Becoming Lucid at School and Trance-Like Dream

I notice the change. That I was pushed, now I seem to be flying. The whole thing feels surreal. A quiet thought drifts by in the back of my mind – this is a dream.


Short Lived Lucidity and Successful Dream Programming

I still feel like I wish I had more of a life purpose and would like some direction if possible. I thought maybe I could meditate on this is in the dream. I also think it would be kool to be an ant and experience the world through being one

Briefly Lucid, Out of Control Driving, and Petrified Crocodiles

I saw a HUGE crocodile. It’s body must have been at least 20 feet long, plus tail! It was petrified. Like an old tree. It was brown, green and black. Kind of molded into the forest floor. I was a little nervous that it may actually be alive. So I went for a closer look. It was definitely petrified. The forest was lush, dark. The fallen trees covered in green moss and standing trees covered in drippy grey moss. Probably a spanish moss of sorts. There were swooping vines, plentiful ferns, tree stumps, and crocodiles. Crocodiles everywhere.