing events that I’m not participating in. In the 3rd person being an active participant in the dream. Also the shifting of scenes. If you read what I’ve documented in my dream journal I’ve described it and I also used the same words such as “movie, scene” https://truegeorge.com/category/dream-journal/
    In the Chicken Island dream perhaps you had some craving for those treats you haven’t had in a while or for something similar that you consider a treat….

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    1. Hello True George,

      I was going to mention you in my comment because I had remembered that you had probably experienced this before several times, so has my brother GC, but I am not sure if I have or not exactly.

      Usually if I am outside the dream, my body is too, and so I do not usually have that kind of separation experience that the three of you have; but I could be wrong because I often do not remember certain details during those experiences.

      -John Jr

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    2. I think you are probably right about cravings. But also in general I’ve noticed my memories of my dreams recently have included a lot of sensation, smells, tastes, and all different senses. Opposed to typically just remembering visuals with other minor things.

      Thanks for responding to my question. Interesting you’ve also used the phrase movie scene. I’ve read your posts over the past couple months, but will have to check out some of your older dream journal posts

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  2. Hello Lost Truth,

    Thank you for sharing this, I possibly have not had that kind of separation before in my dreams, and if I have it is very rare.

    I usually stay with my body when I move in and out of the dream itself between being an observer and an active participant, or my body is no longer there, even if I am temporarily someone else or seeing things from their point of view.

    If I am correct about this, then that is interesting that I possibly have not experienced this or have not experienced this that many times, but you and True George and my brother GC have experienced this or have experienced this much more than I have.

    -John Jr

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      1. You are welcome Lost Truth, it seems that your question encouraged more people to join the fun and comment. 🙂

        Yeah, I imagine that the chance of that happening is now increased. 😉

        Thank you for replying,
        -John Jr

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  3. I’m familiar with shifting back and forth from first to third person in dream, but I don’t recall ever experiencing going back to first person from third and not remembering what was seen in third person, but maybe I just haven’t been paying enough attention. The rewinding and changing of dream content is something I’ve experienced.

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    1. Hey Douglas, thanks for answering my question and sharing your experience. I’m glad to hear I’m not alone in rewinding and rewriting my dreams. It’s also interesting to hear that you have the shifting back and forth between 1st and 3rd person, but yr first person view remembers/is aware of the 3rd person. In going to have to pay more attention to these types of dreams.


  4. I’ve had similar experiences in my dreams. Isn’t it a type of lucid dreaming to be able to consciously change things as you go along? I’d like to be able to do more of that. Sometimes my dreams will seem so real, I doubt that I’m dreaming and will pick up some dream object to see if I can feel it, if it has weight and so forth, and it does, so I think (in the dream) that I’m not dreaming at all, that either this is real, or real life itself may only be a dream too.

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    1. Sort of. You can have what people call a pre-lucid, sub-lucid, or almost lucid dream. Those are all different terms for the same thing. Basically when you are aware enough in the dream to know things are not right, to question the dream. Then maybe you fix them, but you’re still just going along with the dream. For example, you can dream that you are flying, can stop time, or have some other super powers and just accept that you can do those things. The difference is in a lucid dream you know that you are in a dream. You are fully aware that you’re body is sleeping in a bed and the reality you are currently experiencing is the dream world. That’s the definition of a lucid dream. Once lucid, everyone is different. Some people can’t affect their dream or have great difficulty doing so and other people have no problem making anything they desire appear.

      Do you know about reality checks? Just picking up an object in a dream is not a good way to tell if you’re dreaming or not, because as you’ve experienced the object will probably seem very real. The fact that you are aware enough in the dream to even question though is huge. That is just one small step away from being fully lucid. A reality check, if you don’t know, is to try to jump up and fly or float in your dream. Or to plug your nose and close your mouth and see if you can still breathe. Or to try sticking your finger through your hand. Most of the time these things will all work in a dream. Often people who are trying to lucid dream will do these types of reality checks during waking hours to help train their mind to also do it in dreams. If you really want to become lucid, I recommend reminding yourself as you’re falling asleep to do a reality check when you question the dream.

      Good luck!

      And yes, I agree, ‘real life’ itself may only be a dream to 🙂

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