Processing Through Dreams

Processing through dreams can be difficult. I thought I’d share my experience processing my Dad’s death in the dream world.


Childhood Nightmares and lucid dreaming

Looking back, the dreams were super tripped out, psychedelic and quite awesome in a way, but they scared the piss outta me…This particular dreamscape was like a giant, scary, fun house with tricks around every corner…Because this dreamscape was so frequent, this is where I would become lucid…

Beginning to Lucid Dream

I always dreamt of flying. All the time. From at least 12 years on. I wouldn’t necessarily know it was a dream, I would just roll with it and accept that I could fly. The way we typically accept all the crazy things that happen in dreams as being normal. For me it was the greatest sensation. So back then, as a late teenager, when I gained consciousness, I would fly…