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Phantom Radio Signals Trigger OOB

Around 7am, the sound of a podcast seemed to wake me up. I lay in bed seemingly awake, but in the trance-like state of mind awake/body asleep. I lay there listening to the podcast which was about astral projection


Mind Over Body

Studying our thoughts and selves in a dream can help us understand our waking selves. Learning to control and manipulate our dreams when lucid can help us become more lucid while awake and learn to better control our own psyche and perspectives.

Terrifying Dream In Full Blown Darkness

I kept waking up slightly from this dream and would then reenter back into it. Everything kept repeating itself like the movie Groundhog Day. Only there would be slight shifts each time and added fear. It felt like the dream had a hold of me. Each time I would enter back into the world of the living, feeling the comfort of my mattress below me, the dream would steal me away. Grab me and thrust me back into the throws of darkness

Attempting WILD Method Via WBTB

A bit later, I felt myself waking up from a dream. Wait, what? I thought I had gotten up? I guess I had a false awakening, but I don’t remember any of my dreams. Apparently, during the alleged sleep paralysis I was asleep on some level. If I had been thinking about it, I probably could have had an out of body experience

Crying in a Dream

Then I say in 2014, after my dad had been dead for 3 years, he just reappeared. I started crying as I told this. It felt very traumatic to me. My eyes welled up with intense emotions. And the tears slowly spilled down my cheeks. I wasn’t embarrassed about this. In fact, it felt good to get it out