Dream World Vs. Waking World

So if becoming lucid in a dream is to become fully aware of 2 realities happening simultaneously – what do we call this same level of awareness in waking reality?
I mean to say, we are in the dream, and not until we are aware of the 2 realities, do we have the power to fully explore our potential in the dream world.
What of the waking world?

Lucid Dreaming Goals

Because I’m just getting back into lucid dreaming after a long hiatus, my first goal is to establish the habit of lucid dreaming. To work on maintaining longer lucidity and control. So first I have a few different experiments I’d like to try…

Lucid Dreaming App Review

I heard about the free app called dreamboard. It’s an app used to record your dreams voice to text. It can also be used to categorize dreams amongst other things. It was only rated a 4.1 on GooglePlay (I have an android). Another app, Awoken, was rated 4.5. I downloaded, and have been trying out, both…

Dream Journal

I think any lucid dreamer would tell you the most important thing is keeping a dream journal. I believe this sets intention. It tells your dreams your interested. It puts your focus there and helps open up that world. The longer I continue to write down my dreams, the more I remember. The more detailed, the more vivid, and the more dream segments throughout the night…