Dream Message – “Don’t Worry About Where You’re Going…”

He said, “don’t worry about where you’re going, pay attention to where you’ve been.”


Terrifying Dream In Full Blown Darkness

I kept waking up slightly from this dream and would then reenter back into it. Everything kept repeating itself like the movie Groundhog Day. Only there would be slight shifts each time and added fear. It felt like the dream had a hold of me. Each time I would enter back into the world of the living, feeling the comfort of my mattress below me, the dream would steal me away. Grab me and thrust me back into the throws of darkness

Crying in a Dream

Then I say in 2014, after my dad had been dead for 3 years, he just reappeared. I started crying as I told this. It felt very traumatic to me. My eyes welled up with intense emotions. And the tears slowly spilled down my cheeks. I wasn’t embarrassed about this. In fact, it felt good to get it out

Dream – Sibyl Servant

The one girl who seems older says something about her mom was going to take them to a Sibyl Servant concert, (I recognize the band name in the dream, but it is not a real band), but they ended up not going. The girl says something about the band is a bad influence or demonic,blasphemous, or something like that.

Dream – Repeatedly Stabbing Zombies in the Head, Baby Appears After Everyone Dies

They could still talk and were slightly human, but were also dangerous zombies. I knew they had to die. I remember stabbing them also in great detail. I had one of their heads pressed against the ground and was trying to stab them in the right place of the brain. I could tell it was painful for the girl. I apologized and said I would make it as quick as possible