I am a writer, a dreamer, a traveler. A seamstress, a photographer, a rockhounder. A lover of children, exploration, and the simple life. I believe in things unseen and unimaginable. I believe in the magik of life and find it amusing when science finally catches up to truths people have known for many years.

This blog is about dreaming, meditation, mindfulness, and my own journey in these matters. The primary focus is on lucid dreaming and the possibilities opened up by such experiences.

My dreaming history is as follows –

I’ve been involved and interested in dreams my entire life. Since age 5 I was fascinated by them and believed I could control the dream theme. When nightmares started appearing at age 6, I began having lucid dreams. Typically the primary focus once lucid was to get the hell out. My nightmares stopped at age 9 due to some interesting measures. My lucid dreams stopped with the nightmares. But then some time around age 14 or 15 they came back. They grew stronger and more frequent as time passed. I was an avid lucid dreamer until 23. You can read about this time more in depth here. At age 23, something happened and I stopped lucid dreaming.

Sometime, maybe around age 26, I began having the occasional lucid dream again, perhaps once a year. I began getting back into dream work, trying to lucid dream and keep a dream journal every so often. Maybe for a couple months at a time every year or 2. Of course even when I wasn’t actively doing dream work, dreams were still a huge part of my life. They have always been my guide, inspiration, and insight into myself. A tool used for finding answers, lost items, and new ideas. And if nothing else, a wonderful playground I always enjoy visiting 🙂

Now at age 36, I am once again attempting to return to the practice. Hopefully for much longer than 2 months. In the past, I never did any research on lucid dreaming, never read any books, and the internet wasn’t a big thing back then. But in mid April of 2017, the Facebook algorithms worked in my favor. I received a random invite asking if I wanted to watch a free webinar about lucid dreaming. Of course I did. I signed up. Watched it and found it interesting. It was mostly advertising for a 7 week online course on lucid dreaming. I was intrigued, but lacked the $300 to pay for it.  Since then Facebook has been inundating my page with many articles and invitations involving lucid dreaming.

Now I have been reading a great deal on-line, listening to different pod casts, and am currently reading my first lucid dreaming book. I guess it’s not that surprising how much is out there. I am now re-inspired to actively visit the dream world again. Because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading other people’s blogs, experiences and thoughts, I thought I’d share my own. I will begin with entries of my past experiences, leading up to today and what I’m currently working on. Please feel free to message me with thoughts, questions, comments, or to engage in conversation about dreaming. I would love to hear about other people’s experience with dreams and meditation. I am finding they are perhaps not so different of an experience.