A Chest Full of the Bones of My Ancestors? – Dream Analysis

I’m in an attic type of space. It is poorly lit and had a feeling of being kind of dirty and dusty. I’m sitting on the floor with a large chest. It’s full of body parts. Not fresh ones. Really, really, really old ones from my great ancestors, whom I’ve never met. It was a big chest and it was full of body parts. That’s how I kept thinking of it in the dream, a box of body parts. I think it had stuff like skulls and bones..

Dream Control in a Non-Lucid Dream

I thought, I can just go into my dreams, into my subconscious and exchange the things I need. Pull them out of the dream world into this world. I closed my eyes and imagined my bedroom. I imagined putting the T-shirts back and getting the sweatshirts instead. I held onto this image and kind of pulled it into the pretend waking world as I opened my eyes. The items had been exchanged and I now had what I needed…