Meditating in A Lucid Dream Creates a Glowing, Vibrant Energy

 Then I just kind of let go. I relax. I breathe. I give up all control. The house disappears and everything turns a light grey color. I’m just floating. I feel myself slowly floating down to the ground, no longer in the car. I saw lots of different things as I was floating down.


Meditation/Sleep Inducing Beat with a Relaxation Video

A couple weeks ago I had an idea to make some music that would induce sleep and then hopefully induce a lucid dream. I made this using the Cakewalk music creator program. It was a fail in regards to lucid dreaming. The plan was to make some trance like beats that put me to sleep and then about 30 minutes into it, have my voice enter the music telling me I was dreaming…

Keep Calm and Carry On

The mentality is “Keep Calm and Carry on” or we can translate this to say, “suck it up and keep going.” Shake it off and continue. I was listening to BBC and they were interviewing people after the alleged terrorist drove recklessly on the bridge intentionally killing 3 and injuring more than 40 others. The people said, (not a direct quote) “[we have to keep going. We have to go to work, business cannot stop. We can’t give the terrorists the satisfaction of affecting us. We can’t be wimps.]” That last part about being wimps is a direct quote.

This mentality is killing us..

Journey to self discovery

Trying to look within. Understand the Self. What is the Self? When we strip away the stories we tell ourselves of who we are, what’s left? What is us vs. what is conditioning? Who are we and who have we become? What is in our genetic makeup and what have we learned through experience…